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The Museum's Collections

Browse through selections from the thousands of records in the Museum’s Collections in this curated list of frequently searched collection types and themes. To search all records accessible for viewing online, use our Collections Search tool.

  • Images of life and activities before, during, and after the Holocaust by official photographs and individuals.

    Accession Number: 2015.588.1
  • Responses to the persecution and murder of European Jews by the US government and American citizens.

    Photo Number: 44159
  • Documentation of resistance efforts to Nazi-sponsored persecution and mass murder throughout the Third Reich and occupied Europe.

    Photo Number: 46677
  • Evidence of camp facilities established to confine those whom the Nazis defined as political, ideological, or racial opponents of the regime.

    Accession Number: 1993.153.1
  • Documentation of the Holocaust and prewar Jewish life in Ukraine.

    Accession Number: 1998.91
  • Personal accounts providing readers with a varied and complex view of people who lived and died during the Holocaust.

    Accession Number: 1992.59

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Explore the Museum’s vast collection of artifacts, photos, film, and more.

  • Thousands of paintings, drawings, and collages created during and after the Holocaust.

    Accession Number: 2006.125.84
  • Collections documenting the enormous obstacles refugees faced finding safe havens during World War II.

    Photo Number: 40952
  • Interviews and memoirs from survivors of the Holocaust, liberators, non-Jewish witnesses, rescuers, and perpetrators.

    RG Number: RG-50.042*0002
  • Historical footage and contemporary films about the Holocaust.

    RG Number: RG.60.4676
  • Materials created to spread the ideals of National Socialism, including racism, antisemitism, and anti-Bolshevism.

    Accession Number: 2016.184.271
  • Documentation, evidence, and film from the war crimes trials of leading German officials before the International Military Tribunal beginning on November 20, 1945.

    Photo Number: 16776