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Inside the Höcker Album

The Nazis at Auschwitz

In 2007, an album of photographs showing how the Nazis at Auschwitz spent their leisure time came into the Museum’s collection. Learn more about these rare photographs, delve deeper into Holocaust history, and get to know the real people who inspired the play Here There Are Blueberries.

Widen the Lens

Learn more about Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp and killing center where the Nazis murdered more than 1.1 million people, including nearly one million Jews.

For Educators and Groups

Lead meaningful, historically accurate conversations about the Holocaust, Auschwitz, and the Höcker album using Museum resources.

A Race Against Time

The Museum is in a race against time to rescue evidence like the Höcker album. Artifacts documenting the truth of the Holocaust are at risk of being lost forever if they are not preserved and protected.