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Southeast Virtual Event Sponsors

Gifts as of February 3, 2021

Lead Sponsors

Gifts of $100,000 or more

Annag Chandler, Fifth Age of Man Foundation
Dr. Jeffrey P. and Barbara Feingold
Julie Peyton, Don Tolep, and Jesse Aguilar, In Honor of Charlie Himmelrich
Erika Sigel
Samowitz Foundation


Donor Wall Sponsors

Gifts of $50,000–$99,999

Felicia and Kenneth Anchor
Alan* and Jane Cornell
Sidney Davidson
Ronne and Donald Hess
Kay Family Foundation, Inc.
Sunny and Jim Kincaid
Scherr Family Foundation
Tocker Foundation


Leadership Circle Sponsors

Gifts of $25,000–$49,999

Judy and Howard Bernick
Caryn J. Clayman
David Coppa, In Memory of Simon Konover
Karen Coppa and Eric S. Kleinman, In Memory of Simon Konover
Anne and Isidore Falk Foundation
Sidney and Kyra Ferenc
Cynthia Friedman
Amy and Richard Kohan
Craig and Rochelle Menin
Margaret and Robert Rothman


Premier Event Sponsors

Gifts of $18,000–$24,999

Alexander* and Susi Annes
Shelley and Alex Danziger, In Memory of Jane Kartusz Danziger
David and Sharon Leiman
Our Fund, Sue Wilder


Supporting Sponsors

Gifts of $10,000–$17,999

Bernard and Pamela Barbash Family Foundation
Josephine and Simon Braitman
Dr. Edwin Jay Bruno and Madrene Yoder
Jonathan Chariff
Ann L. and Jay M. Davis
Ron Elber
Karen Lansky Edlin and Andrew Edlin
Irving and Toby Gold
Lillian Gsell Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Tati and Ezra Katz
The David and Susan Kreisman Family Foundation
Helen Farber Marshall
Werner E. Michel
The Pechter Family Foundation
Eva and Marvin Schlanger
Russell and Jane Stern Charitable Foundation
Sidney and Judy Swartz


In Memory of the Six Million Sponsors

Gifts of $6,000–$9,999

Dr. Sally G. Beer
Renée and Kenny Blatt
Laura Borst
Marla and Steve Garchik
Sandy and Lisa Gottesman
Robert S. and Barbara W. Pick
Linda and Jay Rosenkranz
Edith and Martin* Stein
Bill and Linda Stern
Sandra Zahn-Oreck


Wings of Memory Society Sponsors

Gifts of $5,000–$5,999

Barbara L. Baumstein
Howard and Deborah Belford
Arthur and Barbara Berger
Peter and Kerrin Bermont
The Bialer Family Foundation
Alton Brown
Cipora Brown and Steven Feiner
Carlsen and Co., Inc.
Joel and Lynn Chestler
Julie Cook
Annette Cottingham
Irving Cowan
Norma and Jack A. Erdle
Marilyn H. Farrish Foundation
Lynn Mandel Foggle
Eric Friedheim Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Wendy Grady
Dr. Jeffrey and Elizabeth Greenwald
Gayle and Paul Gross Family Foundation
William and Sharon Hait
Arlene Herson
Alan and Marcy Honig
Ruth Kaplan
Alexander Katz
Robert and Evyan Koenig
James Lentz
Tamara and Richard P. Morgenstern
Daniel J. and Barbara Nalven
Gregory C. Orlick
Gertrude J. and Neil Prior
Elaine and Bernard Roberts
Samuel and Bilha Ron
Gail Rothenberg and John F. Levy
Maxine R. Schiffman
Stephen and Cheryl Shapiro
Harvey G. and Susan Sherzer
Yvonne and Ken Shifrin
Rita and Burt Tansky
Gioietta and Alberto Vitale
Bruce and Sharon Witten
Peter M. Wolverton


Double Chai Sponsors

Gifts of $3,600–$4,999

Anonymous, In Honor of Saul Dreier
Ilene Engel
Lisa and Alan Engel
Mara and Joshua Force
Sharon C. Gridley and Bonnie M. Patrick
Shelly and Billy Himmelrich
Rene and Michele Lerer
John and Daisy Merey
Cheryl and Steve Shapiro
Philip and Sara Stern
Michèle and Kenneth Taylor


Chai Sponsors

Gifts of $1,800–$3,599

Gloria Adelson
Dr. Hymie and Barbara Akst
Harold and Helane Becker
Carole Berk
Harriet and Louis Berneman
Doris and Julian Boyden
Hilde Breitbart
Steven and Susan Breitbart
Bruce Cohen
Glenn and Tema Davis
Joseph and Marilyn Davis
Dubow Family Foundation
The Dziewienski Foundation
Joseph and Reva Engel Foundation
Donald M. Ephraim for the Ephraim Family Foundation
Roger and Betty Frankel
Marc Franklin
The Frydman Family
Henry and Mary Ann Gans
The Gershman Family Charitable Fund
Albert Goodstein Family Foundation
Barbara Gordon
Harry Gudenberg
Elichai Hoenig
Eugene and Leslie Jacobs
Greg and Susan Kaufman
Dr. Mark Kaylin
Marilynn Klaiman
Ernest and Alisa* Kretzmer
Marilyn and Ivan Kushen
Charna Larkin
Susan and Richard A Lipsey
Cindy and Robert J. Liverman
Phyllis Luxenberg
Martin Matsoff
Hal and Tracy Munter
Marcia Nalebuff
Allan and Melanie Nelkin Foundation
Marla and Alan Oppenheim
Dan Patterson
Carroll C. Phelps
Lisa H. Peterfreund, The Merrill G. & Emita E. Hastings Foundation
Rabbi Richard and Suzanne Polirer
Rabbi Amy Rader and Senator Kevin Rader
Stacy Reines
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Robbins
Priam Rosenberg
Burton* and Suzanne Rubin
Stanley and Judy Ruskin
Bernice S. Saxon
Dr. Jeffrey and Melissa Schachar
Judith Schindler
Lawrence Schnee
Peter and Rose Silversmith
Rose M. Smith
Michael and Liz Solka
Phyllis and Ronald G. Steinhart Foundation
Ruth Taubman
Mark H. Weinstein
Cheryl Willner
Jean and David Zugman


Digital Sponsors

Gifts of $1,000–$1,799

Patti and Mike Abkowitz
Dan I. Abrams
Louise and James Abroms
Jennie Ackerman
Nancy and Joshua J. Bailin
Andrea R. Biller
Kathryne Bishop
Micky and Doris Biss
Eric Blau and Tropham Foundation, Inc.
Janet W. and Kenith D. Bloom*
Edward Bloomstein
Robert Bluestein
Jeannette and Frederic Bogart
Julian W. Boyden
Richard and Toby Breit
Harriet M. Brookman
Dorothy and Maurice* Bucksbaum
Dr. Louis and Milly Chaykin
Charles and Nancy Cheever
Lindsey and Lewis Chitwood
Chupp Family
Nancy and Niles Citrin
Jeanne Demarest
Sarah Sharlot Dietrich
Risha Dozark
The Dreman Foundation
Howard Dvorkin
Lois Dyk
Bernard Ehrlich
EIS Foundation, Inc.
Ann and Will Eisner
Sharon Ellis
Tara and Jeffrey D. Engelberg
Dr. George and Mariita Feldenkreis
Nancy L. Feldman, MD
Regina Fisher
Roy Fleischmann
Randy and Ruth Friedlander
Ron and Gloria Friedman
Glenn B. and Joy A. Gastwirth
Julie Glasson
Michael and Sonia Gleit
Sidney V. Gold
Neil Goldberg
Marilynn and Willis Goldsmith
Dr. Ronald and Judy Goldstein
Nathan and Jennifer Green
Stanley and Joyce Greenstein
Ann and Bernard Grossman
Allan Hall
Jim Halpert
Carole Hammer
Mark J. Heiman
Alma Merle Hirsch
Ronald T. Hirsch
Joel and Marcia Hochberg
Judith and Paul Hochhauser
Michael R. Horowitz
Jerry J. Jerome, Jr.
Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
Holly and Steven Jonas
Deborah and Jeffrey S. Kahn*
Joan Kasner
Keith Katz
Susan and Greg Kaufman
Anne G. Van Meter and Howard Kessler
Susan Kilsby
Judie Klapholz
Marilyn Klompus
Stephanie and Jeffrey Knauer
Brenda Korach
Myron B. and Rowena C. Kratzner
Lana and Richard Krebs
Dr. Haviva Langenauer and Rabbi Asher Bar-Zev*
Bonita and Robert Levin
Sheri and Kenneth Levine
Stacy and Scott Lewin
Sidney* and Eunice Lieberstein
Richard and Susan Lipsey
Alyssa and Marc List
David and Malia Litman
Brenda Loube
Dedee and Stephen Lovell
Gary Luffman
W. G. Mansfield
The Marcus Foundation
Sara Marder and Seth Force
Michael Marvins
Dr. Martin and Lynn Mendelssohn
Morton H. Meyerson Family Foundation
Steven and Laurie Miller
Carolyn Minskoff
Jean and Saul* Mintz
Lawrence N. Mondry
Michael and Frances Moskowitz
Steven Motzno
Mark and Judith Needle
Dr. Suzanne Oparil
Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.
John and Felice Owings
Bruce Pearlman
Nancy and Mark J. Penn
Jeffrey Pepper
Eileen B. Perling
Sharon Perlman
Irwin and Shirley Pinksy
Dr. Richard and Helene Prokesch
Margery J. and Thomas Pozefsky
Eva and Robert Ratonyi
Norma and Marvin Ravikoff
Joan and William Rein Family Foundation
Barry Riff
Alan Rosen
Barbara and Jeffrey Rosenberg
Barbara Rosenblatt
Barry Rosenthal
Carol and Joseph Rosetti
Walter and Lucille Rubin
Mally Rutkoff
Peter Sachs and Senator Maria Lorts Sachs
Barbara and Dominick M. Sasser
Susan and Alan Schall
Gerald Schechter
Drs. Randy and Joel Schenkman
Agnes M Schipper
Allan and Cindy Schlossberg
Marcia and Albert Schmier
Leonard and Lillian Schneider
Professor William Schwab
Miriam Selig
Michael and Nancy Shayeson
Marvin Shemper
Robert Sherman
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Sholl
David W. Shonkoff
Lawrence and Margaret Singerman
Sirius Fund
Irvin and Beverly Small Foundation
Earl Smith
David Smuckler
Gaston Stein
Jay Stein
William B. and Renee Stevens
Frances and Harold Strickberger
Nancy and Elliot Sussman
Thaler Family Foundation
Dr. Lenita Thibault
Sandra and Stanley Trockman
Dr. Harris and Gail Vernick
Richard Warshof
Veronika Weiler
Leslie and Mark Weinberg
John West, In Memory of Michael Lappin
The David F. and Sara K. Weston Fund
Belle J. Winston
Harriet and Gerald* Wolf
Dr. Michael and Betty Wolf
Peter J. Wood
Janine and Gerald Yass
Youth Emergency Services Phogg Foundation
The Jerry* and Anita Zucker Family Foundation
Shirley and Seymour Zuckerman
Sheri and Elliott Zvi


Friends of the Museum Sponsors

Gifts of $500–$999

Sanford Ader
Diane and Kent Alexander
Leslie and Karen Allen
Carol G. Allmendinger
Hannah Alper, PhD
Robert G. Amsel
Stanley and Sylvia Applebaum
Ann Ash
Sidney and Miriam Atzmon
Shirley Bayer-Altman
Andrew P. Barowsky
Eric Bass
Harvey J. and Susan D. Bazaar
Victoria Black
Robert Bluestein
Harriett Kogod Bobb
Riccardo and Helen Boehm
Robert Book
Sharyn and Edwin Brager
Bette and David S. Brandenburg
Steven and Susan Breitbart
Dr. Richard P. and Elizabeth J. Brenner
Dr. John R. Brineman and Sandra E. Chai
Mark S. Bryan
Nissim L. Capouya
Morton Certilman
Leon Cohen
Lucille and Jeffrey Cohen
Lynne and Mark Cohen
Robin Cohen
Steven J. and Arlene Cohen
Brooke Coleman
Dr. Craig and Lois Coopersmith
Jonathan Coopersmith and Lisa Halperin
Caryn and Steven Corenblum
Donna Cummings
Barbara and Harold Danenberg
Deborah Dewey
Dr. Richard Diamond
Phyllis LaBorwit Dreyfuss
Scott Dudak
Ricardo Eichenwald
Nell Ennis
Epstein Foundation
Nancy Epstein
Regina L. Espenshade
Robert and Elisa Ezor
Dr. Steven and Karen Feldman
Bonnie and Larry Fenster
Beth and Richard Fentin
Gregory Fenves
Marilyn Fisher
Wendy and Jay Fisher
Evan and Beth Fishman
David Frankel
Lawrence Friedman
Randolph Friedman
Ron and Gloria Friedman
Henri and Heni Galel
Michele Garber
Juliana Gendelman
David Gerson
Barry Gertsman
Jerry and Rona Ginsberg
Rosemary Gluck
Sidney V. Gold
Brenda and Renny Goldberg
Iris* and Larry Goldberg
Michael Goldberg
Perry Goldberg
Bruce Goldman
Howard and Barbara Goldman
Andrea Gore
Marc Grad
Jerry Greenbaum
The Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation
Drs. Martin and Doris Greenberg
Stanley and Joyce Greenstein
Evelyn L. Greer
Dr. Martin B. and Alice Grossman
Barry and Rozelle Grossman
Betsy S. Grossman
Dr. Marvin Grubman
Brenda* and Sanford L. Guritzky
J. S. Harrison
HMS Foundation
Alan and Marcy Honig
Allan and Barbara Hurwitz
Marc Hurwitz
Brett and Deborah Hurt
Richard Isserman
Dr. George Jacobson
Rosanne and Andy Kauss
Nancy Kent
Howard Kichler
Robert Klausner
Ricki Kline
Linda Kohn
Tricia and Warren Kornblum
Dr. Michael and Rochelle Koslin
Jaynn and Harold Kushner
Emillie Lam
Mark E. Lavine
Mercy B. Lawler
Judith S. Levi
Augusta Levine
David Levine, MD
Emily and Robert Levine
Anthony Levinson
Alan and Renee Levow
John J. Lima
Jorge Linkewer
Bob and Cindy Liverman
John Lubotsky
Manny Lucoff
Judith C. and Myron* Lutz
Albert and Jeanie Marx
Gerson and Judy May
Nancy and Roy Mayers
Janet L. McClelland
Glynda Mcclure
Deborah and Lee Meisel
Victor Meltzer
Laurans and Arlene Mendelson
Gerald and Gale Messerman
Candy and Ed Meyerson
A. Y. Miles
Irene Miller
Adrianne and Paul Mittentag
Sheldon Monsein
Anna Marie Monson
Mel and Ellen Moore
Edward Morrison
Susan J. Morrison
Dr. Samuel Mozes
Donald Munro
Ellyne L. and Richard Myers
Marcia S. Nalebuff
Rebecca T. Nawy
Hilary and Stuart Nelson
Cable Neuhaus
Fredric Newman
Susan Newton
Elias Nimmer
Peter Norden
Stacey Petito Nowack
Teresa Ohmit
Diana O'Keefe
Barbara Oswalt
Jerrold Pachman
Sanford Pailet
Joseph Papotto
Bruce Pearlman
Caroline K. Pearlstein
Deborah and Kenny Peyton
Joel and Karen Piassick
Jon and Jane Pollock
Frances Pope
Alan Portnoy
Mary Ann and Scott Portnoy
Deborah Posner and Eugene Shapiro
Thomas Pozefsky
Penelope S. Pringle
Carol and Harvey Raff
Kenneth M. Reaka
Joseph Repya
Guillermo Retchkiman
Helen Rinde
Gloria and Richard Rittenberg
Glen Robbins and Fran Weinstock
Diana R. Role
Lily Rosenblatt
Edith and Paul S. Rosenblum
Elaine and Norman Roth
Mel Roth
M. J. and Neal Rothschild
Mary and Mark Sabel
Ann Samuels
Helen and Harry Saul Foundation, Inc.
Lillian and Leonard Schneider
Anne and Larry Schuchman
Rick and Betsy Schuster
William and Sherrie Shaner
David and Elyse Shaw
Glenn and Michelle Shear
Karen and Bassim Shebaro
Leopold and Karen Sher
Alan and Carol Sherman
Robert Shiloff
Marian Siegel
Bernard Silver and Jan Levit-Silver
David Silverstein
Michael Simkowitz
Betty and Joseph Simmons
Robert and Tracy Slatoff
Harry and Beatrice Sley Foundation
Dustan Smith
Drs. Howard and Susan Smith
Arlene and Michael I. Sobol
Jermey Sobel
Susan S. Soussan
Joy Fowler Spragens and Jeffrey Spragens
Deborah and Michael J. Stapler
Francine Steinberg
Michael Steinberg, In Memory of Miriam Lederman
Paul Steinbock
Sandra Steinbook
Jon Stern
William H. Stidham
Vicky Stoakes
Rosanne Stollman
Phyllis Tanenbaum
Joyce Thibodeaux
Larry Thornton
Alan & Rebecca Jade Tinter
Eilene Topper
Marvin and Susan Tuchklaper
Kenneth Turkel
Mark and Cynthia Ulevich
Rita Ullman
Hal Valeche
Jan Van Eys
Leonard and Andrea Volin
Arvel Wall
Kurt and Marilyn Wallach
Lara and Freddy Warner
Esther Wartski
Bruce Weber
Martin and Bracha Werber
Bill Weiller
Lee* and Iris Wilder
Richard Wilkof
Elizabeth V. Williams
Dr. Bruce Wolf
Nancy Yanofsky and Ed Brown
Alvin and Paula Zoland