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2021 Southeast Virtual Event

On February 11, special guests Jason Alexander, Ray Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Morgan Freeman, and others joined us for a moving experience with inspiring stories and important messages about the Museum's vital role during these challenging times.

At this difficult time for our nation—a time for reflection and action—members of the Museum community from across the southeast region came together for a virtual tribute event. Together, we renewed our pledge to ensure that the critical lessons of the Holocaust—lessons about the fragility of freedom, the nature of hate, and the consequences of indifference—help shape the way forward. Watch the 2021 Southeast Virtual Event below.


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Featured Guests


Daniela Ruah
Daniela Ruah Actress, NCIS: Los Angeles

Daniela Ruah began acting at the age of 16 in Portugal where she grew up. She attended college in London to study performing arts, moving to New York City soon after to pursue an international career.

She has hosted a myriad of television shows over the last 15 years including the Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2021 on CBS and the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. For the last 12 years, she has played special agent Kensi Blye on NCIS: Los Angeles. Daniela descends from a Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish family and supports important organizations like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Jewish Family Services of LA. She is also a supporter of Project Have Hope, Every Day Action, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, among many other organizations that make a positive difference in people and animals’ lives.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, David, and two children.


Featured Guests

Ray Allen
Ray Allen Retired NBA All-Star
Former Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council

W. Ray Allen, Jr., of Coral Gables, Florida, is a multi-award-winning retired athlete who played in the National Basketball Association for 18 seasons (1996–2014). During his time in the NBA, he helped educate his teammates about Holocaust history by arranging Museum visits. Allen has continued to support the Museum's work on Holocaust education as a former member of the Museum's board and has visited Auschwitz twice.

Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Founder and Executive Director, Over Zero
Former Fellow, Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

For the past decade, Rachel Brown's work has focused on using communication to prevent violent conflict. After her 2014 Genocide Prevention Fellowship with the Museum's Simon-Skjodt Center, she authored Defusing Hate: A Strategic Communication Guide to Counteract Dangerous Speech. In May 2020, her organization, Over Zero, produced Counteracting Dangerous Narratives in the Time of COVID-19: A Guide for the United States.

Saul Dreier
Saul Dreier Holocaust Survivor
Co-Founder, Ruby & Saul's Holocaust Survivor Band

Saul Dreier was born in Krakow, Poland in 1925. As a Jewish teenager during World War II, he was deported to multiple concentration camps and worked for a time in one of Oskar Schindler's factories. After he was liberated, he immigrated to the United States in 1949, and eventually settled in Coconut Creek, Florida, where he later retired. In his late eighties, Saul co-founded the Ruby & Saul's Holocaust Survivor Band and performed at the Museum's 2016 South Florida Luncheon. Now in his nineties, Saul continues to play klezmer music in remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust with grandchildren of survivors based in South Florida. He was the subject of the documentary Saul & Ruby, To Life!, released in 2020, and is a dedicated supporter of the Museum.

Beatrice Muchman
Beatrice Muchman Holocaust Survivor
Collections Donor, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Beatrice Muchman, born in 1933 Berlin, survived the war after her parents entrusted her to two Catholic women who kept her Jewish religion a secret. She regularly speaks about her experiences during the Holocaust and the importance of individual responsibility. For three decades she has supported the Museum, including by gifting precious keepsakes of her childhood during the Holocaust to our preservation.


Event Leadership

2021 Southeast Virtual Event Leadership

Felicia and Kenneth Anchor
Felicia and Kenneth Anchor Nashville, TN, and Naples, FL
Susan and Steven Breitbart
Susan and Steven Breitbart Cooper City, FL
Karen Lansky Edlin and Andrew Edlin
Karen Lansky Edlin and Andrew Edlin Atlanta, GA
Mara and Joshua Force<br />
Mara and Joshua Force
New Orleans, LA
Sandy and Lisa Gottesman<br />
Sandy and Lisa Gottesman
Austin, TX
Ronne and Donald Hess<br />
Ronne and Donald Hess
Birmingham, AL
Tracy and Robert Slatoff<br />
Tracy and Robert Slatoff
Boca Raton, FL
Rose M. Smith<br />
Rose M. Smith
Boca Raton, FL
Fred S. Zeidman
Fred S. Zeidman Houston, TX

Event Vice-Chairs

Alexander* and Susi Annes

Judy and Howard Bernick

Annag Chandler

Caryn J. Clayman

David Coppa

Karen Coppa and Eric S. Kleinman

Alan* and Jane Cornell

Shelley and Alex Danziger

Sidney Davidson

Anne and Isidore Falk Foundation

Dr. Jeffrey P. and Barbara Feingold

Sidney and Kyra Ferenc

Cynthia Friedman

Kay Family Foundation, Inc.

Sunny and Jim Kincaid

Amy and Richard Kohan

David and Sharon Leiman

Craig and Rochelle Menin

Julie Peyton and Don Tolep

Margaret and Robert Rothman

Erika Sigel

Samowitz Foundation

Scherr Family Foundation

Tocker Foundation

Sue Wilder


Program Agenda

The Power of Coming Together: Welcome

Event Chairs Felicia and Kenneth Anchor, Nashville, TN, and Naples, FL;  Susan and Steven Breitbart, Cooper City, FL;  Karen Lansky Edlin and Andrew Edlin, Atlanta, GA;  Mara and Joshua Force, New Orleans, LA;  Sandy and Lisa Gottesman, Austin, TX;  Ronne and Donald Hess, Birmingham, AL;  Tracy and Robert Slatoff, Boca Raton, FL;  Rose M. Smith, Boca Raton, FL;  Fred S. Zeidman, Houston, TX

Robert Tanen, Director, Southeast Region, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


What You Do Matters 

Daniella Ruah, Emcee

Beatrice “Trixie” Muchman, Holocaust Survivor


We Remember through the Words of Witnesses

Gen. (Ret.) Robin Rand, Chief Executive Officer Gary Sinise Foundation

Reflections from Holocaust Survivors Steven Fenves, Agi Geva, and Estelle Laughlin

Dramatic Readings of Victims’ Last Messages and American GI Eyewitness Accounts by Jason Alexander, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Eigenberg, Morgan Freeman, Joshua Malina, Camryn Manheim, Tim Matheson, Cybill Shepherd, and Elizabeth Tulloch


Rising to the Challenge: The Need for Global Holocaust Education

Sara J. Bloomfield, Director, United States Holocaust Memorial Musuem

Howard M. Lorber, Chairman, United States Holocaust Memorial Council

Ray Allen, Retired NBA All-Star and Former Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council


History as a Guide: Countering Contemporary Dangerous Speech

Rachel Brown, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Over Zero, and Former Museum Fellow, Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide


The Resilience of the Human Spirit

Saul Dreier, Holocaust Survivor and Co-Founder, Saul & Ruby’s Holocaust Survivor Band


The Power of Coming Together: Pledge to the Future

Southeast Regional Office

Southeast Regional Office

The Museum’s Southeast Regional Office serves Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Learn about upcoming programs and how to contact the office.