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2022 Midwest Event Sponsors

Gifts as of June 6, 2022

$100,000 or more

Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation
Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation
The Crown and Goodman Families
Judy and Abel Friedman
Toby and Jeff Herr
Priscilla and Steven Kersten
The Malkin Family
The Michael P. Polsky Family
The Sidley Austin Foundation


The Lester and Edward Anixter Family Foundationn
Loren and Howard Friend
GCM Grosvenor
Kovler Family Foundation
Ann Wolk Krouse, in memory of Paul C. Krouse and Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Sue and Lee Miller
Sandra and Michael Perlow
Cari and Michael J. Sacks
Jamie Diamond Schwartz and David Schwartz
Kim and Perry Shwachman
Fern and Manfred Steinfeld, Michael Steinfeld Family, Paul Steinfeld Family, Jill and Tim Cunniff Family
Kathy Hess Tallering and Ken Tallering


Leadership Circle (gifts of $25,000+)

Abt Family Foundation
Rebecca and Dmitry Balyasny
Judy and Howard B. Bernick
Robert and Leslie Mitchel Bond
Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum
Bernice and Benjamin B. Cohen and Family
Rita and Seymour Cohen
Cynthia Elkins Foundation
Philip Gerber
Diane and Hal Gershowitz, Lisa and Larry Kite, Barbara and Daniel Kite, Jill and Bill Friedman, Amy and Andy Lask, Jennifer and Michael Gershowitz Families
Danielle Rudas Goodman and Jordan Goodman
Sheila and Joseph Gutman and Family
Harris Family Foundation—Linda and Bill Friend, Pam Szokol, Caryn and King Harris, Stephanie and John Harris
Houlihan Lokey
Carol and Bill Kaplan/Senior Lifestyle
Jill and Jory Katlin
Risa, Harvey, Susan, Ronald, and Dana Lambert Family
Lauren and Todd Lustbader
Jill and Paul Meister
Mesirow Financial
Robert R. Nathan Philanthropic Fund
Linda and Richard Price and Family
Arlen and Elaine Rubin
Elise Sacks, in loving memory of Lee Sacks
Karyn and Bill Silverstein
Takiff Family Foundation
Tina and Joseph Wolf
Janna and Sheffield Wolk
Zell Family Foundation


ALECKO Capital/Alex Pissios
Blitstein Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bobins, The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation
Marcy and Greg Carlin
Carol and Douglas Cohen
EMA Electromechanics, LLC
Larry and Barbara Field and Family
Karen and Jim Frank
Dr. Carolyn Friend-Weiner and Dr. James Weiner
Michelle and Corey Harris
Jeffrey and Penny Hecktman and Family
HMB Legal Counsel
Carol and Ed Kaplan
Lindsay and Gregg Kaplan Family
Beth and Mark Kaufmann
Bernard and Helen Kozloff Family Foundation, Denise Kozloff and Mr. David Gross, Dr. Mark Kozloff and Mrs. Gale Kozloff, Dana and Craig Sanders
Laser Family Foundation
Fifi and Ron Levin/Barbara and Ira Eichner
Phyllis Levin in memory of Myron (Mike) Levin
Elaine and Donald Levinson
John and Serena Liew Family Fund
Jodi and Paul Loeb and Family
Carol Maxon
Merrill Lynch Private Wealth Management—The Baldwin Marcovici Group
Andy and Nancy Mills
The Perlman Family Foundation, founded by Louis and Anita Perlman
Stacey and Brian Price
Richard and Karen Reisin
Jason B. Rosenthal and Family—In Memory of Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Susan and Alan Sebulsky
Jill and Rob Selati
The Sheba Foundation
Smart Family Foundation
Weinberg Family
In loving memory of Hilda and Otto Wolf—Sandy and Bruce Wall and Brenda Wolf and Fred Siegman


Erin and Sam Ankin
Marilyn Cohen
Denise and Scott Davis
Allison and Brian Feltzin
Philip M. Friedmann Family Charitable Trust
Marina and Morris Gershengorin
Patty J. Gerstenblith and Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon
Jill and Barry Golden
Frances Horwich
Harriet Karmin and Karmin Family Charitable Foundation
Ashley and Ken Lebovic
Eddie and Mindy Leshin
Loewenberg Charitable Foundation
Tracey and Andy Lowenthal
Marilyn Malkin
Perkins Coie
Meredith and Steven Rotter
Lynn and Irv Shapiro
Dana and Seth Singerman
Alice and Jordan Trafimow
Tucker Family Foundation
Emily Sachs Wong and Thad Wong


Wings of Memory Society (gifts of $5,000–$24,999)

5600K Foundation
Tracy and Howard Ankin
Frieda and Michael Ankin
Azulay Family Foundation
Katie and J. R. Berger
Marcia and Michael Berk
Jill and Irwin Bernstein
Arlene and Keith Bronstein and Family
Dann, Kay, and Schneider Families
Martha and Michael Davidson
William DeWoskin and Wendy S. Gross
Laura and Adam Docks
Katie Krouse Froelich and Brian Saltzman
Sheila and Larry Gerber
Susan and Scott Glazer
Susan and Arthur Goldner
Laura and Matthew Gray
Jordyn and Jordan Gross
Larry and Sheara Horwich
Illinois Auto Truck—The Stein Family
Gerri and David Kahnweiler
Harriet Karmin and Karmin Family Charitable Foundation
The Krouse Family
Terri M. Lind
The Neiman Family
Jean and Jordan B. Nerenberg
Laurie and Neal Price
David Richter
Dr. Alvin and Cynthia Ring
Jennifer and Martin Rossen
Gail and Saul Rudo
Marlene and Bruce Saltzberg
Lisa and Michael Sandman
Gail and Robert Scadron
Onnie and Steven Scheyer
Susan H. and Robert E. Shapiro
Heather and Ben Sher
Susan and David Sherman
Kathy Schubert
Renee Birnberg Silberman and Dr. Joseph Silberman
Miriam and Morton Steinberg
Barbara and Victor Weisskopf
Zall Family Fund
Franny and Michael Zucker and Family


Lena Brodsky
Jean and Alan Chapman
Joanne and Bill Chunowitz
Avrum and Joyce Gray Family Fund
Julie Dann and Hon. Brad Schneider
Charles L. Edwards
Dena and Zach Fox
Jerry Freedman
Sandi and Barri Hartstein
Ashley and Ryan Heller
Nettie and Richard Isenberg
Donna and Larry Mayer
Cathy and Mark Robbins
Chickie and Steve Rosen
Renee and Jason Rotter
Philip and Emily Slovitt
Leslie and Barry Usow
Nicole and James Woldenberg


Lisa Acker and Peter Friedman
Merle and Arthur Arenson
Merle and Michael Cahan
Phoebe and Dustin Cahan
Elissa and Jeremy Cohn
Ben Davis
Lois and Stephen Eisen
Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg
Linda and James Ginsburg
Jenny & Mitch Goltz
Lauren and Mike Gordon
Ben and Julie Hockenberg
Julie & Andy Holton
Betsy and Scott Lassar
Martha and Richard Melman
Max & Katie Meyers
Marnie Miller and Joseph Noren
Victor and Faye Morgenstern
Beatrice Muchman
Barbara and Stephen Pinto
Nancy and Danny Pollack
Lisa and Marc Roth
Lindsay and Jon Rotter
David and Jessica Ruttenberg
Emily and Owen Schnaper
Gloria and Michael Scoby
Ellen and David Stafman
Jane and Michael Strauss
Shoshana & Kevin Vernick


Jesse & Ronni Baerkahn
Ryan and Sydney Bloom
Debbi and Aaron Cooper
Lauren and Michael Crandall
Jared Melamed Dubnow and Molly Kamykowski
James and Jessica Franke
Seth & Jessica Friedman
Meredith Shiner and Josh Zembik
Lindsey and Scott Toban