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Madina’s Dream: Life and Death in the Nuba Mountains

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As the war wages on between the rebels and government forces in the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan, civilians there continue to be targeted as government forces commit mass atrocities against their people. In an effort to shine a light on this largely underreported and forgotten situation, the Museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide worked with award-winning filmmaker Andrew Berends to support the production of Madina’s Dream, a documentary that explores the human dimensions of life in this troubled region. A preview of that film was featured yesterday in the New York Times Op-Docs.

The documentary features one-of-a-kind footage and gripping testimonials Mr. Berends filmed traveling to areas few others have been able to enter and from where little information flows. It poignantly captures the threat to ordinary civilians trapped in the region, the dangers faced by those on the frontlines and the humanitarian crisis affecting those who fled to South Sudan to escape the ongoing violence. The Museum will host a screening of the film following the release of the full-length documentary. 

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