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Chaim Kozienicki: Youth Group


As a child from 10 years I begin to be a Zionist, and in 40, the last day of the 40s I begin to come to the Zionist movement and during our meetings I have forgotten that I am hungry. During our meetings we haven't been in the ghetto we have been in Palestine, we have been pioneers, we know the geography of Palestine, we know about the kibbutzim, we know about moshavim, moshavot, ah you don't know what, uh, it was colonies. And we learned Hebrew songs and we learned ah the history of Zionists
How did your parents look upon it, what did your parents say about it?
My parents was about it, they agreed. Even my mother make me one time, she make me a shirt of scouts. It was a movement, a Zionist scout movement so when I received the shirt of the scouts I have been very very happy and during our meetings we have forgotten, we have ah we have speak about everything, but not about hunger we haven't been hungry, we have been again children.

Chaim Kozienicki was a student in a Jewish school in Lodz, and a passionate reader of books since second grade. He was eleven years old when the Germans invaded Poland and occupied Lodz. In March 1940, the Kozienicki family was forced into the Lodz ghetto. During the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto in August 1944, Chaim tried to avoid deportation, but he got sick and was taken to the hospital. His mother came to visit him every night after work. One day she didn't come—this was the day she and Chaim's father were deported to Auschwitz, where they were murdered on arrival.

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