but free Americans can still read them

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Fighting the fires of hate: America and the Nazi Book Burnings
The days of the actual usefulness of the capitalist class in the social economy of the nation are rapidly passing. And like so many other classes in history under similar conditions, the capitalists have become reactionary, and the regime developed by them has become irrational, unjust, and oppressive.
-Socialism in Theory and Practice, 1909

  Morris Hillquit
Morris Hillquit WORKS BURNED
Socialism in Theory and Practice (Der Sozialismus)
  Morris Hillquit (1869-1933) was born Moses Hilkowitz in Riga, then part of the Russian Empire. At age 17, he emigrated to the United States. He worked for the Socialist Labor Party, co-founded the Socialist Party of America (1901), and helped establish the United Hebrew Trades, a trade union for Jewish garment workers. Hillquit was a prominent theoretician of the socialist movement in the U.S., writing such works as Socialism in the United States and Socialism in Theory and Practice. He opposed U.S. involvement in World War I on the grounds that it would hinder the spread of socialism worldwide. Hillquit ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for Congress and for mayor of New York City. He also served as defense lawyer in espionage cases brought against Communists and socialists. The German translation of Socialism in Theory and Practice was banished and burned, along with works by other socialist authors, in Nazi Germany in 1933.

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