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Timeline of Events

Film at the Nuremberg Trial

US prosecutor Thomas Dodd introduces the film compilation "Nazi Concentration Camps." At the end of the courtroom scene shown here, the lights are dimmed for the screening. The footage, filmed as Allied troops liberated the concentration camps, was presented in the courtroom on November 29, 1945, and entered as evidence in the trial. —National Archives and Records Administration, College Park


Prosecution for the United States will at this time present to the tribunal, with its permission, a documentary film on concentration camps. This is by no means the entire proof which the prosecution will offer with respect to the subject of concentration camps. But this film, we offer, represents in a brief and unforgettable form an explanation of what the words "concentration camp" imply.

November 29, 1945

On November 29, 1945, only a week into the trial, the International Military Tribunal prosecution introduced an hour-long film titled “The Nazi Concentration Camps.” When the lights came up in the Palace of Justice all assembled sat in silence. The human impact of this visual evidence was a turning point in the Nuremberg trial. It brought the Holocaust into the courtroom.