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Though eyewitnesses to the Armenian genocide have passed away, their firsthand testimonies give a human voice to these atrocities. The Armenian Film Foundation’s film archive contains nearly 400 interviews of Armenian genocide survivors and witnesses who are now deceased. The interviews were conducted in 10 countries, primarily in English and Armenian—some in rare Armenian dialects—though other interview languages include Arabic, Greek, Spanish, French, Kurdish, Turkish, German, and Russian. They were recorded on 16mm film between the years 1996 and 2005. View three short excerpts from these testimonies.

  • Haigas Bonapart Haigas Bonapart

    Haigas Bonapart recalls the murder of his extended family and community leaders.

  • Haroutune Aivazian Haroutune Aivazian

    Armenian genocide survivor Haroutune Aivazian describes his mother's dilemma when ordered to report for deportation.

  • Mihran Andonian Mihran Andonian

    Mihran Andonian describes a forced march of Armenians during which eight members of his extended family died.