Jasenovac Collection
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Recipe book written in January–February 1942 by Anđela Hrg, a Croatian inmate in the Stara Gradiška camp. Credit: Jasenovac Memorial Area, courtesy of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Since I have not been nominated as a national hero, these notes are not to be found in any museum. However, I have children, for whom I wish to preserve them. They were written in January and February 1942; there was no food from the third to the twenty-sixth of January 1942, and in February of the same year, there was only one meal per day, consisting of thin gruel or beans.

Corn Flour Cookies (Keksi Od Kukuruznog Brašna)
30 dkg corn flour, 10 dkg all purpose flour, 15 dkg sugar, 15 dkg butter, lemon peel, a pinch of baking soda. Mix all ingredients and roll out the dough into a thick sheet. Cut out shapes. Bake.