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Nazi party rally at Nuremberg

The “March of Time” newsreel company provided Julien Bryan with raw film stock and $2,000 as an advance to cover the subject of Nazi Germany. Bryan remained in Germany for seven weeks and shot 20,000 feet of film. It was a great scoop, as most American cameramen were then banned from the country, and newsreel footage that was made available by German film companies was heavily censored. Bryan managed to gain entry into Germany via a conversation the previous year with a high-ranking Gestapo officer at a Turkish Embassy party in Washington, DC. The officer complained there was no fair coverage of Germany by Americans, and Bryan saw his opening, “Perhaps the General could make arrangements?” This sequence shows grand views of the decorated stadium with thousands of participants and spectators gathered for the 1937 Reichsparteitag (Reich Party Day) at Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg and Adolf Hitler greeting the crowd from an open car. Bryan’s footage appeared in the “March of Time” episode Inside Nazi Germany (1938), which was one of the few newsreels to directly and critically examine Nazi Germany. In fact, the company released the newsreel with this special announcement: “The issue of March of Time you are about to see has caused much controversy. Our policy is to fearlessly present any worthy film released by a recognized American producer. We therefore present uncensored and impartially the following subject.”

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