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The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936
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august_1936 August 1936
germany Germany 1933-1936
Police State
sports Nazification of Sport
Race Hygiene
Sports as Military Training
Indoctrination of Youth
Nazi Party Control of Olympics
Exclusion of Jews
Persecution of Athletes
boycott Boycott
Should the games go on?
In Favor of Participation
Against Participation
African American Responses
"Jim Crow" America
The Louis-Schmeling Fight
American Jewish Responses
American Antisemitism
American Boycotters
American Boycotters — Milton Green
World Responses
World Responses — John Heartfield (1891-1968)
World Response to Boycott
Counter Olympics
berlin To Berlin
To Berlin — USA
The 1936 Games
The Winter Games
Nazi Propaganda
The Facade of Hospitality
olympics Opening of the Games
African American Athletes
African American Athletes — Medalists
African American Athletes — Baltimore Afro-American
Jewish Athletes — Gretel Bergmann
Jewish Athletes — Helene Mayer
Jewish Athletes — Olympic Medalists
Jewish Athletes — Marty Glickman & Sam Stoller
Jewish Athletes — Endre Kabos
aftermath After the Games
Continuing Persecution
The Holocaust
The Holocaust — Persecution of Athletes