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The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936
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Exclusion of Jews
March 1933 The city of Cologne prohibits Jews from using city playgrounds and sports facilities.
4 April 1933 The German Boxing Federation excludes Jewish boxers from participating in competitive bouts and orders the cancellation of all contracts involving Jewish promoters.
25 April 1933 The Reich Sports Office directs implementation of an "Aryans only" policy in all German sports and gymnastic organizations. The order does not apply to Jewish war veterans or their descendants.
24 May 1933 The German Gymnastic Society decrees that "Aryan" ancestry is mandatory for membership in their organization.
2 June 1933 The Prussian Ministry of Science orders all Jewish youths expelled from village, city, county, and district groups of physical education associations and organizations
9 July 1933 The All-German Chess Convention excludes all Jews from its membership.
22 August 1933 Jews are excluded from public swimming pools in Wannsee (Berlin), Fulda, Beuthen, Speyer, and elsewhere.
Sep/Oct 1933 "Non-Aryans" are prohibited from being professional or amateur jockeys.
7 March 1934 The Reich Youth Leadership prohibits German Jewish youth groups from wearing uniforms.
19 June 1935 The Baden Minister of Interior prohibits group hikes and similar activities for all non-National Socialist youth groups.

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