Student Profile: Franka Zylbersztajn

Gender: girl
School: Gymnasium and high school for girls

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RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY: emma2010 Advanced Researcher
Franka Zylbersztajn'S STORY
Franciszka Zylbersztajn "Franka" was born November 18, 1922 in Lodz, Poland to the parents of Hercyk and Cyrla Zylbersztajn nee Binger. Franka lived at Rembrandtstrass 9 Flat 7 and she attended the Gymnasium and High School for Girls. Frank was sent to Auschwitz where she was killed in 1944 at the age of 22.
I don't think we can definitively provide this biography yet, since the data has not been confirmed. Note that according to source information from photos taken by Mendel Grossman and included in the Holocaust Museum's collection, Grossman's brother-in-law, Mojzesz Boruch Zylbersztajn, had a sister named Franka Frajdla who was born in 1924 (and therefore would have been the right age to have attended Gymnasium). She survived and changed her name to Fania Silberstein. He changed his name to Moshe Zilber. It may be worth seeing if either of them gave postwar testimony which could shed light on whether Frank Frajdla signed the album (or if it was, indeed, Franciszka).
Stage 1: Identity
Student's Given Name:
Franciszka Zlbersztajn
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Franciszka Zylbersztajn
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants - Supplementary Volume 5
Birth Date:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Ghetto Street Address:
Rembrandtstrasse, 9, 7
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
User Comments:

I believe Franka Zylbersztajn was Franciszka Zlbersztajn born 18/11/1922 and she lived at Rembrandt 9 Flat 7. She also appears as Franciszka Zylbersztajn with the same address and birthdate.

Approver Comments:
I think you've come across the right person, and I'm pretty sure that Zlbersztajn is a typo--but we'll want to keep looking for that spelling, just in case. At almost 19 years old, she would have been the right age to be finishing gymnasium when the album was signed.

Looking forward to seeing what you've found in stage 2!
Stage 2: The Ghetto
Student's Given Name:
Page of Testimony
Father's Name:
Hercko Zylbersztajn
Page of Testimony from Yad Vashem
Hercyk Zylbersztajn
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Hercyk Zlberztajn
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Mother's Name:
Cyrla Zlbersztajn
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Cesia Zylbersztajn
Page of Testimony from Yad Vashem
Sibling's Names:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Death Date:
Page of Testimony submitted by her brother
Place of Death:
Auschwitz, Poland
Page of Testimony submitted by her brother
User Comments:

I found the following people living at Rembrandt 9 Flat 7.

1.) Hercyk Zylbersztajn/Zlbersztajn born 20/03/1897.

2.) Cyrla Zylbersztajn/Zlbersztajn born 10/08/1894 and she was deported on12/09/1942.

3.) Boruch Dawid Zylbersztajn/Zlbersztajn born 25/11/1920.

4.) Mojzesze Zylbersztajn/Zlbersztajn born 10/06/1926

5.) Fajwusz Zylbersztajn born 11/04/1920 and she was deported on TR 6.

6.) Fradel Frania Zylbersztajn born 25/08/1895 and she was deported on TR 6.

I found a page of testiony submitted by her brother Beniamin Szlbersztajn for Franka Zylbersztajn/Zlbersztajn and it says that she was born on18/11/1922 and that her father was Herko and her mother was Cesia Binger. There was three other pages submitted by Beniamin for Herko born 20/03/1897 and Cesia and Moshe born 1928 and it states they all died in Auschwitz in 1944 except for Cesia and she died in 1942 in Chelmo.

This tells us who Franciszka's parents and at least one of her siblings were. Also with Cyrla's deportation of September 12, 1942 it confirms with the page of testimony.!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_FL/.cmd/acd/.ar/sa.portlet.VictimDetailsSubmitAction/.c/6_0_9D/.ce/7_0_V9/.p/5_0_P1/.d/0?victim_details_id=1913048&victim_details_name=Zylbersztajn+Franka&q1=Bkyn37aozZY%3D&q2=ChYUG8fyZqzw3h8JKHriVQylcVJagtvUhURiRqlCEog%3D&q3=RpInblaLmbo%3D&q4=RpInblaLmbo%3D&q5=6h%2FphAdV7Fs%3D&q6=HBzw%2BgRy%2FEM%3D&q7=1BeWUkLRYE9GCu%2Bn12DGuIEzWdg3vcd1&frm1_npage=1

Approver Comments:
This piece of testimony is a great find. Thank you for clearing up the questions about the names of her parents. While it is likely that the information that Beniamin presents in the testimony page is accurate, we always want to make sure that we can substantiate claims made in testimony with cross-referenceable data from other valid sources. As soon as we find such records (if we do!), then we can mark this information as "confirmed." Thanks for helping to complete Franka's record, and I'll look forward to seeing what else you can find that confirms this information.
Stage 3: Labor Camps
No research performed on this stage
Stage 4: Auschwitz & Beyond
No research performed on this stage
Stage 5: Liberation & After
No research performed on this stage