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Help the museum reconstruct the lives of school children who fell victim to the Holocaust. By piecing together information from online databases and scanned records, you will enable the museum and other researchers to understand more fully the experiences of young people from the Lodz ghetto during the Holocaust.

On September 23, 1941, Chaim Rumkowski, chairman of the Lodz Ghetto’s Jewish Council, received an album full of hand-drawn greetings for the Jewish New Year from over 13,000 students living in the ghetto. Within a year, many of these children were deported and murdered in gas vans at the Chelmno killing center, but some remained in the ghetto and even after the ghetto’s liquidation and their evacuation through numerous camps, some of the students survived.

We know the names of these children; can you help us tell their stories?

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Featured Student Biographies

Franka Zylbersztajn Franciszka Zylbersztajn "Franka" was born November 18, 1922 in Lodz, Poland to the parents of Hercyk and Cyrla Zylbersztajn nee Binger. Franka lived at Rembrandtstrass 9 Flat 7 and she attended the Gymnasium and High School for Girls. Frank was sent to Auschwitz where she was killed in 1944 at the age of 22.

T. Bukiet Tadeusz Bukiet was born May 23, 1927 in Lodz, Poland. He was 13 years old when his family was forced into the Lodz ghetto. In the ghettto, he lived at Goering Strasse 93 and Hohensteiner Strasse 9 Flat 16. It is likely that Tadeusz was in the ghetto until its liquidation in August 1944 when the remaining ghetto inhabitants were deported to Auschwitz. According to secondary sources, a transport o...

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Student List

Over 13,000 students signed the Lodz ghetto schools album. A partial list of their names is available for research here. Over time, we will add all of their names to this list.
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