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Censorship during wartime
Can ideas threaten a nation? Is censorship ever justified?
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Lizzy Speaking as a student and as a person of the USA, censorship is only okay if the government is A) protecting valuable secrets or B) what they are hiding from us will protect us. If you were the president would you want people to find out your war strategies? No? I thought not.
October 24, 2007 09:59 PM
Wyeth Ideas can threaten a nation or they can make a nation thrive. Racism is “censored” in our country because people don’t want us to end up like what happened with Hitler. It’s not OK to say racist things because we’re America and America is supposed to be a place of many races, religions, and beliefs. It’s not that you can be all on one side or the other but you have to switch sides depending on whether the idea is one that can hurt or help the nation.
May 20, 2007 02:47 PM
jocelyn ideas can not threaten a nation because ideas can be found everywhere and you can't stop people from thinking can you?
May 10, 2007 04:11 PM
Zack Ideas can absoloutely affect a nation, for better or for worse. Hitler and his associates' views threatened the entire German population, as well as poisioning the minds of youth with their propaganda. Censorship, in my opinion, is not justified just because one should have the right to view whatever they like, no matter the ideas expressed or the point of view. I'm both angered and sad to hear of all of the great works of literature that were banned in the United States, stories that could have provided great learning opportunities for young people in our country. I'm upset that some of my peers aren't able to read these classics because a few people felt the need to shelter them by not allowing them exposure to awesome literature.
April 19, 2007 10:23 PM
Raven Wood I think everyone should be able to share their ideas. some ideas might not be good,but it is still important to express how you feel.
April 10, 2007 01:57 PM
Jen I think ideas can threaten a nation greatly. If the ideas come from a leader or everyday person who isn't looking out for the best for the people, many lives could be ruined. They could be killed, taken from their homes, have their rights and freedoms taken away from them or even brainwash them into thinking that this idea is good. Just like with Hitler, he was able to make millions of people discriminate against Jews and many others just because they were different from the many blonde haired-blue eyed Germans. No, I don't think censorship is ever justified because there will always be someone with a different opinion than you. You might pick up a book that is "harmless" to you when the person next door may think it is "harmful" because it has profanity or mentionings of religion in it. Whatever it may be, only you can decide if you want to read something or not, because that same thing might be extremly useful to another.
April 09, 2007 09:08 PM
Kelli I think that ideas can threaten a nation. Hitler had an idea to get rid of all of the Jewish people. That idea killed more than 11,000 people. That isn’t right. I don’t think that censorship is ever justified. Censorship is just people deciding what other people should know about, read, or do, and what they aren’t supposed to. I think people can make a decision for themselves.
April 07, 2007 10:46 AM
Ghazal I think ideas are important and everyone should express their ideas, but some ideas can be harmful. I think the idea of going to war in Iraq was a bad idea, because many people died such as Amerians and Iraqies. Censorship can be justified in some cases, but overall it is better for more people to make decsions for themselves and not for other people.
April 05, 2007 11:28 AM
Margaret I think ideas are very important considering the fact that this great nation was built on ideas. That is why America has such a successful democracy.
March 27, 2007 02:05 PM
Olivia I believe that ideas can threaten a nation. I also believe that people can make up their own minds about what they want to see and read. Censorship can be justified in some cases, but overall I think it is more improtant for people to make decisions for themselves.
March 27, 2007 09:05 AM

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