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Anne Frank's Photo Album
Anne Frank's Photo Album

Anne added handwritten comments to her album. Most of the pictures were taken by Otto Frank, who often photographed his two daughters. The last photographs of Anne date from the early summer of 1942, shortly before she went into hiding.

Origin Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, Amsterdam
Courtesy of ANNE FRANK-Fonds, Basel, and Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Anne Frank's Photo Album
Facsimile of Anne Frank's First Diary
Anne Frank's Stories and Events from the Annex
Anne Frank's Book of Nice Sentences
Anne Frank's Third Diary Notebook
Loose Pages
Anne Frank Ice Skating
One of the Last Photos of Anne Frank
Entrance to the "Secret Annex"
Anne's Room
Images from the Wall of Anne Frank's Room
Cabinet Minister Bolkestein's Speech
Only Known Film Footage of Anne Frank
Film Footage of Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam, 1942