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Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators

The Museum’s Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators (HITE) works with university and college education faculty to prepare them to incorporate Holocaust content and pedagogy into methodology coursework. By addressing the unique contexts of teaching and learning about the Holocaust with pre-service teachers, there is an opportunity to prepare them to more confidently integrate Holocaust education in their future classrooms. The program balances the history of the Holocaust, examining Museum education resources, and discussing pedagogical considerations.

If you are interested in learning more about incorporating lessons and resources into your methods coursework, we invite you to take part in the Belfer National Conference for Educators. The 2022 conference will take place June 27–29, 2022.

This three-day conference will be an introduction to the Museum’s resources and pedagogical concerns related to incorporating the Holocaust into courses in a wide variety of disciplines and age levels. It will also allow for discussion and network building with other professors of education and classroom teachers who are currently teaching about the Holocaust. Those attending the virtual conference will receive priority when registering for future in-person events.

Please direct any questions to Jeffrey Parker at

The Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators is made possible by a generous grant from the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Foundation.