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Holocaust Sources in Context


Experiencing History: Holocaust Sources in Context is an online primary source tool that enables college and university students and teachers to study contextualized primary sources on the Holocaust and to create a customized learning experiences. The sources featured in Experiencing History—diaries, letters, testimonies, art, still and moving images, and other sources—have been carefully selected and introduced by Holocaust scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

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The diary of Elisabeth Ornstein, a Jewish child from Austria who survived the Holocaust after she was sent to Britain on a Kindertransport. It is one of many primary sources available to view in Experiencing History. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Read the Holocaust diary of a hidden child separated from his parents. Study the last letter of a young woman to her family, thrown from a deportation train headed for Auschwitz. Hear one of the first postwar survivor testimonies ever recorded. Learn about how Americans from a variety of perspectives understood events unfolding in Europe.  Learn about the complex and intersecting motivations and behaviors within everyday life during the Holocaust.  Create your own learning experience by putting these unique sources in conversation with one another.

Sources are organized by theme, with introductory text that raises critical questions about the nature of the documents and the methodological, epistemological, and other challenges that they pose for students and scholars. Users can share items to their personal dashboard, while instructors can create their own source collections for a specific class to use.

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