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  • Dr. Yuri Radchenko

    2013-2014 L. Dennis and Susan R. Shapiro Fellow

    “Ukrainian Hilfspolizei and the Holocaust in Ukraine: The Case of the Military Administration Zone”

  • Thomas Radil

    1998-1999 Merck Fellowship for Research on Medical Ethics and the Holocaust

    "Medical Ethics and the Holocaust"

  • Yulian Rafes

    1995-1996 Merck Fellowship for Research on Medical Ethics and the Holocaust

    "Jewish Medical Resistance to the Nazis in the Vilna Ghetto"

  • Ms. Orly Rahimiyan

    2008-2009 Phyllis Greenberg Heideman and Richard D. Heideman Fellow

    "The Images of the Jews in the Eyes of the Iranians during the 20th Century"

  • Ms. Vanda Rajcan

    Gunzenberger-Reichman Family Fellow

    “Unpopular Justice: Holocaust-related Trials in Slovak People’s Courts, 1945-1947”

  • Katrin Reichelt

    2001-2002 Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Fellowship

    "The Holocaust and Collaboration in Latvia, 1941-1945"

  • Dr. Karen Remmler

    2019-2020 Edith Birnbaum Milman Memorial Fellow

    “The Forensic Turn in Holocaust Studies: Proper Burial in the Aftermath of Violence”

  • Ms. Julia Riegel

    2015-2016 Sosland Fellow

    “Music in Polish-Jewish Communities and the Holocaust”

  • Dr. Caroline Riley

    Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Postdoctoral Fellow

    Thérèse Bonney’s Photography: The Intermedial Syndication of Art, the Body, and War from 1920 to 1970

  • Ms. Emily Roche

    Manya Friedman Memorial Fellow

    “No Second Troy: Trauma and Ideology in the Recreation of Warsaw, 1919-1968”

  • Ms. Jennifer Rodgers

    2011-2012 Ben and Zelda Cohen Fellow

    "From the 'Archive of Horrors' to the 'Shop Window of Democracy': The International Tracing Service and the Transnational Politics of the Past"

  • Professor Aron Rodrigue

    2003-2004 Ina Levine Invitational Scholar

    "Ideas of Race and Antisemitism in France"

  • Mr. Florian Rohdenburg

    2004-2005 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "The Occupation of Southern France, 1940-1944"

  • Professor Mark Roseman

    2007-2008 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Beyond Conviction: Perpetrators of the Holocaust"

  • Professor Mark Roseman

    2010-2011 Ina Levine Invitational Scholar

    "Between Utopia and Rescue: The ‘League of Socialist Life’ Before, during and after the Third Reich"

  • Dr. Alan Rosen

    2004-2005 Sosland Foundation Fellow

    "The Evidence of Trauma: David Boder and Writing the History of Holocaust Testimony"

  • Dr. Pnina Rosenberg

    2002-2003 Miles Lerman Center for the Study of Jewish Resistance Research Fellow

    "Yiddish Culture in the French Occupied Zone Camps (1941-1944)"

  • Dr. Warren Rosenblum

    2017-2018 Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany Fellow for Research in the International Tracing Service Archive

    “The Feeble-Minded in Germany: Between Sympathy and Persecution”

  • Professor David G. Roskies

    2006-2007 J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Senior Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship

    "1943: A World Jewish ReaderandHolocaust Literature: A History"

  • Alexander Rossino

    1999-2000 Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Fellowship

    "German Soldiers, the Polish Campaign, and the Nazification of the Wehrmacht"

  • Dr. Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe

    2016-2017 Norman Raab Foundation Fellow

    “Collaborating Enemies: Forms of German-Polish Collaboration During the Second World War"

  • Professor John Roth

    2004-2005 Ina Levine Invitational Scholar

    "In the Shadow of Birkenau: Ethical Dilemmas during and after the Holocaust"

  • Dr. Judith Roumani

    2013-2014 Sosland Foundation Fellow

    “The Holocaust in Sephardic Literature: Responses in Prose”

  • Dr. Dirk Rupnow

    2009-2010 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Transforming the Holocaust: Transnational European and Global Politics of Memory (1989-Today)"

  • Dr. Dirk Rupnow

    2004-2005 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Judenforschung in the Third Reich"

  • Phillip Rutherford

    2001-2002 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellowship for Archival Research

    "Race, Space, and the ‘Polish Question’: Nazi Deportation Policy in Reichsgau Wartheland, 1939-1941"

  • Mr. J. Luke Ryder

    2015-2016 Gunzenberger-Reichman Family Fellow

    “'Double Memory' in Slovakia: War and Genocide in Testimony”