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  • Dr. Yaacov Falkov

    2017-2018 Phyllis Greenberg Heideman and Richard D. Heideman Fellow

    "What Did the Kremlin Know About the Holocaust? The Soviet Security Service’s (NKVD) Reporting on the Fate of the Jews in the German-Occupied Territories, 1941-1944.”

  • Mr. Kiril Feferman

    2004-2005 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Holocaust in Crimea and the Caucasus in a Comparative Perspective"

  • Dr. Maria Ferenc

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellow

    “The Life of Mordechai Anielewicz Reconsidered”

  • Gabriel Finder

    2000-2001 Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Fellowship

    "Revenge and Reconciliation: The People’s Court and the Reconstruction of Polish Jewry, 1946-1950"

  • Professor Carole Fink

    2003-2004 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "The World Jewish Congress, 1932-1939"

  • Dr. Lars Fischer

    2004-2005 Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Fellow

    "The Significance of the Shoah for the Change in Perceptions of Antisemitism, 1870-1950"

  • Ms. Monika Flaschka

    2006-2007 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Race and Rape in the Nazi-Occupied East"

  • Shannon Fogg

    2000-2001 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellowship for Archival Research

    "Material Shortages, Daily Interaction, and Female Resistance in Vichy, France"

  • Dr. Lise Foisneau

    2019-2020 Alexander Grass Memorial Fellow

    "The Resistance of French ‘Nomads’ (1939-1946)"

  • Piotr Forecki

    Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellowship

    “Primed for Violence? Poles towards the Extermination of Jews in the Regierungsbezirk Posen”

  • Mr. Walter Francis

    2021 Summer Graduate Student Research Fellow

    "Breaking Silences: Tunisian Jewry During Vichy Rule and Nazi Occupation"

  • Dr. Michal Frankl

    2015-2016 Margit Meissner Fellow for the Study of the Holocaust in Czech Lands

    “Citizens into ‘Ostjuden’ ”

  • Professor David Fraser

    2003-2004 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "The Fragility of Law: Anti-Jewish Decrees, Constitutional Patriotism and Collaboration in Belgium, 1940-45"

  • Dr. Alice Freifeld

    2019-2020 Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Invitational Scholar for the Study of Antisemitism Fellowship

    “Mourning Loss and Starting Over: Hungarian Jews in 1945”

  • Alice Freifeld

    2001-2002 ‘Life Reborn’ Foundation on Displaced Persons Fellowship

    "Displaced Hungarian Jewry, 1945-1948"

  • Florian Freund

    1997-1998 Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

    "American, German and Austrian Trials Concerning the Mauthausen Concentration Camp Complex for Anthology of Essays"

  • Dr. David Frey

    William J. Lowenberg Memorial Fellow on America, the Holocaust and the Jews

    "Marginal Soldiers"

  • Henry Friedlander

    1996-1997 Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

    "German Laws and Nazi Crimes"

  • Jonathan Friedman

    1997-1998 Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

    "War Crimes Anthology"

  • Dr. Tuvia Friling

    2006-2007 David and Fela Shappel Family Foundation Fellow

    "A Kaleidoscopic Study of Illegal Immigration Operations, Aid, Rescue, and Intelligence Activity by the Yishuv’s Right-Wing Circles Before, during, and After World War II"

  • Professor James Frusetta

    2006-2007 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Bulgaria’s “Internal Others:” Jews, Turks, and Pomaks, 1934-1944"

  • Mr. Tomasz Frydel

    2019-2020 Fred and Maria Devinki Fellow

    “Genocide from Below: Village Society and the Holocaust in Occupied Poland, 1939-1945”

  • Dr. David Furber

    2003-2004 Charles H. Revson Foundation Fellow

    "Going East: Colonialism and German Life in Nazi Occupied Poland, 1939-1945"