Holocaust survivors have volunteered at the Museum on a regular basis across the institution—engaging with visitors, sharing their personal histories, serving as tour guides, translating historic materials, and more, since the Museum opened. Their presence has been an invaluable asset, and their contributions vital to the Museum’s mission.

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  • Anna Seelfreund Grosz

    Anna Seelfreund Grosz

    Born: April 20, 1926, Racşa, Romania Died: April 19, 2020, Falls Church, VA

    Anna Grosz was born Anna Seelfreund on April 20, 1926, in Racşa, Romania, to Samuel and Ilona Seelfreund.

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  • William Hess

    William Hess

    Born: August 8, 1921, Stuttgart, Germany Died: July 2018, Silver Spring, MD

    William was born to a large liberal Jewish family in Stuttgart, Germany. His father, a World War I veteran, worked as a textile wholesale businessman and owned his own small store where he sold cotton and linen goods. Stuttgart was a seemingly safe city and became the home for many Jews.

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  • Marcel Hodak

    Marcel Hodak

    Born: August 25, 1937, Paris, France Died: June 1, 2022, DANIA BEACH, FL

    Marcel Hodak was born August 25, 1937, in Paris, France. His father, Jules, and mother, Feiga, were both born in the Russian Empire. They met in Constantinople where their families had fled because of the violence of the 1903-1905 pogroms in Kishinev (then in the Russian Empire, today Chișinău, Moldova). In Constantinople, Jules and Feiga married and Feiga gave birth to their oldest child, a daughter named Esther. The family then immigrated to Paris.  In Paris, they had three sons, Jean, Achilles, and Marcel. Marcel was the youngest by almost a decade. Jules worked as a presser in the women’s garment industry and Feiga was a seamstress.

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  • Irving Horn

    Irving Horn

    Born: February 25, 1927, Radom, Poland Died: October 6, 2002, Potomac, MD

    Isachar was born to a Jewish family in the Polish city of Radom, approximately 75 miles south of Warsaw. The city was the center of Poland’s leather-tanning industry.

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  • Adam Kahane

    Adam Kahane

    Born: July 6, 1922, Jaslo, Poland Died: February 9, 2021, Silver Spring, MD

    Adam was born in Poland in 1922 to a liberal Jewish family. He was the only child of Giza Menase and Jakub Kahane. Adam lived with his parents in Lodz until their divorce when Giza and 5 year old Adam moved to Jaslo to be with her family. Adam visited Jakub, who ran a pharmacy in Lodz, once a year. In Jaslo Adam attended school and spent much time outdoors skiing, playing tennis, and kayaking with his cousin, Reggie.

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  • Henry Kahn

    Henry Kahn

    Born: January 18, 1923, Böblingen, Germany Died: May 23, 2018, Silver Spring, MD

    Henry Kahn was born Heinz Kahn on January 18, 1923, into an orthodox Jewish family in Böblingen, Germany.  His father Adolf, a merchant from Baisingen fought for Germany in World War I and later became president of the Cattle Dealers’ Association of Wuertemberg and Hohenzollern.  His mother, Hedwig, was from Frankfurt, Germany.  Henry’s brother, Rolf, was born in 1925.

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  • Inge Katzenstein

    Inge Katzenstein

    Born: March 27, 1929, Cologne, Germany

    Inge Berg was born on March 27, 1929 in Cologne, Germany to Klara and Josef Berg. The Bergs, a close-knit observant Jewish family, lived with Josef’s parents, and their family was active in the local Jewish community; Inge’s paternal grandfather was president of the local synagogue association, and her father’s brother, George, was the synagogue’s cantor. Josef was a cattle dealer and Klara managed the household and raised her daughters Inge and Gisella (Jill), born in 1933.

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  • Werner Katzenstein

    Werner Katzenstein

    Born: April 29, 1922, Wallensen, Germany Died: November 4, 2015

    Werner was raised in the rural German town of Herleshausen, where his family owned a farming supply business. His father sold seeds to local farmers and purchased their grain, while his mother ran the office. The Katzensteins were one of about two dozen Jewish families living in the area.

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  • Julie Keefer

    Julie Keefer

    Born: April 19, 1941, Lwów Poland

    Julie Keefer was born Jula Weinstock on April 19, 1941, in Lwów, Poland (present day: L’viv, Ukraine). Julie’s father, Herman, was a tinsmith, and her mother, Sala, was an opera singer and homemaker. Many members of Julie’s family also lived in Lwów, including her maternal grandfather, Aizik Eisen.

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  • Theodora (Dora) Klayman

    Theodora (Dora) Klayman

    Born: January 31, 1938, Zagreb, Yugoslavia

    Theodora (Dora) Klayman was born Teodora Rahela Basch in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, on January 31, 1938. Her father, Salamon, owned and operated a small brush manufacturing plant. Her mother, Silva, a teacher, grew up in Ludbreg, a small town in northwest Croatia, where her father, Josef Leopold Deutsch, served as the community rabbi for more than 40 years.

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