Holocaust survivors have volunteered at the Museum on a regular basis across the institution—engaging with visitors, sharing their personal histories, serving as tour guides, translating historic materials, and more, since the Museum opened. Their presence has been an invaluable asset, and their contributions vital to the Museum’s mission.

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  • Frank Cohn

    Frank Cohn

    Born: August 2, 1925, Breslau, Germany

    Frank Cohn was born August 2, 1925, in Breslau, Germany (present day: Wroclaw, Poland) to Martin and Ruth Cohn. An only child, Frank and his parents lived comfortably in German middle class society. Martin owned a successful sporting goods store.

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  • Isak Danon

    Isak Danon

    Born: 1929, Split, Yugoslavia

    Isak was born in Split, a small town on the Adriatic coast of Yugoslavia with a prewar population of about 50,000 and a rather active Jewish life. Isak’s father owned a small dry goods store, and Isak helped run the family business along with his mother and three sisters.

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  • Susan Darvas

    Susan Darvas

    Born: April 24, 1934, Budapest, Hungary Died: February 28, 2020, Columbia, MD

    Susan Darvas was born Susan Lakatos on April 24, 1934 in Budapest, Hungary to an assimilated Jewish family. Her father, Mano, owned a pioneering dental laboratory in Budapest employing both Jews and gentiles. Susan’s mother, Margit, assisted Mano in his dental practice. Susan was very close to her two cousins, Magdi and Imre, and they were constant playmates.

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  • Louis de Groot

    Louis de Groot

    Born: June 28, 1929, Amersfoort, the Netherlands Died: September 29, 2020, Washington, DC

    Louis de Groot was born on June 28, 1929 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. His father, Meijer, owned and operated a store which sold small electrical appliances in Arnhem. Sophia, his mother, assisted with the store. The family, which included Louis’ older sister Rachel, lived in an apartment above the store. Meijer was an avid amateur film maker, recording the family’s adventures to the park, the pool, and the ice skating rink on an 8mm video camera. They were a traditional Jewish family and attended synagogue on the high holidays. Both children were members of Jewish youth organizations.

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  • Isaac Dickmann

    Isaac Dickmann

    Born: November 11, 1919, Stryj, Poland Died: June 30, 2017, Bethesda, MD

    Isaac was raised by his widowed mother who received support from a nearby uncle and an aunt in New York.

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  • Marcel Drimer

    Marcel Drimer

    Born: May 1, 1934, Drohobycz, Poland

    Marcel Drimer was born on May 1, 1934 in Drohobycz, Poland a small town now part of Ukraine.  His father, Jacob, worked as an accountant in a lumber factory while his mother, Laura, raised Marcel and his younger sister, Irena.

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  • Maria Dworzecka

    Maria Dworzecka

    Born: June 19, 1941, Bialystok, Poland

    Maria Dworzecka was born Marysia Rozenszajn on June 19, 1941, in Bialystok, Poland. Her parents, Izak Rozenszajn and Bela Kaufman Rozenszajn, had recently fled German-occupied Warsaw for Soviet-occupied Bialystok. Three days after Maria’s birth, German forces began their invasion of the Soviet Union. Izak was killed on June 23, 1941, during the first bombing of Bialystok.

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  • Erika Neuman Eckstut

    Erika Neuman Eckstut

    Born: June 12, 1928, Znojmo, Czechoslovakia Died: July 2, 2017, Fort Lee, New Jersey

    Erika (Neuman) Eckstut was born in Znojmo, Czechoslovakia, on June 12, 1928, the younger of two girls. Her father, Ephram Neuman, was a respected attorney and an ardent Zionist who hoped to immigrate to Palestine with his family. Her mother, Dolly (Geller) Neuman, held a degree in business and worked in a bank before the birth of her children.

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  • Ruth Elenberg Eisenberg

    Ruth Elenberg Eisenberg

    Born: April 15, 1935, Skalat, Eastern Galicia

    Ruth Elenberg Eisenberg was born Rachel Sygal Epstein on April 15, 1935 in Skalat, a town in Eastern Galicia (now Ukraine). Her father Hersch owned a tannery, and her mother Fayga was a homemaker. Ruth was the youngest of six children. Skalat was home to a large, mostly orthodox Jewish population. Ruth eagerly anticipated Shabbat each week, a day she celebrated with family. 

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  • Frank Ephraim

    Frank Ephraim

    Born: February 19, 1931, Berlin, Germany Died: August 27, 2006

    Frank’s father was an inventor, holding several patents in the radio field until the crash of 1929. Frank’s mother worked as a secretary for a Berlin business firm. In February 1939, soon after Kristallnacht, the family emigrated to the Philippines.

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