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  • Bicycle Memories

    Today I took the metro to the Museum. As I walked from the parking lot to the station, I passed by the bicycle storage area where shiny, expensive bicycles were chained to the rack. First I was amazed at how many people trust that their bicycle will be there when they return from work. My first crime experience in the United States taught me otherwise. 

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  • Home Sweet Home

    I am an old man. I just turned 79. During my life I have lived in many places but only a few of them would I call home.

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  • The Joy of the Outdoors

    I love water and every form of it that gives me an opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. I love to swim in a pool, a lake, a river, or the ocean. I like sailing, kayaking, and rowing. I used to ice skate until a few years ago when I had spine surgery. I still like skiing, and I am proud that I can keep up with my grown daughters, at my advanced age.

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  • Passover Memories

    I never had a chance to ask the four questions that are traditionally asked by the youngest person at the Passover Seder table. Neither have I had a chance to earn a dollar by being the first to find the Afikoman. I was already 40 years old when I first attended a family Seder in Baltimore with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

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  • Paris Mon Amour

    I am a secret Francophile. It must be a secret when even my closest friends are surprised when I show my affection for all things French. I love everything French except the attitude French people have towards anyone who does not speak their language or those who speak it even with the slightest hint of an accent. I do not speak French at all. I know only a few words and expressions; nevertheless, of all the languages I like the sound of French the most.

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  • I Could Have Been One of Them

    A couple of weeks ago I shared my and my family’s Holocaust experience with a group of high school students in the Helena Rubinstein Auditorium of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I caught myself using the adjective “lucky” one too many times.

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  • How Much Food Is Too Much?

    My wife keeps complaining that we have too much food in our oversized refrigerator (26 cubic feet) and in the freezer in the basement. As in most cases, she is right. After coming home from food shopping it’s like solving a 3D puzzle when we try to store the new grocery items.

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  • To Be a Free People in Our Land

    As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart, 
    With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion, 
    Then our hope—the two-thousand-year-old hope—will not be lost: 
    To be a free people in our land, 
    The land of Zion and Jerusalem. 
    “Hatikvah” (National Anthem of Israel) 

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  • Millennials and the Holocaust

    Headlines from the American media in April 2018 after a Holocaust-related survey was published: 

    “Holocaust study: Two-thirds of millennials don’t know what Auschwitz is” (Washington Post, April 12, 2018) 

    “4 in 10 millennials don’t know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust, study shows” (CBS News, April 12, 2018) 

    “Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds” (New York Times, April 12, 2018) 

    “The Startling Statistics About People’s Holocaust Knowledge” (NPR, April 14, 2018) 

    “Why We’re Forgetting the Holocaust” (New York Post, April 15, 2018) 

    “Study Shows Americans are Forgetting about the Holocaust” (NBC News, April 12, 2018)

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  • History Repeating Itself

    On May 5, 2019, I was one of two speakers at a Yom Hashoah commemoration in Denver, Colorado. The gathering could not have been more timely. When I saw the printed program for the first time the day before, I was glad to see that someone had titled my presentation, “Surviving Mass Genocide. Anti-Semitism; History Repeating Itself.” Great title, although I thought I might have put a question mark at the end, as I was not ready to make such an affirmative statement. I would have raised it as a question: “Is History Repeating Itself?” 

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