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Commemoration Themes


Choosing a theme for your Days of Remembrance commemoration can help narrow the vast historical subject of the Holocaust. Each of our themes features a video along with additional resources you can use to enrich your event. If you prefer not to use one of the themes below, we also provide a general overview of the Holocaust poster set (PDF) and PowerPoint Presentation (PPT).

American Responses

American responses to the persecution and murder of European Jews during the Holocaust invite reflection on the role of individuals, organizations, and governments in confronting hatred and mass atrocities.

Early Warning Signs

In the pivotal year before Nazi Germany invaded Poland and launched World War II, intervention could have saved many lives. Citizens and countries responded in different ways to the events of 1938. What lessons do their actions hold for us today? 

Justice and Accountability

The trials at Nuremberg and the trial of Adolf Eichmann set important precedents and raised questions about the nature of justice in the face of such enormous crimes. Ensuring accountability in the wake of genocide remains an ongoing challenge.


The US soldiers who helped defeat Nazi Germany and liberate the concentration camps were among the first eyewitnesses to the Holocaust. Remembering their stories of freedom inspires us to promote human dignity and confront hatred whenever and wherever it occurs.


The stories of ordinary people who chose to intervene and help rescue Jews, despite the risks, demonstrate that individuals have the power to make a difference. What we do—or choose not to do—matters.