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Fire destroys the synagogue in the village of Ober-Ramstadt during Kristallnacht

On the morning after Kristallnacht, local residents watched as fire destroyed the synagogue in the village of Ober-Ramstadt. The local fire department prevented the fire from spreading to a nearby home, but did not try to limit the damage to the synagogue. Georg Schmidt, the youth who took this photograph, came from a family that opposed the Nazis. His parents warned him to take the film from his camera and destroy it. The police confiscated the film from his home on the same day that he took and developed this image. German authorities stored the prints and negatives in the city hall. After the war, a German policeman working for the postwar U.S. occupation authorities found and removed them. The son-in-law of the policeman discovered them in a toolbox years later and donated them to the city archive.

USHMM, courtesy of Trudy Isenberg

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