Student Profile: R. Antignes

Gender: girl
School: School #11A

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RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY: astidham Advanced Researcher
Stage 1: Identity
Student's Given Name:
Ruchla Antygnes
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Birth Date:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Ghetto Street Address:
Sulzfelderstrasse, 18, 10, Lodz Ghetto, Poland
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
User Comments:
I searched the database under the advanced setting for the last name of "Antignes" under the exact setting and returned no matches. Under the fuzzy setting, it returned a few matches but only one was close to the age range that we were looking for. Ruchla Antygnes was born on August 10,1933. She resided at Sulzfelder 18 10. She was listed as being a Schuelerin. There was also a date of December 31,1942 with the words Bursa Sta following. I am unsure as to whether this is a moving date and address or a deportation date. I will continue to try to find further information.
Approver Comments:
I agree this is the person who signed this name in the album. Thank you for looking so closely at the possible last names.
Stage 2: The Ghetto
No research performed on this stage
Stage 3: Labor Camps
No research performed on this stage
Stage 4: Auschwitz & Beyond
No research performed on this stage
Stage 5: Liberation & After
No research performed on this stage