Student Profile: Dwojra Hauszpiegel

Gender: girl
School: School #10A

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RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY: kmcrine Contributing Researcher
Stage 1: Identity
Student's Given Name:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Birth Date:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Ghetto Street Address:
(Hanseaten), Hanseatenstrasse, 64, 5
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Approver Comments:
I agree you've found the person who most likely signed this name in the album. In 1941 she would have been 11 years old, the right age to attend school #10. Note that she is also listed in the 5th volume of the database--please enter whatever you find in that entry as well.
Stage 2: The Ghetto
Deported / Transferred:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Transport #:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Employed at:
Lodz Ghetto Inhabitants
Approver Comments:
One quick note--please note that Chelmno can only be determined from the secondary sources, as the database doesn't say this directly. Please correct your source, and then I can mark this as confirmed.
Stage 3: Labor Camps
No research performed on this stage
Stage 4: Auschwitz & Beyond
No research performed on this stage
Stage 5: Liberation & After
No research performed on this stage



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