Student Profile: Lejb Abbe

Gender: boy
School: School #13B

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Stage 1: Identity
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Possible misspelled name posted: 5/24/2011  |  viewed: 350  |  replies: 1
Stage 2: The Ghetto
Mother's Name:
Paja Laja Abbe
Source: Hospital, Labor, Deportation, and Administrative Records from the Lodz Ghetto
Status: Submitted 1/29/2011; Possible | Researcher: oneilw1979
User Comment:

Looking through the secondary resources, Labor Cards, Jewish Gen, and the records database, I was unable to find any additional information on Lajb Abbe. If i couldnt find any information on Lajb I decided to try to find out about his family by a  last name search with just Abbe. As I clicked down the list I paid attention to birthdates and ghetto addresses. Coming upon Paja Laja Abbe, she had the same address as Lajb:
11 Listopad 20 Sperling 12

and also a maiden name was listed :
Paja Laja Dobrzynska

Born in 1900 she would have been 28 (plausible) when Lajb was born. 

Also found a sister/sibling?
Rachela Abbe
Born 32/11/1923
11 LISTOPADA 20 Sperling 12 27
Occupation: Haustochter
also in her profile there is a note: A.G. 3.7.44
(AG or A.G. + date / Change of registration to new address, or deportation (to Chełmno))

Approver Comment:
I agree that you have found his mother, and I hope that there is more information on Lajb out there somewhere.


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Stage 3: Labor Camps
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Stage 4: Auschwitz & Beyond
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Stage 5: Liberation & After
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