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Tipsheet: What do all these German words and abbreviations mean?
Oct 14, 2011, 04:14:06 pm

Here is a list of some of the most common words or abbreviations you'll find in Polish or German throughout the site. If you find some we haven't covered yet, leave a comment and let us know. If you find out more about any of these, or have hypotheses about some we think we've covered, we'd love to hear them too. Remember that our understanding of these documents is always changing, and thanks to you we'll always be learning more.

Months of the Year (Remember: when in doubt, usually numbers are DAY first, MONTH second!)

März/Marz/Maerz – March
Mai – May  
Juni – June
Juli – July
Oktober/Okt – October
Dezember/Dez – December

Looking at Databases and Labor Cards

Als: As
Älter am 1.1.1943 – Age on January 1, 1943
A.M. (Alte Mieter) -- old/former tenant
Angelernter Beruf – semi-skilled labor
Arbeiter/Arbeiterin – Worker (Male/Female)
Arbeitet seit – Working since (date)
Arbeitslos vom . . . bis . . . – unemployed from (date) to (date)
Ausg – Left, deported
Erlernter Beruf – learned occupation
Geb./Geboren – Born
Geschlecht – Gender
Gest./Gestorben – Died (on date)
Haustochter – young female housekeeper
In dem Betrieb – In service to, working for
Kind – Child
Krankenhaus – Hospital
Litzmann/Litzmannstadt – Lodz
Männlich – Male
Name – Last/Family Name
Schueler/Schuelerin – Student (Male/Female)
Student/Studentin – Student (Male/Female)
Tod – Dead
Vorname – First Name
Weiblich – Female
Weisenhaus – Orphanage        
Wohnh./Wohnheim – Apartment (generally listed with a street number and house number)

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Posted: Apr 17, 2014 01:46:01 am
Hi I was wondering what "Ost" and "Blanc" would mean as I found them under the Notes field in the Lodz Ghetto Database during my research. Thanks!