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Same last name, but slight change in name, is there a possibility it's the same?
Apr 30, 2014, 12:36:51 am
I'm researching on a boy name Natan Wolf Okno who was in school #15A, this school had kids ranging from ages between 6-11 meaning they're born in 1930-1935. Then I found a boy named Nusen Wolf Okno born in january 6 in 1930, also it appears that nusen occupation was schueler.
most of the information match to natan, is there any way that the name of natan was written wrong and we are talking about the same boy? can I continue my research using the same information?

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Posted: May 1, 2014 12:16:25 am
It's likely Nusen signed his name in a way that looked like Natan. Please do not put Natan in the given name field, but instead put Nusen, so we know to look for that name in the databases.
Posted: May 1, 2014 01:37:09 am
I delete the name of Natan as you said, but it change my research to pending. Who can I get it back to possible?