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Halina survived the war
Jan 28, 2014, 08:59:31 pm
I have compiled evidence on Halina Wagowski/Wagowska that shows she survived the war. The information was submitted for approval several months ago. Usually it is reviewed rather quickly and I am wondering why not in this case. It is a fascinating case because Halina went on to record her testimony in an online video (USC Shoah Foundation) which confirms that she is the Halina who signed the album. She is alive in Australia and has published a book about her experiences. I would like to see her added as one who survived the ghetto and the war.

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Posted: Feb 14, 2014 04:45:24 pm
I went ahead and took a look at your research for Halina Wagowska and as soon as you correct a few things I can mark it as possible.