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Mariem Szpiro
Dec 15, 2011, 01:33:08 am

 Mariem Szpiro was born in 1927 and she lived at Belchatow and Pfeffer 22 flat 31. She had a note of 16/08/1942 and she appears also as Marjem Szpiro and a move date of 25/06/1944 to Muhl 28. She also appears with the last name of Macherbomcka. I also blieve that Belchatow isn't a ghetto address but a town in Poland meaning she probably originated from Belchatow, Poland. if my theory about her being from Belchatow is correct, then perhaps she came to the ghetto on 16/08/1942. I did research and in August of 1942 the ghetto in Belchatow was closed and the inhabitants were sent either to Lodz or Chelmno.

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Posted: Dec 26, 2011 11:13:56 am

If this is the case, then she could not have been the person who signed the album, as she would not have been in the ghetto yet in September 1941. Thanks for posting this information about Belchatow so other users know for the future.