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March 30, 2016
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Ticket Price:
$180 per ticket

7 p.m.

The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers
Pier 61, Chelsea Piers
23rd Street and West Side Highway
New York, NY 10011


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A Lost Chapter of Holocaust History:
A New York Next Generation Event
Benefit Event
Lara Logan, Father Patrick Desbois, and Serban Catalin, a translator, look at a map of mass gravesites in Moldova. <i>Courtesy of Kate Kornberg/Yahad - In Unum</i>
Lara Logan, Father Patrick Desbois, and Serban Catalin, a translator, look at a map of mass gravesites in Moldova. Courtesy of Kate Kornberg/Yahad - In Unum

In 2001, Father Patrick Desbois began a historic undertaking to locate every mass gravesite where Jews, Roma, and other victims were shot and killed by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust. Working closely with Museum scholars, Father Desbois continues to identify locations, collect artifacts, and record video testimony from people who witnessed the murders and, in some cases, were recruited to perform tasks at the killing sites. These accounts mark the first time these eyewitnesses are publicly sharing their experiences, and the historic testimonies will become part of the Museum’s collection.

Last fall, CBS correspondent Lara Logan interviewed Father Desbois about his work for a 60 Minutes segment. Join the New York Next Generation community as they reunite to discuss the more than 1,800 mass graves and execution sites Father Desbois has uncovered and the work he has left to do.

Father Patrick Desbois, Founder and President of Yahad ­– In Unum and Director of the Episcopal Committee for Catholic-Judeo Relations
Lara Logan, Correspondent for 60 Minutes

If you are unable to attend, please consider making a gift in support of the Museum’s Fund for the Study of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union.

Event Chairs
Adam D. Friedland
Barry L. Levine

Event Committee
Stephanie* and Ryan* Abramow
Kate and Sam Archibald
Danielle** and Jonathan* Auerbach
Logan Bromer and Jeff Fedder
Deborah* and Eric Edell
Melissa and Lawrence Elbaum
Andy Friedland
Jackie* and Josh* Gerber
Yonina and Eric Gomberg
Brian Gutman*
Abbi and Jeremy Halpern
Jesse Izak*
Lindsey Jaffe and Peter Friedland
Bryan Jonas
David Kaplan
Jacquie Kerbel and Lev Ekster*
Leora Klein and Emmanuel Werthenschlag
Julie* and Reuben Kopel
Jesse Lazowski
Max Lebowitz-Nowak
Catherine Levenson*
Jacob Lieberman
Nicole Pines Lieberman** and Avi Lieberman*
Elissa Miller
Vivian and Jacob Muller
Kacey and Alec Ofsevit
Leana Ovadia
David Pantirer
Elizabeth Pantirer
Shana and Marc Pantirer
Keith Petri
Elliot Pines
Tali and Justin Pines
Lauren* and Mark Posner
Romy and Jordan Rost
Samantha* and Jonathan* Rubenstein
Becca* and Robby* Rutkoff
Stacey* and Marc Saiontz
Julie and Jonathan Schwartz
Dana Septimus and Joe Feldman
Berry Stein
Jaymere Stein* and Josh Zwass
Alexandra Stern
Liora Tarlowe
Sam Vinograd 
Samantha Weinberg
Maeira and Michel Werthenschlag
* New York Next Generation Board Member
** New York Next Generation Board Chair

Proceeds will be allocated to the Museum’s Fund for the Study of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union, held jointly with Yahad - In Unum

Northeast Regional Office

Please note that the Museum may be recording and photographing this event. By your presence you consent to the Museum's use of your image.

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Special Focus: Holocaust by Bullets
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