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US Holocaust Memorial Museum
100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW
Washington, DC 20024

Film Screening:
“Deadly Medicine"
Calipers. <i>Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin</i>
Calipers. Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin

Screening Times
11:35 a.m., 1:55 p.m., and 4:15 p.m.

This 22-minute film examines how Nazi leadership, in collaboration with individuals in professions traditionally charged with healing and the public good, used science to help legitimize persecution, murder, and, ultimately, genocide. Some examples shown in this program include: forced sterilization, euthanasia, and twins research and experiments.

Please note, screening times at the Museum are subject to change.

Registration Not Required

Jeremy Mendelson

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Online Exhibition: Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race
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Holocaust Encyclopedia: Victims of the Nazi Era: Nazi Racial Ideology
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Bibliography: Nazi Racial Science
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