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2014-15 Annual Report

When this capsule is opened [in 2043], you will judge if there was a Holocaust of the 21st century.

—Holocaust survivor and Museum volunteer

Looking at a blueprint Museum staff consult blueprints for the new David and Fela Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center.

The note above is just one of the messages to future generations that the Museum’s survivor volunteers placed in a time capsule during the April 2015 groundbreaking for the new David and Fela Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center. The capsule will be opened in 2043, on the Museum’s 50th anniversary. In their notes, the survivors recalled their own suffering and loss but also looked forward to a better future, expressing this as both a hope and a challenge to our generation.

To that end, we know there is much work to do. With your support, we have maintained momentum toward reaching our $540 million campaign goal. Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the William Levine family of Phoenix and the Simon-Skjodt family of Indianapolis, the Museum’s Levine Institute for Holocaust Education and Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide have now received generous endowments. These leadership gifts will help us launch and sustain vital programs, but we will need many partners to fulfill our ambitious vision.

Seven decades ago, World War II ended and survivors were left to rebuild shattered lives. That so many were able to do so— creating new families in new homelands and dedicating themselves to shaping the future—should inspire and challenge each of us as together we write the Museum’s next chapter and ensure the permanent relevance of Holocaust remembrance.

  • Tom A. Bernstein
  • Joshua B. Bolten
    Vice Chairman
  • Sara J. Bloomfield

Rescuing the Evidence

David and Fela Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center

A Permanent, State-of-the-Art Home for the Collection of Record

Watch Video about Shapell Center

The new facility will preserve the evidence of the Holocaust and serve as a dynamic hub for education and scholarship.

“This building and the people who will build it, and the people who will work in it, have a uniquely important job to do. In their hands rest the last hopes of millions of people: to be remembered and to have what happened to them remembered, forever,” said Irv Shapell, son of Holocaust survivors Fela and the late David Shapell, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the building—named for his parents—that will safeguard the truth of the Holocaust for future generations.

Scheduled to open in fall 2016, the world-class facility will reflect the highest standards for preservation and security, featuring specialized laboratories, climate-controlled vaults, and rooms for research and discussion sparked by the artifacts, documents, and photographs. It will also accommodate the planned growth of the collection, which is expected to double in the next ten years. Museum curators are hard at work in 50 countries across six continents to rescue the evidence before it is lost forever.

Glenn Kurtz, Author and Collections Donor

Bringing a Lost Town Back to Life

Glen Kurtz

When Glenn Kurtz donated his grandparents’ home movie to the Museum’s collection, he had no idea he was embarking on a remarkable journey of discovery about his own family’s past and that of a small town in Poland. He documented that story in a book, published in November 2013, that he shared with Museum audiences across the country in 2014.

In Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film, Kurtz tells the story of his grandparents’ trip to Poland one year before World War II began, which they recorded on 16 mm Kodachrome film. Discovering the film decades later, Kurtz set out to learn all he could about the people who appear in it. It was only after donating it to the Museum, which made the film available on its website, that he began identifying and learning what happened to the residents of the predominantly Jewish town of Nasielsk during the Holocaust.

View historic footage of Nasielsk, Poland, in the Kurtz home movie.

Watch a video about the new discoveries made possible by the Kurtz home movie.


  • Digitally reformatted and preserved more than 7,000 hours of at-risk video, audio, and film materials on the Holocaust and made them available online

  • Responded to 1,879 information requests—including 914 from survivors, their families, or families of victims—for information in the archives of the International Tracing Service

  • Involved high school students in indexing 11,000 historical records related to Holocaust victims and survivors, through the World Memory Project

Educating New Generations

William Levine Family Institute for Holocaust Education

An Expanded Global Network of Holocaust Educators

Klaus Mueller (left), who represents the Museum’s archival program in Europe, shows secondary school teachers in Instanbul resources in Turkish available online at Watch video about the Bringing the Lessons Home program

To confront rising antisemitism and Holocaust denial worldwide, the Museum helps teachers effectively and accurately educate their students about the Holocaust.

The Museum has been working for the past few years with secondary school teachers in Turkey, where this spring an antisemitic film featuring Turkish government leaders aired on national television. Their goal is to equip teachers with historical knowledge, teaching methodologies, and resources on the Holocaust to discuss it in the classroom and help dispel prevailing myths about Turkey’s role.

“I’m not teaching a particular point of view [about the Holocaust]. I’m trying to teach my students how to think critically about sensitive topics in our history that we haven't wanted to examine,” said Hasan Ozkaya, one of two educators trained by the Museum. He and Pinar Dost-Niyego, a university lecturer, have translated key resources and learning modules provided by the Museum into Turkish to share with their fellow teachers.

Based on the success of our work in Turkey, the Museum is now partnering with UNESCO to identify two or three teachers in ten more countries to offer the same in-depth training provided to Ozkaya and Dost-Niyego—with the hope that they too will become change agents in their own countries.

Lynn Williams, Leadership Programs Director

Teaching a New Generation

Lynn Williams, center, with Milagros de Souza, left, the second generation of her family to attend Bringing the Lessons Home. Her father, Atiba, right, participated in 1996.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of a core Museum program for youth—Bringing the Lessons Home: Holocaust Education for the Community. Its success at engaging a new generation of young people in the Washington, DC, metro area is largely due to Lynn Williams, who joined the Museum staff in June 1994 to get the program up and running.

Starting with just nine students, Williams built a program that has taught thousands of high school students and inspired more than 700 to become ambassadors for the Museum. The students learn how to give tours of the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition and how to become leaders in their communities who confront hatred and indifference. As ambassadors for the Museum, they commit to sharing what they have learned with their peers.

“The level of commitment that our ambassadors have for this Museum and for one another from high school through adulthood has been the biggest surprise for me,” said Williams in reflecting on 20 years of Bringing the Lessons Home. “They are important stakeholders who can extend the reach of the Museum into new and diverse communities.”

Educating New Generations 2014-15 HIGHLIGHTS

  • Trained 75 senior foreign service officers in a new program that examines the power of individuals in influencing decision making

  • Created the Confronting Hatred radio special, compiled from the long-running Voices on Antisemitism podcast, which aired in more than 250 communities nationwide

  • Developed a new mobile app for the Museum’s 1.7 million annual visitors to explore the personal stories of Holocaust victims and survivors

Advancing Knowledge

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

A Paradigm Shift for Holocaust Studies

Scholars Emil Kerenji (left) and Leah Wolfson examine documents published in Jewish Responses to Persecution.

For 70 years, the Holocaust has been studied primarily through German documents and the perpetrators’ perspective. The Museum has changed that by collecting, preserving, and publishing Jewish sources.

The completion of the Jewish Responses to Persecution series culminates a decade-long effort to change the study of the Holocaust. “We decided to challenge the notion that you couldn’t study the Jews because all of their documents were destroyed,” said Paul Shapiro, director of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies. Non-Jewish students might never take a Jewish studies course in college, he said, but they will learn about the Holocaust.

The Museum wants to ensure they learn about it from primary source materials created by Jews, to help preserve the victims’ dignity and individuality. “Now that we know the end of the story, it’s difficult to take a step back and understand what it felt like to be living at that time. These documents help us do that,” said Leah Wolfson, a Mandel Center scholar and editor of the fifth and final volume of Jewish Responses, which will be published this fall.

To further promote the use of Jewish sources, Wolfson and fellow scholar Emil Kerenji drew upon the five-volume series to create a digital resource for undergraduates. The interconnected, contextualized sources include diaries, wartime correspondence, postwar testimony, and other primary source material presented online for the first time. Sixteen classrooms have used the pilot website to study the Holocaust through the words of those who perished or survived.

Dr. Daniel Schroeter, Ina Levine Invitational Scholar

Advancing Scholarship on Muslim-Jewish Relations in North Africa

Dr. Daniel Schroeter

Dr. Daniel Schroeter, a scholar of North African Jewish history, spent his year in residence at the Mandel Center researching how World War II affected Muslim-Jewish relations in Morocco—a topic he believes resonates in today’s Middle East. “Jews and Muslims had coexisted in Morocco for centuries, sharing many aspects of a common culture. Most Jews left the country during the decades after the war. While it was not obvious immediately after World War II that the mass exodus was impending, the war years were a turning point for Moroccan Jews, who began to see their future elsewhere.”

The Museum’s extensive and growing archives on the Holocaust in North Africa have helped Schroeter, the 2014–15 Ina Levine invitational scholar, investigate the question of what happened during those crucial years when Jews in most of Morocco were subjected to discrimination by French colonial authorities. Together with Moroccan scholar Aomar Boum (a former Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Postdoctoral Fellow), Schroeter plans to write a book that will place the Holocaust in the larger context of Moroccan history, helping us understand how the echoes of World War II can still be heard today.

Advancing Knowledge 2014-15 HIGHLIGHTS

  • Museum scholars visited 57 US college and university campuses as guest lecturers

  • Co-sponsored the first international conference with papers based on the International Tracing Service archives, which were opened for scholarship in 2007 thanks to the Museum’s efforts

  • Published a new edition of the the guide to the Museum's archival collections, which have doubled since the last release in 2003

Preventing Genocide

Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide

New Insights on Failures to Prevent Genocide

Photographs of people killed in the Rwandan genocide hang in the Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum. Laura Elizabeth Pohl for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Museum convened the world’s first-ever conference of international decision makers from the mid-1990s to shed light on the failure to prevent genocide in Rwanda.

An international group of diplomats, lawmakers, soldiers, and members of civil society gathered in The Hague in the summer of 2014. Sitting around one table for the first time since the genocide, they discussed what led to the outbreak of mass violence in 1994, during which up to one million Rwandans were killed. Their discussions revealed a lack of coordination between those who negotiated and those who implemented the Arusha peace accords and a failure to involve civil society, leaving Rwandans uninformed of the peace process and easy prey for extremist messages.

“It’s very similar to what happened in Bosnia in the early 1990s: ethnic violence made possible by disruption in the international order,” said Michael Dobbs, a senior advisor with the Museum’s Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide. “If we want to understand the causes of present-day conflicts, we need to understand the conflicts that happened in the immediate aftermath of the Cold War.”

This summer, the Museum will again convene decision makers to examine why the world failed to prevent mass violence—this time, in Bosnia. The International Decision Making conferences are hosted by The Hague Institute for Global Justice and produced in cooperation with the National Security Archive at George Washington University, which has digitized and published online personal documents provided by conference participants.

Rachel Brown, Genocide Prevention Fellow

Developing a Guide for Countering Hate Speech

Rachel Brown

Having studied abroad in Kenya, Rachel Brown returned there after graduation with a mission: She wanted to help Kenyans working to prevent conflict in the wake of interethnic clashes sparked by the country’s 2007 national elections. Realizing that text messages had played a key role in inciting the violence, Brown founded a nonprofit that pioneered the use of text messages to “incite peace” around the 2013 elections.

“Disseminating more speech is one of the best ways to limit the effects of dangerous speech,” said Brown, who as a Museum fellow in 2014 developed a guide for using what is known as “counterspeech” to make audiences less receptive to messages of hate. Practitioners at nongovernmental organizations in conflict areas are currently reviewing the resources she developed at the Museum to help them select media and craft messages that can reach and influence target audiences.

Learn more about the Museum's efforts to counter hate speech.

Preventing Genocide 2014-15 HIGHLIGHTS

  • Fostered a network of professionals to assess the state of atrocity prevention on both sides of the Atlantic

  • Marked the 40th anniversary of the Khmer Rouge takeover of Phnom Penh with new displays in the Museum and online titled Cambodia 1975–1979 and “I Want Justice!”

  • Piloted an early warning system to identify countries at risk of mass violence

2014-15 Impact

The Museum's accomplishments spanned from Washington, DC, to around the globe. In 2014–15 we:

Advanced Holocaust scholarship by hosting 39 research fellows in residence representing 13 countries, as well as 61 faculty representing 19 diverse disciplines for seminars.

fellows icon

39 Fellows

world icon

13 Countries

faculty icon

61 Faculty

disciplines icon

19 Disciplines

Advanced quality Holocaust education nationwide by training staff from Holocaust centers in nine states

Awarded fellowships to 19 secondary school teachers representing 14 states, who were chosen from a pool of more than 100 applicants.

Recorded testimonies of perpetrators, collaborators, and witnesses in Greece for the first time.

Alerted the public to group-targeted violence in Central African Republic by projecting photographs taken there onto the Museum’s exterior walls during FotoWeek.

Captivated audiences nationwide at screenings of the HBO documentary 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus. The Museum collaborated on the film and accompanying book with director Steven Pressman. Courtesy of PerlePress Productions

Presented photos in the Museum and online from a Syrian refugee, shown here (hooded to protect his anonymity) testifying on Capitol Hill about crimes against humanity committed by the Assad regime. Anadolu Agency

Visited the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan to document the plight of Syrian civilians. Lucian Perkins

Launched a major collections effort related to the under-explored history of Americans’ response to the Holocaust in preparation for an exhibition opening in 2018.

Began collecting “recorded sound,” including Holocaust-era radio broadcasts, trial proceedings, speeches, and recorded music. The Film, Oral History, and Recorded Sound division added 467 new testimonies to the collection.

Days of Remembrance 2015

During the 2015 Days of Remembrance, the Museum presented the Elie Wiesel Award to Judge Thomas Buergenthal and Benjamin Ferencz, who were instrumental in building the post-Holocaust legal framework that holds perpetrators of genocide and mass atrocities accountable for their acts. “This year’s award recipients exemplify Elie Wiesel’s conviction that ‘one person of integrity can make a difference,’” said Museum Director Sara Bloomfield. “Their legacies serve as a warning to perpetrators and an assurance to victims that these crimes will not go unpunished.” The awards were presented at the National Tribute Dinner, which followed a groundbreaking for the new David and Fela Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center. On the following day, during a ceremony at the United States Capitol, the ambassador of France delivered a keynote address and six Holocaust survivors lit candles in memory of victims.

Financial Statements

For the year ended September 30, 2014

Statement of Activities

Support and revenue
Federal appropriation revenue $0 $49,134,640 $49,134,640
Contributions $51,444,419 $0 $51,444,419
Membership revenue $10,517,750 $0 $10,517,750
Museum shop $1,754,844 $0 $1,754,844
Investment income $23,905,803 $0 $23,905,803
Contributed services $39,160 $0 $39,160
Financing from Other Federal Agencies* $0 $1,392,250 $1,392,250
Other $338,646 $0 $338,646
Total support and revenue $88,000,622 $50,526,890 $138,527,512
Museum operations $3,780,658 $24,287,377 $28,068,035
Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies $5,386,335 $2,829,797 $8,216,132
Levine National Institute of Holocaust Education $6,912,252 $4,671,396 $11,583,648
Collections $3,895,438 $5,776,127 $9,671,565
Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide $1,926,697 $0 $1,926,697
Marketing $5,539,916 $871,436 $6,411,352
Museum shop $1,579,680 $0 $1,579,680
Other outreach programs $1,351,993 $1,049,236 $2,401,229
Management and general $7,504,333 $11,208,920 $18,713,253
Membership development $4,783,595 $0 $4,783,595
Fundraising $8,465,570 $0 $8,465,570
Total expenses $51,126,467 $50,694,289 $101,820,756
Increase (decrease) in net assets $36,874,155 ($167,399) $36,706,756
Net assets (beginning of year) $359,326,755 $11,273,535 $370,600,290
Net assets (end of year) $396,200,910 $11,106,136 $407,307,046

*Financing from OPM recognized to cover retirement benefit costs

As of September 30, 2014

Statement of Financial Position

Cash and fund balance with Treasury $1,715,166 $19,085,891 $20,801,057
Short-term investments $383,286 $0 $383,286
Contributions receivable, net $45,229,340 $0 $45,229,340
Other assets $1,472,950 $295,746 $1,768,696
Long-term investments ** $301,442,589 $0 $301,442,589
Property and equipment, net $63,267,605 $12,514,318 $75,781,923
Total assets $413,510,936 $31,895,955 $445,406,891
Liabilities and net assets
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $6,060,160 $6,174,660 $12,234,820
Charitable gift annuity liability $11,249,866 $0 $11,249,866
Unexpended appropriations $0 $14,615,159 $14,615,159
Unrestricted net assets
Federal cumulative results of operations $0 $11,106,136 $11,106,136
Program and supporting activities $89,829,173 $0 $89,829,173
Funds functioning as endowment $52,832,026 $0 $52,832,026
Restricted net assets
Temporarily restricted for programs $69,293,011 $0 $69,293,011
Permanently restricted for endowment $184,246,700 $0 $184,246,700
Total liabilities and net assets $413,510,936 $31,895,955 $445,406,891

** Includes endowments and charitable gift annuities



The Museum is grateful to the following individuals, who have made an outright leadership campaign gift of $1 million or more since October 1, 2009.

Gifts as of June 4, 2015

Alice and Robert Abt
Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, Roberta and Irwin Chafetz, and Joan* and Ted Cutler
Adelson Family Foundation and the Adelson Charitable Foundation
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
The Crown Family
The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Devinki, Pack, and Kolkin Families
EMC Corporation
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation
Rafael Feferman*
Feil Family Foundation
Dr. Donald and Sue Hecht
Carylon* and Julius Hemmelstein Family
Jeff and Toby Herr
The Hillside Foundation—Allan and Shelley Holt
Estate of Maria M. Hustace
The Klarman Family Foundation
William Konar and Family
Robert K. Kraft and Family
The Larch Foundation
Susan and William S. Levine and Family
Susan E. Lowenberg and David W. Lowenberg
Estate of Peter H. Lowenthal
Maltz Family Foundation
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation
Alan and Amy Meltzer
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
Estate of Bella Mischkinsky
Lucy and Murray* Pantirer and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pell
Michael P. Polsky
Benjamin and Seema Pulier Charitable Foundation
Joan and Robert Rechnitz and Family
Arthur and Toni Rock
Eric F.* and Lore* Ross
Samerian Foundation
Dennis Schuman Living Trust
Elinor A. Seevak
David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation
Morris* and Evelyn* Sidewater
The Elizabeth & Oliver Stanton Foundation
Deanie and Jay Stein
John and Janet Swanson
Linda and Schuyler Sylvers
Howard Unger and Family
Estate of Leon Weiss


The Museum is honored to recognize the exceptional generosity of the William Levine family of Phoenix, Arizona, for its gift of $25 million to ensure the Museum’s vital educational mission and the Samerian Foundation of Indianapolis, Indiana, for its $20 million gift to advance the Museum’s genocide prevention mission. These extraordinary partners are helping the Museum achieve its vision of a world where people are inspired to confront hate, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.

Susan and William S. Levine

Advancing Holocaust Education in the 21st Century

“When the survivors and eyewitnesses are gone, the Museum’s work to educate new generations will become even more important. It’s an honor to support the Museum in this way—an incredible institution in a class by itself.”
—William S. Levine
photo: Susan and William S. Levine
From left: Paul, Erik, Cindy, Ian, and Samantha Skjodt

Making Genocide Prevention a Global Priority

“Our motivation in making this gift is to inspire other people to become involved in preventing genocide. If we can help move this mission forward even a fraction, then we will have accomplished something meaningful for future generations.”
—Cindy Simon Skjodt
photo: From left: Paul, Erik, Cindy, Ian, and Samantha Skjodt


The Founders Society recognizes our most generous donors who have made the exceptional cumulative commitment of $1 million or more.


Gifts of $25 million or more

Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Susan and William S. Levine and Family
Eric F.* and Lore* Ross


Gifts of $15 million or more

Samerian Foundation
David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation
Linda and Schuyler Sylvers


Gifts of $10 million or more

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation


Gifts of $5 million or more

Albert Abramson*
The Crown Family
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation
Rafael Feferman*
Jeff and Toby Herr
Estate of Maria M. Hustace
The Sidney Kimmel Foundation
The Harvey M. and Lyn P. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc., and the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Memorial Fund
Joan and Robert Rechnitz and Family
Deanie and Jay Stein
John and Janet Swanson
Bella Wexner* and Leslie H. and Abigail Wexner



Gifts of $2 million or more

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, Roberta and Irwin Chafetz, and Joan* and Ted Cutler
Adelson Family Foundation and the Adelson Charitable Foundation
The Annenberg Foundation
The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Foundation
Neil G. Bluhm Family
Rena Rowan Damone
The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Estate of Suzette Derzavis
Estate of Bernice and Louis Dozoretz, MD
Feil Family Foundation
Howard L. and Judie Ganek
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation
Leslie and Susan*, Louis and Kelly Gonda
Carylon* and Julius Hemmelstein Family
Jack* and Ina* Kay
The Klarman Family Foundation
William Konar and Family
The Kovler Family Foundation
Miles* and Chris Lerman
Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer and Joe Neubauer
Morris Leviloff Trust
Dr.* and Mrs. Alec C. Levin and Family
The Judd, Randi, Stephen, and Barry Malkin Families
The Marcus Foundation
Milken Family Foundation
Lucy and Murray* Pantirer and Family
Ratner, Miller, Shafran Families
Righteous Persons Foundation
Arthur and Toni Rock
The Helena Rubinstein Foundation
Dennis Schuman Living Trust
Schwarz Foundation
The Nathan and Lilly Shapell Foundation and the Shapell Guerin Family Foundation
Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation
Estate of Alan J. Shepherd
The Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation
Robert H. Smith Family Foundation
The Elizabeth & Oliver Stanton Foundation
Fern and Manfred Steinfeld Family
Howard Unger and Family
Victim List Project of the Swiss Banks Settlement (US District Court, Eastern District of New York, Hon. Edward R. Korman, presiding)
Hilda*, Otto*, Brenda, and Sandra Wolf
Marilyn and Sigi* Ziering



Gifts of $1 million or more

Madlyn and Leonard Abramson
Alice and Robert Abt
Charles S. Ackerman
American Gays and Lesbians, Families and Friends
Ted* and Lin Arison
Bank of America Corporation
The Bender Family—Blake Construction
Tom A. and Andi Bernstein
Allen* and Joan* Bildner
Barbara S. Bluhm-Kaul and Family
Anne* and Ned* Bord
Braman Family Foundation
Martin*, Maurice, and Matthew Bucksbaum Families
The Rhoda and David Chase Family Foundation Inc.
The Chrysler Corporation Fund
The Coca-Cola Company
Craig and Deborah Cogut
The Ryna and Melvin Cohen Family Foundation
Martin* and Luella Davis
Devinki, Pack, and Kolkin Families
Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation
Cindy Stein Edelman
EMC Corporation
Fannie Mae Foundation
Dalck* and Rose Feith Family
Ferenc Family Charitable Foundation of Brooklyn
Gerald M.* and Mary L.* Fisch
Max M.* and Marjorie S. Fisher
Mr.* and Mrs.* James Ingo Freed and Family
The Freed Foundation
Lorraine and Jack N.* Friedman
Philip M. Friedmann Family
Susie and Michael Gelman
Dr. David and Joan Goldfarb
Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
Murray H. and Joan M. Goodman
Harold* and Sylvia Greenberg
The Maurice R. and Corrine P. Greenberg Foundation
Nathan* and Sophia* Gumenick
Joseph Gurwin Family Foundation
Sam* and Gladys Halpern
Estate of Helmut Hannes
The Merrill Hassenfeld Family
Dr. Donald and Sue Hecht
Erwin Herling*
The Hillside Foundation—Allan and Shelley Holt
Hoffberger Family Fund, Inc.
Allen, Dolores, Herbert, and Sidney Kohl Families
Doris and Simon Konover
Murray and Ellen Koppelman and Sandra Glicksman
Koret Foundation
The Fred Kort Family
Robert K. Kraft and Family
The Kraus Family Foundation
Rae Kushner*
The Larch Foundation
Ronald S., Jo Carole, and Estée* Lauder and the Lauder Foundation
The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
Leichtag Family Foundation
The Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation
The Lerner Foundation
Gerard Leval—Arent Fox PLLC
Anita and Arnold* Lorber
Susan E. Lowenberg and David W. Lowenberg
Estate of Peter H. Lowenthal
The Lumer Family
Maltz Family Foundation
Peter W. and Leni May
Alan and Amy Meltzer
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
Bernard and Lusia Milch
Seymour* and Vivian Milstein
Estate of Bella Mischkinsky
David and Ruth* Mitzner and Ira and Mindy Mitzner
The Jane and Daniel Och Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patron and Marcia Patron*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pell
Jennie Perelman Foundation
The Perlow Family
The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Alan Pines, Mark Sarna, and Martin Statfeld
Irene and Abe* Pollin
Michael P. Polsky
The Pritzker Family
Benjamin and Seema Pulier Charitable Foundation
Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick
Pearl Resnick*
Charles H. Revson Foundation
Lester Robbins* and Sheila Johnson Robbins
Marcus* and Ann Rosenberg
Samuel* and Jean* Rothberg
Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation
The Sacks Family
Samberg Family Foundation
S. H. and Helen Scheuer Family Foundation
Irving* and Helen* Schneider
The Jerome and Saul Schottenstein Families
Estate of Trude Schreiber
Betty and Howard Schwartz Family Foundation
Joseph Schwartz Family Foundation
Elinor A. Seevak
J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Charitable Trust
Karen and Mickey Shapiro
Morris* and Evelyn* Sidewater
The Smith Kogod Families
The Sosland Family
Steven Spielberg
The Starr Foundation
The Sudikoff Family Foundation
Dr.* and Mrs. Laszlo Tauber and Family
Laurence* and Billie Tisch
Preston Robert Tisch*
Jack* and Helen Tramiel
Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation
Estate of Leon Weiss
The Wilf Family Foundation
The Winnick Family Foundation
The Severin Wunderman Family
The Zuckerman, Pantirer, Levenstein Families



The Legacy of Light Founders Society proudly recognizes members who have made a commitment to secure the Museum’s future by establishing a planned gift of $1 million or more. Donors who direct any outright or planned gifts (or any combination of both) of $1 million or more to the Museum’s endowment are recognized as Legacy of Light Guardian Founders and are included below.

Individuals who have become Legacy of Light Founders or Legacy of Light Guardian Founders through any type of deferred gift are listed only with their consent.


Gifts of $25 million or more

Susan and William S. Levine


Gifts of $15 million or more

Estate of Eric F. Ross
Samerian Foundation
Linda and Schuyler Sylvers


Gifts of $10 million or more

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation


Gifts of $5 million or more

The Crown Family
Kurt L. and Marilyn Wallach


Gifts of $2 million or more

Sidney Davidson
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation
Rafael Feferman*
Kaja Finkler
Rebecca Knaster
Chris Lerman and the Lerman and Neubauer Families
Louis F. Smith
Deanie and Jay Stein
Janet and John Swanson
Steven E. Zinn and Susan M. Zinn



Gifts of $1 million or more

Anonymous (4)
Robert and Alice Abt
Allen* and Joan* Bildner
Helen M. Clawson
Carol and Douglas Cohen
Andrew and Amy Cohn
Eva Cooper
Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Sam Devinki, Karen Pack, and Ida Kolkin
Mimi Fiszel
Howard L. and Judie Ganek
Connie and David Girard-diCarlo
Allan R. Glass
Irene* and Carl Glassberg
Jeff Grinspoon and Jon Foley
Gayle A. Karhanek
Bobby Ellen Kimbel, PhD
Ann Wolk Krouse and Paul C. Krouse
Susan E. Lowenberg and David W. Lowenberg
Helen Farber Marshall
Alan and Amy Meltzer
Estate of Bella Mischkinsky
Alfred Munzer
Richard and Linda Price
William and Sandra Rosenbaum
Pamela and Mark Rubin
Betty and Howard Schwartz Family Foundation
Elinor A. Seevak
Mickey Shapiro
Dee Dee and Eliot Simon
David S. Sklar
Alan Solomon, MD
Monty J. Strauss and Jane L. Winer
Arthur Strick, MD
Howard Unger
Hannah Kastan Weiss
Diane Wohl



The Museum is honored to recognize the following individuals for their generous support of the Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center and commitment to safeguard truth for future generations.


David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation


William Konar and Family
Joan and Robert Rechnitz and Family


The Klarman Family Foundation
Susan and William S. Levine and Family
Linda and Schuyler Sylvers


The Larch Foundation
Howard Unger and Family


Michael and Susie Gelman
Lisa and Sandy Gottesman
The Hillside Foundation—Allan and Shelley Holt
The Malkin Family


BB&T Corporation
Amy and Kirk Rudy
Ellen and Gerry Sigal


Tom and Andi Bernstein
Eva Cooper
Lee and Bonnie Feinberg
Connie and David Girard-diCarlo
Sheila Johnson Robbins
Rosenbluth Family Foundation
JM Zell Partners—Jeff, Lauri, Helen, Sam, and Arlene Zell


Paul and Charlotte Chandler
David M. Flaum
Scott and Laura Kaufman
Jan and Marv Rotter and Family
Mary Jane Rynd
Inez and Alexander B. White


We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the many donors who have contributed to the Museum’s campaign, NEVER AGAIN: WHAT YOU DO MATTERS, from January 1 through December 31, 2014.


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
The Crown Family
The Larch Foundation
Susan and William S. Levine and Family
Estate of Peter H. Lowenthal
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation
Arthur and Toni Rock
Dennis Schuman Living Trust
Linda and Schuyler Sylvers


The Leonard and Sophie Davis Foundation
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation
Julian and Miriam Garvil Trust
Estate of Irene B. Glassberg
Ellen R. Gordon
Allan and Shelley Holt
The Klarman Family Foundation
Estate of Magda Margolis
Estate of Rita Stern
Estate of Paul Vjecsner


The Estate of Irv Apatoff
Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation
The Charitable Trust of Louis Feil
Estate of Marian K. Gordon
Estate of Ruth Katz
Ellen Kaufman Living Trust
Sheila and William Konar
Sandra and Michael Perlow
Albert B. and Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation
Joan and Robert Rechnitz and Family
David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation
Morris Silverman and Lori Komisar
Deanie and Jay Stein
John and Janet Swanson


Albert Abramson* and the Abramson Family
The Bluhm Family
Christopher H. Cole
Ferenc Family Charitable Foundation of Brooklyn
Philip M. Friedmann Family
Lisa and Sandy Gottesman
Alexander Grass Foundation
Hemmelstein Family
Miles* and Chris Lerman
The Lumer Family
Maltz Family Foundation
Strive and Tsitsi Masiyiwa—Econet Wireless
Cheryl and Philip Milstein
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
The Jane and Daniel Och Family Foundation
Michael Polsky
Richard and Linda Price and Family
Robert and Allison Price
Benjamin and Seema Pulier Charitable Foundation
Ingeborg and Ira Rennert
Samberg Family Foundation
Howard and Betty Pantirer Schwartz
Jamie Diamond Schwartz and David Schwartz
Seed the Dream Foundation—Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg
The Seedlings Foundation
Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation
William and Karyn Silverstein
Robert H. Smith Family Foundation
Josephine B. Sokolski
Fern and Manfred Steinfeld Family
Charles and Jean Ticho
Katharine M. and Leo S. Ullman
Howard Unger and Family
Helen, Sam, and Jeff Zell and the William Zell Family Foundation


David and Betty-Jean Bavar
Tom A. and Andi Bernstein
Bruce Robert Butterworth
Estate of Elaine F. Ciarkowski
The Ryna and Melvin Cohen Family Foundation
Eva Cooper
Ted Cutler
Dr. Sidney Davidson
Abel and Judith Friedman
Howard L. and Judie Ganek
Susie and Michael Gelman
Estate of Helen Goldband
Victoria and Lloyd Goldman
The Goldsmith Family Foundation
Grosvenor Capital Management, LP
Joseph and Sheila Gutman Family
Estate of Felicia Berland Hyatt
Estate of Ann E. Juster
Bill and Carol Kaplan—Senior Lifestyle Corporation
Susan Karkomi and Marvin Leavitt
Amy Kaslow and Richard Rosetti
Ruth and David A. Levine
The Malkin Family
Estate of Joseph A. Manischewitz
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
Ruth* and David Mitzner and Mindy and Ira Mitzner
Thomas J. Moran
Steven S. and Nicole Perlman
The Norman Raab Foundation
Ronald and Deborah Ratner Family Foundation
Sheila Johnson Robbins
Rosskamm and Rothstein Families
Gary C. Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sachs
Sacks Family Foundation
Estate of Ruth T. Schwager
The Sosland Family
Laurie and Sy Sternberg
Arkady Suharenko
Estate of Shirley Taussig
Diane and Howard Wohl
Nancy and David Wolf


Anonymous (4)
The Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation
The Azeez Foundation
Helen Bader Foundation
The Baker Family in memory of Abe Baker
Irene and Irving Barr
The Family of Stephen B. Barry
Estate of Bernard Bellow
Ruth Bernstein
Elisa Spungen Bildner and Robert Bildner
Barbara and Joseph Broudo
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
A. J. Clark
The Crystal Family Foundation
Arlyn and Stephen H. Cypen
Richard and Rosalee C. Davison Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Shelley and Steven Einhorn
The Everett Foundation
The Fagadau Family
Lee and Jeffrey Feil
Lee and Bonnie Feinberg
Deborah and Ronald Feinstein
Joan Fondell
Barbara Fremont
Morton Friedkin and Amy Friedkin
Edward and Lisa Friedland
Loren and Howard Friend
Victoria and Jay M.* Furman
Alex and Pat Gabay
Lauren Schor Geller and Martin Geller
Nona A. Geyerhahn
Laura and Jonathan Ginns
Constance B. and David F. Girard-diCarlo
Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation—Victoria and Lloyd Goldman, Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow, and Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt
The Sol Goldman Charitable Trust
Estate of Jack Goldstone
Wendy and Robert M. Goodfriend
Lois Lehrman Grass
Sylvia Greenberg
Alfred J. Gruen
Selwyn Philip Haas
Jacqulyn and Laurence R. Hefter
Rebecca and J. David Heller
Gary Jacob
Steven and Priscilla Kersten
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Betsy and Douglas R. Korn
Kovler Family Foundation
Lisa R. Kranc
Kraus Family Foundation
Ann Wolk Krouse and Paul C. Krouse
Risa, Harvey, Susan, Ronald, and Dana Lambert Family
Kurt Landsberger*
Evelyn* and Leonard Lauder
The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
Marcia and Alan Lazowski
David and Sharon Leiman
The Lerner Foundation
Marlies Levenger Revocable Trust
Phyllis and Myron Levin
Susan E. Lowenberg and Joyce Newstat
Deborah and David Marcus
Jill and Paul Meister
Leo Melamed Foundation
Alan and Amy Meltzer
Diane and Steve Miller
Gerda Miller*
Jack and Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund
Eve and Stephen Milstein
Morris Family Foundation
Mutual of America
New York Life Insurance Company
Nimick Forbesway Foundation
Nancy and Larry Pantirer
PNC Financial Services Group
J. B. and M. K. Pritzker Family Foundation
Diana and Bruce Rauner
Ellen Reinach
Burton P. and Judith B. Resnick
Deborah Robbins
Rosenbluth Family Foundation
Renee and Edward Ross Foundation
Susan and Daniel E. Rothenberg
Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe
Tony and Linda Rubin
Elise and Lee Sacks
Rowland and Sylvia Schaefer Family Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S. Schewel
Elliot J. Schrage and Juliet H. Whitcomb
Alan M. and Susan Sebulsky
Shapell Guerin Family Foundation
The Sidley Austin Foundation
The Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation
Thomas and Leslie Silverstein
Paul E. Singer
Louis Franklin Smith Foundation
Mark Stein and Carol Baker
Norma and Lee Stern
TCS Family Foundation
Sandra and Gerald C. Turnauer
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Judd A. Weinberg Family
Herbert C. Wenske Foundation and Sedge Plitt Charitable Foundation, Howard Stone, President
Leonore Whiteman
David Wiener
Tina and Joseph Wolf
Jerome A. Yavitz Charitable Foundation
Marilyn Ziering
Judi and Ed Zuker



Anonymous (3)
Robert and Alice Abt
Adage Capital Management, LP
Daniel Adler
Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld LLP
Adele and Beny Alagem
Edward and Lester Anixter Family Foundation
Irv and Bee Apatoff Foundation, Inc.
Beverly and Frank Arnstein
Elaine and Alan Ascher
Allie and Ellen Ash
Associated Agencies Inc.—Barbara M., Lynn, and Skip Schrayer
Morris Bailey
The Baldwin Marcovici Group—Private Banking and Investment Group at Merrill Lynch
Joan Beir
Sandy and Harvey Belfer
Cynthia and Theodore Berenson
Berger Family Foundation—Sally and Miles Berger
Leo V. Berger Fund
Sandra Carol Berger Irrevocable Trust
Bergstein Family Foundation
Harriet and Harry H. Bernbaum
Bruce H. and Kim Bernstein
Miriam Bernstein
Richard and Gene Bindler
Sandy and Stanley Bobb
The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation
Ervin Bognar* and Margit Meissner
Joshua B. Bolten
Robert and Leslie Bond and Family
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Richard Boucher and Carolyn Brehm
Marlene Breslow-Blitstein and Berle Blitstein
Ann and Donald Brown
BTIG—Steven Starker and Oliver Wiener
Nancy and Alan Bubes
Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum
Dean L. and Rosemarie Buntrock Foundation
Capital One
Paul and Pearl Caslow Foundation
Sol and Mitzi Center
Myron M. Cherry
Peter Clare
David Clark
Bernice and Benjamin B. Cohen and Family
David M. Cohen and Abby Joseph Cohen
Amy and Andrew Cohn
Jill and Andrew Conway
Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation
The Cooper-Siegel Family Foundation
Bruce Cort and Lisa Cort
The Covenant Foundation
Irving Cowan
Denise and Scott Davis
Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Delman Mortenson Charitable Foundation
Shirley and Eugene Deutsch
Terri Deutsch
Toby and Neal Deutsch
DLA Piper LLP (US)
The Dreman Foundation
Ellen Clare and Scott Dreyer
Janet and Craig Duchossois
Edgar and Lucky Eisner
Martin Elias
Inger Elliott
Engel Family Trust
Lois England
Diana and Michael David Epstein Family Foundation
Eule Charitable Foundation
Laura and Michael Faino
Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
Dr. Marcus Fechheimer
Susan and Leonard Feinstein Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Feltheimer
Adrienne and Peter Feuer
Fifth Third Bank
First Bank of Highland Park
Christine and Todd Fisher
Jon Foley and Jeffrey Grinspoon
The Fox Family Foundation
Mrs. Sarah Franzblau
Ying and Allen Freedman
Solomon and Edith Freedman Charitable Foundation
Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Inc.
Fresh Pond Capital
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
Danielle and David Ganek
Joel M. and Roya* Geiderman
Jean Gelbort
Nina Gerner-Zarel
Diane and Hal Gershowitz
Laurence Gluck
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Jim and Andrea Gordon—The Edgewater Funds
Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon and Mrs. Patty J. Gerstenblith
Roberta and Howard Goss
The Gottesman Fund
Judi and Robert* Gottschalk
Barnard J. Gottstein
Grateful Foundation, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig LLP
Kenneth Griffin
Estate of Ruth Grossman
The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation
Celeste and Jack J. Grynberg
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hallet
Linda and Jeffrey Hammes
Michelle and Corey Harris
Harris Family Foundation—Linda and Bill Friend, Caryn and King Harris, Katherine P. Harris, Stephanie and John Harris, Toni and Dr. Ronald Paul, Pam and Dr. Joseph Szokol
Harting, Inc. of North America
Maria and William* Herskovic
David Himelberg
Gary Hindes
Pamela and Henry Hirschfeld
Hochberg and Lowenstein Families
Holland & Knight, LLP
David and Kay Husman
Nathan P. Jacobs Foundation
Julie Jacobson
The Frank and Marta Jager Foundation
Jones Day
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Amy and Marty Kaplan
Dolores Kohl Kaplan
Michelle and Alan Kaplan
Kaplan Foundation Fund at The Chicago Community Trust
Jerome A. and Deena L. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc.
The William and Mildred Kaplan Foundation
Shelly and Michael Kassen
Steven J. Katz
Tati and Ezra Katz
Anne Marie Kaufman
Elaine Wolk Kaufman
George G. Kaufman
Robert and Florence Kaufman
Sheila Keeshin
Kennedy Family Foundation
Estate of Rose King
Martin and Marlene Kirsch
Kirsh Foundation Holdings Limited
Sara Klompus and Philip Stern
Robert P. and Arlene R. Kogod Family Foundation
Andrea Kott and Mark Levine
Cheryl Kraff and Carey Cooper
Rose and Morris Kraft
The Krupp Foundation
Elayne and Robert Kwait
Jay Langner
Latham & Watkins LLP
Steven H. Lavin
Arlene and Steven Lazarus
Leiser Family Foundation
The Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family
Maribeth and Steven Lerner
Drs. Ellen and Stuart H. Lessans
Mira Levenson
Debra and Jay D. Levine
Elaine and Donald Levinson
Barbara Levoff
Moses and Susan Libitzky
Marianne and Frank Liebermann
Lippman Family Foundation
Susan and Steven H. Lipstein
Livney Family Foundation
Hannah Low
David W. Lowenberg and Susan E. Lowenberg
Estate of Jack Luchs
Steven I. Lyons and Cindy Lyons
Marilyn E. Malkin and Larry Wolf
Joel Mandel
Ronald Mandell and Terry O’Neil
David Marchick and Pamela Kurland
Elizabeth H. Margosches and Donald B. Melman
Helen Marshall
Wendy and Barry Meyer
Harvey M. Meyerhoff
Bernard and Lusia Milch
Edith Milman*
Sidney Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation
Todd M. Morgan Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Tamara and Richard P. Morgenstern
Marc Mukasey
Susan and Michael B. Mukasey
Dr. Alfred Munzer and Mr. Joel Wind
Richard and Nicole Nackenson
Jack and Gitta Nagel
Michael and Noemi Neidorff
Sylvia Neil and Dan Fischel
Martin A. Neuman
Melanie and Lawrence Nussdorf
Olitsky Family Foundation
Deborah A. Oppenheimer
Lucy and Murray* Pantirer
Lauren Patten and Robert Patten
The Pechter Family Foundation
Cheryl and Jaime Peisach
The Claudia and Steven Perles Family Foundation
Harriette and Ted Perlman
Joan and Lewis* Platt
Yvonne and Leslie M. Pollack
Pritzker Military Library, Col. J. N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Retired), Founder
Sheila and Mark Pruzansky
Jeff and Ashley Quicksilver
Sofin Raskin
Nancy and Mark Ratner
Susan and James Ratner
Raymond James Financial
Irene Rechnic
Bert W. and Barbara Rein
Tony Ressler and Jami Gertz
Richman Family Foundation
Estate of Gruine Robinson
Janet and Leonard Rosenblatt
Bruce and Lori Rosenblum
The Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation
George* and Lyn Ross
Esther and Steven Roth
Laurie and Eric M. Roth
Jan and Marv Rotter and Family
Steven J. and Robin Rotter Family Foundation
Marcia and Ronald Rubin
Estate of Theodore William Rudin
Amy and Kirk Rudy
Mary Jane Rynd
Ellen and Peter Safir
Martin and Paulette Samowitz
Diane and Michael Sapir
David Sawyier and Margaret H. Barton
Joan C. Schwartz
Jill and Rob Selati
Naomi and Jerry Senser
L. Dennis and Susan R. Shapiro
Sheffield Asset Management—Feltzin and Albert Families
Mark Shelnitz and Fryda R. Fraeme
Shostak Charitable Fund
Ellen and Gerry Sigal
Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Silverstein
Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation
Cadi and Emery Simon
Dee Dee and Eliot Simon
The Paul and Emily Singer Family Foundation
Linda J. Sirow and Harold S. Koplewicz
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, & Flom LLP
Lori and Peter Slavin
Rosalyn and Richard Slifka
David and Robin Small
Helen Sperling
Vanessa Green Spiro
Wendy and Marc Stanley
Ruth S. Stanton
Keith E. Steenlage
Stoller Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Susan and Paul Sugarman
Will and Jan Sukenik
Pamela and Allen Swerdlick
Kathy and Ken Tallering
Milton Teichman
Arnold and Elinore Thaler
Jeffrey Thomases and Mary Kay Jezzini
Toole Charitable Foundation
Christopher Torrente
Mrs. Alice and Dr. Jordan Trafimow
Irit and Jonathan Tratt
Susan and Bruce Turnbull
University Hospitals
George Wasserman Foundation
Stefanie Pessis Weil and Rick Weil
Carole M. and Steven H. Weinberg
Lori and Martin Weinstein
Marcus M. and Carole M. Weinstein
The Leon and Barbara Weitz Family Trust
Wells Fargo Advisors LLC
Wiley Rein LLP
Bradley D. and Melanie Wine
Wintrust Commercial Banking
Estate of Martin F. Witkin
Sheila Wolfe
Jana and Sheffield Wolk
Charlotte R. Wolpoff
Worsek and Vihon LLP
Janet and E. Richard Yulman
Barbara and Michael H. Zaransky Helen and Sam Zell
Zeta Beta Tau Foundation
Wayne and Deborah Zuckerman Family Foundation
Zuckerman Spaeder LLP



Anonymous (2)
Jessica Abrahams
Sheppie and Morton Abramowitz
Alice and Robert Abrams
L. Michael Adler Testamentary Trust
Jack and Evelyn Africk
Robert F. Agostinelli
Susan and Aron Ain
Mathilde Albers
Marlene and Lee Alexander
AllianceBernstein LP
Patrick Amato
Amato-Waldbauer Group—UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Ammerman Family Foundation
Tracy and Howard Ankin
Judith L. and Robert D. Appelbaum
Arnold and Porter LLP
John and Hilda Arnold Foundation
Ann* and Bruce Bachmann
Christina and Robert C. Baker
Barbara B. and Ronald D. Balser
Florence and Richard K. Bank
Raymond Banoun
Renee and Richard A. Barasch
Judy and Ron Baron
Barbara L. Baumstein
Bender Foundation, Inc.
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan and Aronoff
Dottie Bennett and Richard Morton
Louis Berger Charitable Foundation
Christine and James Berick
Susan and Mitchell Berk and Family
Jeffrey Berkowitz
Estate of Frieda Berlinski
Gene Bernstein
Nancy and Avi Bernstein
The Bialer Family Foundation
Kenneth J. Bialkin
Annette Bicher and Kenneth Nechin
Henry and Helen Bienenfeld Foundation
Ruth Bigelson*
Allen* and Joan* Bildner
Laurie Mitchell Billowitz and Aaron Billowitz, MD
William Blair and Company
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Laura and Lloyd Blankfein
Edie and David Blitzstein
Edie Block
Sara J. Bloomfield
Blue State Digital
The Estate of Harry W. Blumenthal
Andrew and Carol Boas
Meyer Bobrow
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bobrow
Tina and Jeffrey Bolton
Lynda and Benjamin Brafman
Josephine and Simon Braitman
Susan Brett and Robert Shesser
Stephen and Alisoun Brewster
Shelley and Joseph M. Brodecki
Elliott Brodsky
Gila J. Bronner
Arnold and Adrienne Brookstone
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brown
Jerry Bruckheimer and Linda Bruckheimer
Becky and Ken Bruder
The Hannah and Paul Burstein Fund
Meg H. and Tim Callahan
Frank Campise
Case Western Reserve University
Celebrity Cruises (RCCL)
Stanley Chera
Diana Shaw Clark and Simon J. Clark
Phyllis and David H. Coburn
Shari and Mark D. Coe—Coe Capital Management
Diane and Alan Cohen
Seymour and Rita Cohen
Michelle L. Collins
Helen and Stephen Colman
Milton Cooper
Joel B. Covell
Eric Cushing and Cathy Lurie
Elissa and Edward Czuker
Jan* and Susanne Czuker
Jone and Allen Dalezman
Commander William A. Danner (Ret.)
Michael H. and Martha W. Davidson
Alvin and Fern Davis Foundation
Janet Dore
Drescher Foundation
Marc and Nancy Duber
The Dziewienski Foundation
Richard Edelman
Effress Family Foundation
Ira A. and Barbara R. Eichner
Marshall and Jo Ann Eisenberg
Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg
Helene and Michael Elkus and Family
Emerson Electric Co.
Norma and Jack A. Erdle
Barbara and Scott Erlich
Susan Erlich
Extell Development Corporation
Jennifer and Adam Fechter
Helene and Ziel F. Feldman
Marlin and David E. Feldman
The Feldman Family Fund Inc.
Feldman Realty Group
Claudia and Victor R. Felson
Linda and Eric Felton
Nancy and Maury Fertig
Barbara and Larry Field
Marty and Donna Field
Estate of Jane Bierdeman Fike
Irving B. and Gloria Fine
David and Janis Finer
Sandra and Steven Finkelman
David M. and Ilene M. Flaum and Sara Flaum Ressler
Rhoda and Henry Frank Family Foundation
Rina and Samuel M. Frankel Family Foundation
Frankle Family Foundation Inc.
Joel P. Fried
Carolyn Friend-Weiner and Jamie Weiner
Adrienne Fritz
Futerman Supporting Foundation—Sara Futerman, Daphne Futerman and Ira Jevotovsky, Eli and Peggy Futerman, Danny and Rina Chessin
Cindy and Howard Garoon
Maurice and Gail Gaspar
GE Foundation
Dr. Erwin and Adele Gelfand
Margaret and Jacques Gelin
Albert and Norma Geller
Norman and Mary Geller
Lawrence and Sheila Gerber
Herta Gertler Trust
G4S Government Solutions
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Jan and Robert S. Gilman
Martha and James Gingrich
Nancy and Dalbert Ginsberg
Howard Glazer
Kerry and Kris Glicken Family
Louis and Marilyn Glickfield
Bill and Ethel Gofen
Bernard Goldberg
Carol and Arthur A. Goldberg
Cathy and Larry Goldberg
Henry H. and Carol B. Goldberg and Rita and Bernard* Segerman
The Goldberg Family Foundation
Bernard Goldenzweig
William P. Goldman and Brothers Foundation, Inc.
Myrna and Jerry Goldstick
Leslie and Susan, Louis and Kelly Gonda
Lucy S. Gonda
Sylvia G. Gordon
Berry Gordy Family Foundation
The Barbara and Harold Gottesman Family Foundation
Gottstein Family Foundation
Bernard F. Graham Foundations
Deborah and Jerald Greenspan
Sharon C. Gridley and Bonnie M. Patrick
Harley and Rochelle Gross
Eileen B. and Michael D. Grossman
The Grossman Family Philanthropic Foundation
Joy and David Grossmann
Melissa Grund
Paula and Jeffrey Gural
Henry and Sally Guralnick
Kurt and Nancy Gutfreund
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Halperin
Robin Hammer and Jay Hammer
Claire and Sidney Handler
Barbara and Jim Hanig
David and Gayle Harris
Nina and Arnold S. Harris
Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard Horvitz
Phyllis G. and Richard D. Heideman
Beth Heifetz and Glenn Fine
Flora P. Heilweil
Alexander W. Heldman
Annlee and Arthur Herbstman
Sylvan C. Herman
Jill Herscot and Andrew Bartley
Arlene Herson
Hilco Global
Brad S. Hill
Heidi and Robert Hirsh
Jill and Douglas A. Hirsh
Burt Hochberg
Joan Holland and Eli Glassman
Samuel and Hannah Holzman Trust
Gerald and Laura Horn
Marie and Jerry J. Hornstein
The Vicki and Thomas Horwich Foundation
Susan and Steven Insoft
Leslie and Eugene Jacobs and Family
Jewish Survivors of Latvia, Inc.
JMB Insurance
Helen Jonas
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Stacey and David A. Kanbar
Barbara and Leo Karas
Kurt and Lonny Karmin
Martha and Bruce Karsh
Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Kassap
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Leah C. Katz
Scott and Laura Kaufman
Mal and Ruth Kaufman Family Foundation
Mark and Beth Kaufmann
Sivia Kaye
The Herman H. Kaye Charitable Foundation
Kate and Robert Keith
Charlotte Kimelman
The Edward and Lucille Kimmel Foundation
Kenneth King
Lorena Gonda Kiralla and Steven Kiralla
Estella and Lee Kiser
Jay and Georgianna Kleiman
Robert Klein
Julie and Andrew Klingenstein Family Fund
Paul Klingenstein Family Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Evyan Koenig
Allan and Sharon Koltin
Howard Konar
Reuben and Julie Kopel
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kopitsky
Dr. Michael Kornreich
The Bermard and Helen Kozloff Family Foundation—Denise Kozloff and David Gross, Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kozloff
The David and Susan Kreisman Family Foundation
Jay P. and Connie G. Krupin
Betsy and Stephen Kurcias
Lee and Murray Kushner
Laurie A. Kutner
Kay and John P. Kyle
Margaret Lasecke-Jacobs and Kenneth Jacobs
Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder Foundation
Joan and Charles Lazarus
Lauren B. and Michael I. Lebovitz
Gloria and Donald LeBoyer
The Francis L. Lederer Foundation
Scott J. and Jane Lederman
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Lemberg
Stephanie and Daniel Lennon
Edward Leshin
Fifi and Ronald S. Levin
Sally N. Levine
Susan and Jack Levkovitz
Fred Levy
Irwin and Ellen Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Levy
Milton* and Shirley Levy Charitable Foundations
Eleanor Lewart
Marion Ein Lewin
Thomas Lewinson
Carol Licht
Evie and Allen S. Lichter
Joni and Alan Lichtin
Nicole Pines Lieberman and Avi Lieberman
Sidney and Eunice Lieberstein
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Estie Lipsit
Jean B. Woodson Lodge
Renee Logan
Sondra and Max Lorig
Valerie and Arnie Lowenstein
Debbie and James Lustig
Michael and Karyn Lutz Family Foundation
Patricia and R. Scott Mackay
Norman and Marci Malter
Darel Manocherian
Donald Manocherian
Helene and Alan Marks
Jill V. Marmorek
Mayer Brown LLP
McGladrey, LLP
McKenna Long and Aldridge Foundation, Inc.
Diane Goldstick Meagher and Thomas F. Meagher, Jr.
The Myron and Alayne Meilman Family Foundation
Jodi Meister
Rita Meltzer
Robert and Linda Mendelson
Merrill Lynch
Larry and Beatrice Metzman
Marcy Meyer
Wendy and Barry Meyer
Jen and Bradley Meyers
Jack and Cheryl Miller
Jared Miller and Stephanie Miller
Lindsay and Aaron Miller
Mrs. Susan Miller
Estate of Bella Mischkinsky
Barbara D. Molotsky
Reena Moss
Motorola Foundation
Much Shelist
Theodore R. and Maxine B. Murnick
Jordan Nager
The Nartel Foundation
Isaac D. and Paulette Nehama
Jean and Jordan Nerenberg
Joseph and Elisabeth R. Nesler
Robert Norris Charitable Foundation—Donald and Judy Norris
Northwestern Memorial Foundation
Kate Obstgarten Private Foundation
Naomi Quigley Ofer
Open Society Foundation
Jennifer and Daniel O’Shaughnessy
Pacific Life Insurance Company
Bashi and Roger Packer
Sheila S. and Lawrence C. Pakula, MD
Loren and Brandon Palmer
Lawrence Peck
Nancy and Mark J. Penn
Dana M. Perlman and Hugh Kinsellagh
Carole Pittelman
Richard W. Pogue
Vivian L. Pollock
Dr. Steven T. Powell and Mrs. Helen Powell
Sheryl and Ken Pressberg
Neal H. and Laurie K. Price
Gertrude J. and Neil Prior
The PrivateBank
Phyllis L. Pullman
Maurice Purcell
Ruth C. Putter*
Andrew and Gail Quartner
Susie and David Raab
Esther and Hyman Rapport Philanthropic Trust
Mark H. and Laura K. Ratner
Richard E. Rauh
Charles and Barbara Reeder
Jennifer and Michael Reichbach
Anita* and Burton J. Reiner
Paul and Zipporah Reisman
The Resnick Family Foundation
Linda and David Richter
Estate of Sheila Rickman
Dr. Alvin and Cynthia Ring
Riva A. Ritvo-Slifka
Elaine and Bernard Roberts
Greg A. Rosenbaum
Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
Mark and Barbara Rosenberg
Vicki and Gordon Rosenberg
Samuel W. Rosenblatt
Lizanne and Barry S. Rosenstein
Helene Rosenzweig and Richard Bock
Steve A. and Merle S. Rosskam
Gail Rothenberg and John F. Levy
Margaret and Robert Rothman
Mark and Pam Rubin
Sandra and Marvin Rubin
Helen S. Rubinstein
Julius Rudel*
Stanley and Judy Ruskin
Biff Ruttenberg Foundation
Semilia and Jerry Sack
Julie and Kenny Sacks
Laura and Bradley Sacks
Susan and Marc Sacks
Eleanor Sade
Janice and Richard Sambol
Renne Samson
The Ernest and Rose Samuels Foundation
The Sandel Family Foundation
Jimmy and Bob Sarnoff—Sarnoff & Baccash
Helen Sassover
Gary and Phyllis Schahet
Mark and Lorraine Schapiro
Ludwika Schein
Maxine and Jack Schiffman Family Foundation
Norman Schlanger and Judith Kay
Judy Schnoebelen
Eric R. Schoenberg and Pamela L. Mayers-Schoenberg
Jeffrey Schoenfeld
Kathryn I. Schubert
Maureen and Marc Schulman
Bart M. Schwartz
Joseph and Lili Schwartz
Barbara and Edward Scolnick
Judy and Mark Searle
Jill and Ronald Sedley
Michael and Roberta Seedman Family Foundation
Joan and Jerry Serchuck
Dr. Abraham and Roberta Shaked
Shalom Memorial Park and Shalom Memorial Funeral Home
Dr. Madeleine Sherak, PhD
David A. and Susan Sherman
Holly and David Sherr
Shoresh Foundation
Marian and Arthur Shulman
William J. and Sally R. Siegel
Philip and Marci A. Sigel
Patricia and Stanley Silver
Vivienne and Richard Silver
Jacqueline and Jeroll Silverberg
Barry and Judy Silverman
Jeffrey Silverman
Joe Silverman
Valerie and Paul R. Singer
Gilda and Alfred* Slifka
Daniel Sloan
Sharon and David Slotkin
Snider Foundation
George Soros
Melissa and Marc Spellman and Family
The Elizabeth and Oliver Stanton Foundation
Mrs. Julie Peyton Stein and Dr. Jeffrey Stein
Marcie and Avy Stein
Michelle Tycher Stein
Stein Rich Family Foundation
Jan A. Steinert and Richard Bosse
Sarah and Irving Stenn
Robert Stern
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Allan J. Sternstein
Linda Stocknoff
Richard and Monica Sussman
John Svoboda
Alan and Linda Swimmer
Rita and Burt Tansky
Mrs. Ruth Taubman
The A. Alfred Taubman Foundation
Thomson Reuters
Estate of Grace J. Todrus
Triad Foundation
Eddie Trump
Turk Family Foundation
Alba L. and Robert Tutnauer
Ulmer and Berne, LLP
University of Tennessee
Valorem Law Group
Alan Vinegrad
Clifford Viner Family Foundation
Rafael and Diana Vinoly
Rose and Steve Viny
Gloria and Steven* Vogel
Dr. James E. Vogel and Mrs. Diane Vogel
Sandy and Bruce Wall
Wallis Foundation
Leigh Walters
Sandra and Bruce Wechsler
Gerald E. Wedren
Debbi and Glenn Weinberg
Rita Weinberger
Paul H. and Roslyn Weinstein
Ruth Weiss
Barbara and Victor C. Weisskopf
Weitzman Family
Iris and Larry Werthaiser
Sue E. Wilder
Debbie and Adam Winick, Linda and Al Winick, Amy and Alan Skidelsky
Brenda Wolf and Fred Siegman
The Stanley R. Wolfe Foundation
Sylvia and William Wolff
Linda and Jeffrey Wolfson
Timothy and Sandra Wuliger
Robert and Rhonda Zahler
Sandra Zahn-Oreck
Dennis and Geena Zaslavsky
Barbara and Michael Zimmerman
Marilyn Zirn
Lili Ann and Richard Zisook
Franny and Michael Zucker
The Jerry* and Anita Zucker Family Foundation



Anonymous (2)
Lawrence Abrams
Wendy and Jim Abrams
Marcy and William Abt
Lisa Acker and Peter Friedman
Ivan H. Adler
Dana Alfassa
Mrs. Evvie Alter
George M. Alvarez-Correa
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
Ronald Apatoff and Joan Apatoff
Elizabeth S. and Henry R. Appelbaum
Barbara and Stanley J. Arkin
Jane and Ronald Ashpes
Atlas Family Foundation
Danielle and Jonathan Auerbach
Elliott and Marlys Badzin Family Foundation
Matthew A. Baker
Baker and Hostetler
Barclays Capital
Batz Enterprises, LLC
Baycare Clinic Foundation
Lawrence Benenson
Mr. and Mrs. James Bennett
Bercom International, LLC
Ana and Jack Berger
Michael and Alice Berger
Vivian E. Berger
Carole Berk
Madaleine Berley and Arnold S. Penner
Bernstein Investment and Research
Bialer Family Foundation
Lynn and Les Bider
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Bloom
Sen. and Mrs. Richard Blumenthal
Norman and Julia Bobrow
Harvey S. Bodker
The Milford and Lee Bohm Charitable Foundation
Bohr Family Trust of 1997
Martha and William S. Boshnick
Randolph L. Braham
Marjorie and Robert B. Breisblatt
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Broad and Cassel
Century 21 Department Stores
Scott A. and Maureen J. Chaikin
Margery and Earl Chapman
Florence Chelm
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cheriff
Robert Chernoff
The Cigna Foundation
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine
Cohn Reznick LLP
Stewart and Judith Colton
Congregation Beth Shalom
Jonathan Cooper
Judith C. Craver
Martha and David Dantzic
Dr. Cory Davenport
Jack David and Melanie Kirkpatrick David
Suzanne and Robert Davidow
Anthony DeFazio
Sylvie and Mark Deutsch
Shefali Razdan Duggal
Audrey Eisenmann
Lev Ekster
Becky and Michael Elrad
Janine and Harvey J. Engel
Jonathan Estreich
Charles and Sara Fabrikant
Paul and Margaret Feder
Carole Feiger and Al Feiger*
Dalck* and Rose Feith Family
Barbara and Leonard Feldman
David Feldman
Nancy and Richard Feldstein
Diane and Marshall Felenstein
Henry L. and Penny Feuerzeig
Roselle B. Fine Charitable Lead Trust
Estelle Finer
Sheldon Fink and Nellie Wiesenthal Fink
Donald and Odette Finn
Roger Flirty
Alan and Esther Fleder Foundation
Susan and Eric Fleishman
Ira and Myrna Forest
The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
Gerald and Ellen* Freedman
Anne and Gerald Freedman Charitable Foundation
Adam D. Friedland
Sandra Zancan Friedman and Dennis C. Friedman, MD
Marla and Steve Garchik
Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation
Wayne M. Gatewood, Jr.
Sheldon Geringer
Fred Gershanov
David and Lola Geselowitz
Allan Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Glassman
Eileen M. Gleimer
Lawrence E. and Nancy S. Glick Foundation
Jeffrey and Ellen Gluskin
Debbe R. Goldberg
Lauran and Robert J. Goldberg
Gene, Rosalie and Susan Goldberg Endowment Fund
Lyn Goldstein
Scott D. and Taryn Goldstein
Abigail and Mark Goodman
Danielle and Jordan Goodman
Gail S. and Sheldon Goodman
Alan and Lorin Gottlieb
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Eugene and Emily Grant
Alice Green
Alan and Carol Greene
Bill and Ellen Greengoss
Steven Grinspoon and Winnie Sandler
The Paul Grossinger and Rose Grossinger Foundation
Sam and Sarah, Irwin and Paul Grossinger Foundation
Brenda and Sanford L. Guritzky
Arthur M. Gutterman
Jeremy and Abbi Halpern
Bonnie and Alan Hammerschlag
Melvin and Judith Hecktman
Suzy and David Heller
George J. Henry
Kenneth* and Rhoda Herman
Marlene and Paul Herring
Isaac Steven Herschkopf
Michael and Vicki Herson
Pete Higgins and Leslie Magid
Rita and Leonard* Hilton
Leonard S. Hirsch
Harold A. and Lynne Honickman
Adriane and Morris Horvitz
Vivien Weissman Howard and Melvin Howard
Shelley S. Hymes
IBM International Foundation
Peter Jablin
Max Jacobs
Pamela and Robert D. Jacobs
Johnson & Johnson
Judith and Irwin Kallman
Jack M. Karako
Harriet and Ernest Karmin
Kristin and Michael Karp
Roberta and Brad Karp
Melvin Katten
Marilyn Katzman
Wilfred and Rachel Kay
Susan E. Kirshner
Jayne and Andrew Klein
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Klein, Jr.
Klurman Foundation
Maurice Koch
David Korn
The Korobkin Foundation
Bonnie and Jeffrey Kramer
Susan Fishman Kramer
Therese Krieger
Charles F. Kriser
Megan and Joe Krouse
Robert* and Julie Lando
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Landsman
Eric Langshur
Sherry Lansing Foundation
Barbara Lazaroff
Vladimir and Jolie Lechtman
Leidos, Inc.
Andrew Levander
Allan and Sydnei Levin
Jonathan and Schuyler Levin
Jahn and Sabrina Levin Charitable Foundation
Barry L. Levine
Margot Levin-Schiff
Dara and Richard Levy
William G. and Debra Lewin
Eleanor and Myron Lieberman
Terri Lind
Lilliane C. Litton
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy London
Cathy and Mark Louchheim
Alan S. Luria, MD, and Jackie Luria
Eugene Malcolm, Jr.
Peter L. Malkin
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Mandel
Alexander S. Mark
Helen Martin-Block
Lori and John A. Massad
Rita and Sidney Mathias
Linda May
Carlyn and Lothar Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mayer
Jerome H. and Linda Meyer
Milken Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller
Lois and Jon Mills
Mrs. Nancy Mishkin
Dr. Lesa B. Morrison
Lawrence J. Moss
Allan and Elaine Muchin
Beth Goldberg Nash and Joshua Nash
Charles M. Nathan and Alisa Levin
Gordon and Toby Newman
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Rebekah Parker and David Wilansky
Michelle Parrish
Benjamin L. Pick
Irwin and Shirley Pinsky
Harold Plotnik Charitable Foundation
Howard* and Geraldine Polinger
Lauren and Mark Posner
Stacey and Brian Price
Romana S. Primus
Darcee and James Rabinowitz
Donald and Nora Rado
Ratner, Miller, Shafran Families
Barbara and Michael Resmo
Lundy E. and Fredric G. Reynolds
Michael Ries and Elaine Leboff-Ries
Jack and Hazel Ring
Stephen and Miriam Ritchie
Anne and Martin Roher
Brad Roller and Laura Pedersen
Barry Rosenthal
Travis C. Rothlein
Marvin and Cathy Rotstein
Rubens Family Foundation
Liz and Mony Rueven
Robert Russell Memorial Foundation
Buzz and Tina Ruttenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Seymour M. Sabesin
Corrine Sands
Aletta J. Schaap
Marc D. Scherr
Steven and Onnie Scheyer
Frank and Marge Schnierow
Lisa and Mark L. Schulman
Jane and Martin Schwartz
Tracy and Marc Schwimmer
Martin Scorsese
Joe Seigle
Seigle Family Foundation
The Jerome Shain Family Trust
Mary A. and Gary Shamis
Rachel and Paul F. Sheridan, Jr.
George L. Shields Foundation
Herman Shine
Fred Siegel Foundation
The Silk Foundation
Jason and Jordan Sills Foundation
Dana and Seth Singerman
Stanley Slutzky
Dale and Alan E. Sorcher
Jay and Nora Spak
SS&G Financial Services, Inc.
Susan B. Stearns
Anna Steinberg
Steven Steinberg
Eydie Sternberg
Felice Zimmern Stokes
The Lawrence and Marjorie Stoll Foundation
Ronald Strear
Staci and Ari Studnitzer
Merle and James Styer
Roz and Michael Supera
Steven Swarzman
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell L. Sweet
Howard Swibel
Richard and Marilyn Swoiskin
Michele Taylor
Marshall L. and Barbara A. Tobins Family Foundation
Steven and Amy Topel
Martin Topiel
Reuven Uberman
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Lesa Ukman
Gioietta and Alberto Vitale
Myron C. and Carol Warshauer Family Foundation
Washington Post Company
Jay S. Watnick
Robert Waxman
Marilyn and Ira P. Weinstein
Kalman and Enid Wenig
Matthew E. Wetzel
The Whizin Foundation
Michael and Holly Williams
Kathy Wilson
Harriet Wolf
Ted and Stevie Wolf
Elaine and Jim Wolfensohn
Peter Wolverton
Lauren A. Worsek
The Family of Helen and Israel Wortman
Gerald Yass
Estate of Ethel Yazen
Deborah and William D. Zabel
Stanley R. Zax
Al and Ruth Zelczer
Renate and Martin Zimet
Cheryl Zoller
Mortimer Zuckerman
Jean and David Zugman



The Legacy of Light Society gratefully recognizes individuals who have made a commitment to secure the Museum’s future through a bequest or planned gift. All donors who direct either a gift or a planned gift to the Museum’s endowment are recognized as Legacy of Light Guardians and are listed in boldface below.

Individuals who have become Legacy of Light Society members or Legacy of Light Guardians, through any type of deferred gift, are listed only with their consent.


Gifts of $1,000–$999,999

Liselotte Adler
Raymond and Susan Albers
Dr. Julie Ann Allender
Dennis Anderson
Lon S. Babby
Kyle Bach and Shelli J. Semler

Lorraine Bailin
Renée Barnow
Vivian Kessler Berger
Glen R. and Sandra Bernfield
Randolph L. Braham
Emma P. and Claudia Brown
Bruce Robert Butterworth
Ruth and Benjamin Cohen
Janet Ross Danforth
Rene and Yvonne Daniel
The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
Terri Deutsch
Joyce M. Dolin
Janet Dore
Marjorie Ellenbogen
Norma and Jack Erdle
Lilo D. Ertman and son Jonathan B. D. Ertman
Max and Miriam Farash Charitable Foundation

Sydney Finkelstein
Colette Flake-Bunz
David Flaum
William and Lynn Foggle
Joan Fondell
Amy and Mort Friedkin
Eva K. Friedlander
Howard L. and Judie Ganek
Diane and Hal Gershowitz
Lisa and Sandy Gottesman
Judi Gottschalk
Alexander Grass Foundation
Grace Ann Greenberg, PhD
Eileen and Michael Grossman
Dr. Rick Halperin
Sharon F. Halperin
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Hefter
Rebecca and David Heller
George and Leora Hellman
Pam and Henry Hirschfield

Susan Holen
Max Honigsberg
Katherine Horton
Gary Kahn
Ruth and Eric Kahn
Norman and Helen Kamerow
Richard E. Kanner
Anne Marie Kaufman
Barbara J. Kaye
Sivia Kaye

John Kent
Lydia Z. Kessler
Hana P. Kovanic
Steven and Susan Lampert
Deborah M. Lancman
Cynthia Muss Lawrence
The Lerner Foundation
Lawrence Levit and Nilda Pascual
Ella Lidsky (Cwik)
Herbert J. Maletz
Abe* and Lilly Malnik
Helene and Alan Marks

David and Carol Marsh
Carolyn Marton-Rothschild
Marjorie and Robert Mellen

Myron and Dottie Miller
David Mitzner
Jerome W. Moff
Marshall W. Moore
Marian L. Moran
Marcia S. Nalebuff
Deborah Oppenheimer

Renee Lippman Priore
Barbara and Bert Rein
Mrs. Theresa A. Riccardi
Deborah Robbins
Sheila Johnson Robbins
Clara Harriet Rosenbaum
Betty Rosskamm
David M. and Sandra J. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Esther Roth
Ray and Roslyn Samuelson
Margrit Schurman
Seedlings Foundation
Judy and Barry Silverman
Karyn and Bill Silverstein
Louis R. Sipos

Marvin and Sondra Some
Deanie and Jay Stein
Lea Stern, MD
Kenneth and Myra Stone
Stephen E. and Barbara R. Stras
Milton Teichman

Marge Teilhaber
Charles and Jean Ticho
Hazel B. Tullar and Michael McMearty
Dr. Deborah Turner
Sandra and Bruce Wechsler
Dr. Patricia A. Williams
The Winnick Family Foundation
Lucy Loewenhardt Young

Lawrence M. Zippin
Gail Rosenberg Zucker



L. Michael Adler Testamentary Trust
Estate of Leonard C. Akman
The Estate of Irv Apatoff
Balint Family Trust
Estate of Bernard Bellow
Sandra Carrol Berger Irrevocable Trust
Frieda Berlinski Trust
Ruth Bigelson Family Trust
Estate of Elaine Forkey Ciarkowski and Family
Marvin H. Eisenberg Estate–Guilford, NY
Jan M. Engel and Janet Greenky Engel Family Trust
Estate of Jane Bierdman Fike
Roselle B. Fine Charitable Lead Trust
Estate of Joseph and Mary Louise Franzetti
Julian Garvil and Miriam Garvil Trust
Estate of Irene B. Glassberg
Estate of Helen Goldband
Estate of Jack Goldstone
Everett and Marian K. Gordon Trust
Estate of Ruth Grossman
Estate of Nathan Hershenhoren
Felicia Berland Hyatt Revocable Trust
Estate of Ann E. Juster
Estate of Ruth E. Katz
Ellen G. Kaufman Living Trust
Estate of Henry M. Kellen
Estate of Rose King
Estate of Bernard Kuchuk
Marlies Levenger Revocable Trust
Estate of Peter H. Lowenthal
Estate of Jack Luchs
Estate of Magda Margolis
Ruth Putter Revocable Trust
Gloria P. Roberts Trust
Estate of Gruine Robinson
Estate of Theodore William Rudin
Dennis Schuman Living Trust
Ruth T. Schwager Trust
Della and Sidney Serota Trust
Estate of Philip R. Siegelbaum
Estate of Rita and Henry Stern
The Leonard and Shirley Taussig Trusts
Estate of Grace J. Todrus
Paul Vjecsner Revocable Trust
Leon and Barbara Weitz Family Trust
Estate of Martin F. Witkin
Estate of Ethel Yazen


$500,000 OR MORE

Abramson and Brandeis Endowment Fund
Albert Abramson Educational Endowment Fund
Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conferences for Educators
Sara J. Bloomfield Director’s Endowment Fund
The Leonard and Sophie Davis Endowment
The Fred and Maria Devinki Memorial Fellowship Fund
Anne and Isidore Falk Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund
The Yetta and Jacob Gelman Endowment
Dr. David and Joan Goldfarb Fund for the Committee on Conscience
Maurice R. and Corinne P. Greenberg Fund
Jack and Anita Hess Endowment Fund
The Hoffberger and Cannon Endowment Fund
The Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus Memorial Fund
The Miles Lerman Center for the Study of Jewish Resistance
The Dr. and Mrs. Alec C. Levin Educational Outreach Fund
The Philip and Janice Levin Foundation Collections and Acquisitions Endowment Fund for Art and Artifacts
William Levine Family Institute for Holocaust Education Endowment
William S. and Ina Levine Scholar-in-Residence Endowment Fund
William J. Lowenberg Memorial Fellowship Fund on America, the Holocaust, and the Jews
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Advancement of Holocaust Studies Endowment
May Family Endowment for Civic Responsibility Training
Joseph and Eda Pell Fund for Confronting Antisemitism
Perpetrators, Collaborators, and Witnesses: The Jeff and Toby Herr Testimony Endowment
The Pines, Sarna, Statfeld Summer Institute for the Museum Teacher Fellowship Program
The Duane Rath Endowment Fund
The Ratner, Miller, Shafran Families Committee on Conscience Fund
The Ratner, Miller, Shafran Families Educational Technology and Outreach Fund
Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick Fund for the Study of Antisemitism
Pearl Resnick Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program Endowment Fund
Lester Robbins and Sheila Johnson Robbins Traveling and Special Exhibitions Fund Established in 1990
Helena Rubinstein Foundation Endowment
Betty and Howard Schwartz Family Fund for Teacher Education
Sheldon Seevak Endowment for Education
The J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Senior Scholar-in-Residence Fund
The Curt C. and Else Silberman Summer Seminar for University Faculty Endowment
The Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide Endowment
Sosland Foundation Fellowship Fund for the Jewish Source Study Initiative
The Deanie and Jay Stein International Relations Endowment Fund
The Sudikoff Annual Interdisciplinary Seminar on Genocide Prevention
Fred S. Zeidman Endowment Fund for Holocaust Education




Miriam Bernstein
Dalck* and Rose Feith Family
Vivian Francesco and Michael Francesco
Rose and David Handleman
Harold A. and Lynne Honickman
Diane and Emery Klein
Evie and Allen S. Lichter
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
The Nartel Family Foundation
Cheryl and Jamie Peisach
Steven S. and Nicole Perlman
Dr. Steven T. Powell and Mrs. Helen Powell
Seed the Dream Foundation—Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg
The Sosland Family
Michelle Tycher Stein
Dr. James E. Vogel and Mrs. Diane Vogel
Mr. Joseph Zuritsky


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany


The Crown Family


Milch Family Foundation


John and Janet Swanson


Steven J. Katz
Paul Klingenstein Family Foundation, Inc.
Seed the Dream Foundation—Marcy Gringlas and Joel Greenberg
Lauren A. Worsek


The Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Foundation


Thomas Lewinson


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wechsler


Alexander and Georg Bursch Holocaust
Music Research Fund


Linda J. Sirow and Harold S. Koplewicz


The Herr Foundation


Isaac D. and Paulette Nehama


Righteous Persons Foundation



Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation


Blum Family Foundation
Jack Chester Foundation
The Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation
Laura and Jonathan Ginns
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
The Morris Family Foundation
The Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation
Jerome A. Yavitz Charitable Foundation


Abramson Family Foundation, Inc.
The Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation
Hazel B. Tullar and Michael D. McMearty


The Family of Stephen B. Barry


Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation—Victoria and Lloyd Goldman, Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow, and Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt
The Snider Foundation
Alan Solomon, MD


Helen Bader Foundation, Inc.
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Diane and Howard Wohl


Selwyn Philip Haas
Jewish Survivors of Latvia, Inc.
Sheila Johnson Robbins
George D. Schwab
Pamela Haas Schwab and Clarence Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. David Silberman
Charles Springfield
Arkady Suharenko


Diane and Hal Gershowitz
David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation
Ronald and Deborah Ratner Family Foundation
Francesca and Michael Zucker


The Alexander Grass Foundation


Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe


Helene, Michael, Adam, Gina, Reid, and Carleigh Elkus


Phyllis Greenberg Heideman and Richard D. Heideman


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Victim List Project of the Swiss Banks Settlement


The Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
The Deanie and Jay Stein International Relations Endowment Fund


Carlyn and Lothar Mayer
Wayne and Deborah Zuckerman Family Foundation


Betty-Jean and David Bavar


Florence Bank and Richard K. Bank
Edie Blitzstein
Thomas McIntyre


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany


The Kraus Family Foundation


Ervin Bognar* and Margit Meissner


Mrs. Leon Milman


Edward Zuker


Michael P. Polsky


The Norman Raab Foundation


Jack M. Karako


L. Dennis and Susan R. Shapiro


The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation


Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe


Esther Hartman


Sheila Johnson Robbins


Diane and Howard Wohl


The Lydia and David Zimmern Memorial Fellowship Fund



William S. Levine and Family


Josephine and Simon Braitman
Jennifer Loew Mendelson and Dan Mendelson
The Morris Family Foundation
David and Ruth Moskowitz Family Charitable Foundation, a supporting foundation of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Rowland and Sylvia Schaefer Family Foundation Inc.


Philip and Cheryl Milstein Family
Benjamin and Seema Pulier Charitable Foundation


Anonymous (2)
Elaine and Alan Ascher
The Elizabeth and Oliver Stanton Foundation


Gilda and Alfred* Slifka
Rosalyn and Richard Slifka


Anonymous (2)
The Ryna and Melvin Cohen Family Foundation
Susie and Michael Gelman
The Goldsmith Family Foundation
Daniel and Gina Hirschhorn
The William and Mildred Kaplan Foundation
Karen and Bruce Levenson
The Samberg Family Foundation


Claudia and Rick Felson
Libitzky Family Foundation
Shoresh Foundation
Steven and Carole Weinberg Foundation Trust


The Lerner Foundation




Louis F. Smith


Lois Lehrman Grass
The Samberg Family Foundation
The Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation


The Fox Family Foundation
Diane and Hal Gershowitz
The Hyman Levine Family Foundation
Bert W. and Barbara Rein
The Winnick Family Foundation


Jack A. and Norma Erdle
Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
Futerman Supporting Foundation: Sara Futerman, Daphne Futerman and Ira Jevotovsky, Eli and Peggy Futerman, Danny and Rina Chessin
Eileen B. and Michael D. Grossman
Howard Konar
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP


The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation


First Bank of Highland Park
Takiff Family Foundation


Linda, Tony, Jacob, and Gena Rubin


The Albert B. and Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation


Robert H. Smith Family Foundation


Henry H. and Carol B. Goldberg and Rita and Bernard* Segerman
David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation
Louis F. Smith


Stanley and Judy Ruskin


Deborah Robbins
Sheila Johnson Robbins


Betty and Howard Schwartz Family Foundation


The Lumer Family


Helen Marshall


Katharine M. and Leo S. Ullman


Robert and Alice Abt
Eva Cooper
Jeffrey Feil
Victoria and Lloyd Goldman
The Hillside Foundation—Allan and Shelley Holt
Lucy and Murray* Pantirer
Judith B. and Burton P. Resnick


King College
Marianne and Frank Liebermann
Michel Margosis
Lawrence J. Moss
Vicki and Gordon Rosenberg
Cadi and Emery Simon
State University of New York at Plattsburgh


Turk Family Foundation
Zeta Beta Tau Foundation


Sol and Mitzi Center





Samerian Foundation


Sheppie and Morton Abramowitz
Tom and Andi Bernstein
Congregation Beth Shalom
The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation
The Everett Foundation
Samuel M. Feldman
Foundation to Promote Open Society
Philip M. Friedmann Family
Sharon F. Halperin
The Joan and Lewis Platt Foundation
Elliot J. Schrage and Juliet H. Whitcomb
R. Scott and Patricia B. Mackay


Terri Deutsch


The Hillside Foundation—Allan and Shelley Holt
Rubens Family Foundation


Robert and Allison Price of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego


Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado
The American Endowment Foundation
Aspen Community Foundation
The Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Boston Foundation
Charles Schwab
The Chicago Community Trust
Columbus Foundation, Inc.
Columbus Jewish Foundation
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Communities Foundation of Texas
Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Community Foundation of South Alabama
Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Orange County
Dallas Foundation
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc.
Donors Trust
Fairfield County Community Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
The Foundation of Jewish Philanthropies
Giving Assets, Inc.
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice
Houston Jewish Community Foundation
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven
The Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee
Jewish Community Endowment Foundation
Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco
Jewish Community Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City
Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Jewish Community Foundation of MetroWest New Jersey
Jewish Community Foundation of Milwaukee
The Jewish Community Foundation of Northern California
Jewish Community Foundation of Phoenix
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
Jewish Federation of Cincinnati
The Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
The Jewish Federation of Las Vegas
Jewish Federation of Metro Chicago
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee
Jewish Federation of St. Louis
Jewish Federation of Tulsa
Jewish Foundation of Greensboro
Just Give
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
MorganStanley SmithBarney Global
National Philanthropic Trust
Network for Good
New York Community Trust
Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Tampa Orlando Pinellas Jewish Foundation, Inc.
Tidewater Jewish Foundation, Inc.
Tulsa Community Foundation
United Jewish Endowment Fund
United Jewish Federation Foundation
United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit
United Way of the Bay Area
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program


We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the many donors who have contributed to the Museum from January 1 through December 31, 2014.


Anonymous (7)
A. Abel
Barbara A. Abeles
Betty and Jerome Abeles
Dr. and Mrs. Elie Abemayor
Ann Abram and Steven P. Novak
Robin and Steven Abramow
Stephanie and Ryan Abramow
Alvin Abrams*
Daniel I. Abrams
Jodi and Edward Abrams and Heather Abrams
Monica and Gavin Abrams
Steven and Edye Abrams
Bruce C. Abrams Family Foundation
Corinne Abramson
Floyd H. Abramson and Elaine J. Abramson
Louise and James Abroms
Marcie and Mark Achler
Charles S. Ackerman
Judith and Leonard I. Ackerman
Russell and Desiree Ackerman
Gloria Adelson
Bonnie and Rob Adler
Elaine and Myron Adler
James and Esthy Adler
Harry J. Akiereisen
Estate of Leonard C. Akman
Andrew and Mona Albert
Sylvia and Burton Albert
Christine Albright and Lawrence Gill
Debra Aleinikoff
Ann D. Alexander
Michael J. Allen
Nancy Almasi
Howard C. Alper
E. Bryce and Harriet Alpern Foundation
Penny and David Alschuler
David and Louise Altman
Casey, Brooke, Drew, Joan and Lawrence Altman Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation
Thea Amberg
Amity Club of Washington
Amlon Resources Group, LLC
Mark E. Angel
Paul and Lois Ankin
James J. Anthony
Benjamin S. Appen
Stephanie Applebaum
Arnsten Foundation, Inc.
Mark Aron
Richard M. Aronoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jake F. Aronov
Geoffrey Aronow and Melinda Halpert
Ralph and Henny Aronson
Steven J. Aronson
Susan Ascher
Ann G. Ash
James Ashe
Marcia J. and Yahouda Asher
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Asheroff
Cheryl and David F. Auerbach
The Ayco Company, LP
Evan Azriliant
The George Backer Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Baidack
Tanya Baker
Marjorie Baldinger
Balint Family Trust
Susan and Jon Ballis
Bank of America
S. A. Banks
Gregg and Julie Bannett
George R. Barany and Dr. Marion J. Skalweit
Arthur and Maxine Barens
Anne Barnett
Lynn S. Barr and Marvin Rudman
Janet and Leonard Barsky
Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation
Nancy E. Barton Foundation
Joyce and Richard L. Baskin
Ian B. Bass
Stephen Bass
Sanford L. Batkin
Sascha Bauer
Elena B. Baum
Julie and David Baum
Halina and Bernard Baumgarten
Mara Baumgarten
Amy and Gary Bazelon
Kenneth Becker
Mira Becker
Richard W. Beckler
Sharon Beckman
Dr. Sally G. Beer
James and Linda Beers
Deborah and Howard Belford
Rachel and Adam Beltzman
Lucille and Raymond Benedetto
Barak Ben-Gal
S. C. Benjamin Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence E. Bensignor
Susan Berdy and Gregg Berdy
Melissa and Michael Berenbaum
Sol Berg
Margaret Berger and Mr. Michael Friedman
Max Berger
Les and Marcia Berglass
Keith and Janna Berk
Marcia and Michael Berk
Jodie and Peter Berkman
Berkowitz Family Fund
Hy and Greta Berkowitz Foundation
Linda and Stuart Berkson
Edward Berlin
Kenneth and Sue A. Berlin
Elaine and Brion Berman
Ruth and Joshua M. Berman
Russel and Terry Bernard
Adrienne and Sheldon Bernsen
Barbara and Donald Bernstein
Paula and William Bernstein
Robert and Helen Bernstein
Scott Bernstein
Ted and Lorri Bernstein
Michelle Berri
David Bershad Family Foundation, Inc.
Bessemer Trust
Annette and Leo R. Beus
Andrea R. Biller
Dr. and Mrs. Mark T. Birns
Irhne Bettink Biro
Debra and Leon Black
Dennis E. Black
Stanley Black
Marilyn Blackhall
Celia R. Blalock
George and Harriet Blank
James and Blanche Blatt
Robert and Arleen Blatt
Eric Blau and Tropham Foundation, Inc.
Ruth and William Bletzinger
Bley Stein Foundation
Nancy and Robert Bloch
Ellen Block
Jeffrey Block and Michele Gerus
Ruth Bloom
Sol Z. Bloomenkranz
Louis J. and Jean Bloomfield
Morton Blum and Carol Blum
Peggy and Marc Blum
Ruth A. Goodman Blum
Susan and Michael Blum
Sol Blumenthal*
Guy M. Blynn
Terri and Harold Bobry
Susan and Robert L. Bodansky
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson A. Bonheim
Martin J. and Elaine D. Book
Estate of Samuel Borcover
Abe Borenstein
Susan Borkin and Gerald Hurwitz
Jack Borok
Trust of Gladys Borrus
Jon and Lili Bosse
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Boyden
The Braeside Foundation
Samuel Brandt
Willard E. Bransky
Leslianne Braunstein
Ronald N. and Claudia Braunstein
Sonya and Sidney Breidbart
Sarah Brenman and Laura Brenman
Leona and Edward F. Brenner
Nanette and Arthur Brenner
Blake and Joseph Breslow
Bernard and Judy Briskin
Edythe and Eli Broad
Belinda and Robert A. Brock
Julian A. and Lois G. Brodsky Foundation
Norman and Florence Brody Foundation
Arlene and Keith Bronstein and Family
Kenneth Brooks and Anita Wolke
David T. Brown and Suzanne Muchin
Emma P. Brown and Claudia Brown
Tamara Brunozzi
Nancy L. Buc
Tammy Buchan
Herbert Buchwald
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan A. Budin
Joan S. Buehler
Lisa J. Burns
Myles P. Burton
Richard Butwinick
Craig R. and Caryn Caffarelli
James E. Cafritz
Debra L. Cagan
Michael and Merle Cahan
Jane and Andy Cahn
Sandra and W. Stewart Cahn
Cail Family Foundation
Joshua R. Cammaker
Lynda and Scott I. Canel
Jerome W. and Dorothy Canter
Daniel L. Cantor
Mrs. Mary Cardoso
Dana Carroll
Avna Cassinelli
Caterpillar Foundation
Joseph Cayre
Andrea Cayton
David and Linda Center
Chance Family Foundation
Paul and Charlotte Chandler
Patricia Chapin
Miriam Chaplik
Aron P. Charad
Debrah Lee Charatan
Ana B. Chepelinsky
Laurie and Eric Chern
Marvin S. Chernin
Edward A. Chernoff
Louis and Aliza Chertkow
Ronald Chod
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Chodroff
Jill and Allen Chozen
Bob and Stacie Chukerman
Nancy and Niles L. Citrin
Joel Citron
Marcia Citron
Charles Clark, Jr. and Eleanor Kinney, Esq.
Caryn Clayman
Stanley Clayman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Clemens
Gale Cogan
Arnold L. Cohen
Brad Cohen
Garry Cohen and Rabbi Debra Nesselson Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. H. Rodgin Cohen
Lawrence Cohen
Lucille and Jeffrey Cohen
Marian Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Max Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cohen
Phyllis and George Cohen
Robert Cohen
Mrs. Shirley L. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Cohen
Sydney Cohen
Elaine M. Cohn
Lee and Margaret Cohn
Symra Cohn and Frederick Wise
Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation
The Jacob and Rosaline Cohn Foundation
Howard L. Cohodas
Suzanne and Jeff Cohodes
Belle Bennett Cole and Harvey Cole
Columbus Circle Investors
Florence Comite
Arlene Comora
Congregation Emanu-El
Stacey E. Costello
The Gerald and Daphna Cramer Family Foundation, Inc.
Laurence E. Cranch
Lori and Alan* Crane
Valerie Asher Crow
Ann Cunniff
Judith Curran
Robin and Scott Cutler
Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Cutter
Merwyn E. and Dolly Dan
Nancy and William J. Danhof
Rene F. and Yvonne Daniel
Joseph and Carol Danks
Barry Danoff
Leonie J. Darwin
The Davies Foundation
Faith and Paul J. Davis
Jeffrey and Karen Davis
Melvin and Barbara Davis
Barbara and Maurice Deane
Ilya Degter
Susan and Robert DeLong
Bruce S. DeMar
Louis and Barbara Denrich
Jonathan and Wendy Derby
Mildred E. DeSmet
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dessauer
Philip and Alyce de Toledo
Elaine Deutsch
Lore Deutsch
Devinki, Kolkin, and Pack Families
Rosalind Devon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dezertzov
Eric Diamond
Dr. Leon Diamond
Stephan Diamond
Debbie J. Dickstein
Lynn and John Dillon
Joyce and Richard Dinel
Stephanie Dodge and James Dodge
Elisabeth and Alan Doft
Dollar Bank
Steven R. Don and Amy Heller Don
Judge Amy S. Donner
Fred Donner
Brie and Seth Dorfman
Alice and T. O’Neal Douglas
Dan L. Drexler
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Joseph D. Dreyfuss
Emilie L. Drooker
Harriett Druskin
Maurice L. Druzin
Lori Bauer Dub and Allen W. Dub
Eric Dubelier
Pearl and Arthur* Dubowitch
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Duer
Kitty and Michael Dukakis
Doris Dworkin
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Dykman
Diane and Dr. John Eckstein
Deborah and Eric Edell
Jonathan Edelman
Perry Howard Edelstein
Stephen and Roberta Edelstein
Robert and Gail Edelstein Foundation
Charles and Lois* Edwards
Rachel and John Edwards
Bernard Ehrlich
Mary Ann and Stephen Ehrlich
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eichler
Daniel Ein
EIS Foundation, Inc.
Lois and Steve Eisen
Joseph A. Eisenberg
Kaila and Arthur Eisenkraft
Suzanne and Samuel Eisenstat
Steven Eisman and Valerie Feigen
Ann and Will Eisner
Ilona and Robert Eitches
Jerome Eittenger
Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat
Le Roy E. and Mary M. Elfmann
James Ellis
Donna R. and Steven Elrod
William and Marion Elson
Empowerment Foundation
Kathleen Engel and Jim Rebitzer
Jeff Engelberg
Nancy and Robert Englander
Ephraim Family Foundation
Anita Epstein
Irving K. Epstein and Diane Epstein
Jerry B. Epstein
Sandra and Donald T. Epstein
Epstein Foundation
Helen B. Etkin
Paula and Donald Etra
Bruce I. Ettelson and Missy J. Bundy
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Suzanne Faber
Leslie and Nano Fabuss
Rosalie Fain
Burt and Marion Fainman
David B. and Rhonda S. Falk
David M. Falk
Patti and Joseph Farago
John Farahi
Julie Farkas and Seth Goldman
Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach
Harriott Faucette
Joan L. Feder
Lois Feigen
Sheri and Marc Feigen
Karen and Robert Fein
Richard and Michelle Fein
Stephen L. Feinberg
Lois Blum Feinblatt
Harold Feinbloom
Lisa and Michael Feiner
Linda and Steven Feinstein
Richard Feinstein
Sara Feinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Feit
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Feith
Feldenkreis Family Foundation, Inc.
Clara and Jerry Feldman
Joseph Feldman and Dana Septimus
Stephen M. Felton
Arthur Fentin and Marlene Bluestone
Fred Ferber
Charlotte Ferencz
John and Marcy Fernandez
Feuerring Foundation
Diane and Elliot Feuerstein
Kathlin and Philip Feuerstein
Jean and C. Kenneth Fibus
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Max J. Filler
Denise and William G. Finard
Peter S. Fine
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Finer
Dr. and Mrs. Simon Finger
Lois and Michael Fingerhut
Sydney Finkelstein
James Finn
Brian P. First
Marion Fischel
Arlene and Robert Fischer
Charlie Fischer
Allyson and Adam Fishman
The Rose Flaum Foundation
David Flinn
William and Lynn Foggle
Donna and Ronald Fohrman
Stewart Fordham
Forman Family Charitable Trust
Dena and Zach Fox
Jonathan C. Fox and Suzanne Markel-Fox
Michael B. Fox and Nancy Fox
Michael E. Fox
Paul and Andrea Fox
Fox Rothschild LLP
Jonathan D. Fraade and Rita Appel
Henry Frampton
Vivian Francesco and Michael Francesco
The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
Mrs. Zollie Frank
Henry* and Marilyn Frankel
Roger and Betty Frankel
Janice Frankle
Marc B. Franklin
Estate of Mary Louise Franzetti
Roman Frayman
Irvin and Judith P. Freilich
Aron Frenkiel
Ardyth and Sam Freshman
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Freundlich
Donald Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Friedland
Eva Kay Friedlander
Marjorie R. Friedlander
Abby and Ira Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Friedman
Hon. K. Chaya Friedman and Mr. Howard Friedman
Mark and Cheryl Friedman
Pamela E. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Friedman
Virginia Friedman
Lance Friedmann and Sari Gluckin
Janie and Donald Friend
Pauline Frisch
Katie Krouse Froelich
Ann and Robert L. Fromer
Susan C. Frunzi
William Furie
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Furst
Keith Gabriel
Beth Galen
Judith Gall
David Gallagher
Valerie and John Gammage
Peter Ganz and Toby I. Ganz
Michael Garkawe
Rebecca S. Garland
Jac and Edye Garner
Kenneth Gart
Glenn B. and Joy A. Gastwirth
Ralph Geiderman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Geiger
Eve and Stanley Geller
Dr. Henry Gerad
Alexis Gerard
Phillip Gerber
Patricia L. Gerend
Marianne Gerschel
Benno M. Gerson
David Gerstein
Dr. and Mrs. Marc H. Gertner
Sharyn and Walter Gertz
Doug Gessner
Nancy and Carl Gewirz
Jacqueline and Howard Gilbert
Marla and Larry Gilbert
Nancy and Mark Gilbert
Aaron and Betty Gilman Family Foundation
Evan Giniger
Jerry and Rona Ginsberg
Alan H. Ginsburg
Laurie and Stephen Girsky
Bernard and Ellen S. Gitler
Paula Givan
Give With Liberty
The Ruth and Jack Glantz Family Foundation
Sharon and Herbert Glaser
Mrs. Jerrold A. Glass
Ronald B. Glass
Robert L. Glasser
Bruce and Suzanne Glassman
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Mark and Faith Glazer
Catherine and Barry Glick
David and Marlene Glickstein
Global Net Services Inc.
Ralph H. Glogower
Madeline and Joe Glossberg
Michael and Marilyn Glosserman
Eileen and Charles Glovsky
Hilary and Richard Glovsky
Pearl and Benjamin Glowatz
Sandra Gluck
Edward and Amy L. Godin
H. J. and Marjorie Gold
Dr. Michael S. and Ellen Gold
Beth and Marc Goldberg
Joseph M. Goldberg
Laurie and Robert Goldberg
Rachel Goldberg and Bryan Quigley
Rita B. Goldberg
Rita Goldberg
Stephen Goldberg
Dr. David Goldberger
Cherry and Kenneth Goldblatt
Edward and Paula Golden
Mike Golden
Miriam N. Goldenzweig Trust
Carol and David Golder
Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
Ross Goldring and Jane Cleveland
Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation
Donald F. and Alice Goldsmith
Marilynn and Willis Goldsmith
Edwin P. and Arlene Goldstein
Michelle Goldstein
Norene and Bernard Goldstein
Susan T. Goldstein
Tamar and Eric Goldstein
Jeffrey and Cidney Golman
Burton P. and Lee Golub
Eric and Yonina Gomberg
Jay S. and Karen Goodgold
Andrew D. Goodman and Myra Rubin
Judy and Mark Goodman
Marianne Goodman
Dr. Nancy Goodman and Dr. Louis Goodman
Lee and Dana Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Leo I. Gordon
Michael and Rena Gordon
Mindy and Jeffrey Gordon
Paul Gordon and Ilse Gordon
Barbara Gottesman
Jack Gould
Michael Gould
Steven A. Gould and Ellen Wallace
Rebecca and Laurence S. Grafstein
Patsy Graham
Dr. M. L. Granite and Dr. David Granite
Judith Gravitz and Lester Sotosky
Richard Gray
Jerry and Enid Green
Leila Green
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Green
Rabbi and Mrs. Irving Greenberg
Myrna and Stephen Greenberg
Nancy and Scott Greenberg
Pamela and Paul Greenberg
Randy and Don Greenberg
The Greenberg Foundation
Jeffrey and Debra D. Greenblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Greene
Alyson and Zachary Greene
Mrs. Joan B. Greene and Dr. David Greene
Rita Greene
The Greene Foundation
Dr. Henry Greenspan
Peg and Lee Greenspon
Erin Greenwell
Richard and Jody Grobman
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Grodin
Dick Grosboll
Ellen Gross and Jim Patton
Harold Gross and Robbin Cohen Gross
Stewart K. P. Gross and Lois Perelson-Gross
Marlene and Marshall Grossman
John M. Gruber
Herbert Gruenebaum
Susan B. Gruhin
Katherina Grunfeld
Stephen Grynberg
Alan and Julie Gubernick
Cheryl Gussman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Guterman
Daniel Gutman
Olga and John V. Guttag
Michele G. and Steven G. Gutwillig
Haberman Foundation
Emmanuella and Dominic Habsburg
Hadley Capital
Philip J. Hahn Foundation
William and Sharon Hait
Abe Haliczer
Janice H. Halperin
Sharon F. Halperin
Sonia and Eric Hamberg
Daniel and Denise Hamburger
Carole Hammer
Agnes Hamos
Julie Hamos and Alan J. Greiman
Jennifer and Seth Hanau
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Handelsman
Rose and David Handleman
Dr. Joseph S. Handler and Ms. Joan Glade De Pontet
Dr. and Mrs. Eliyahou Harari
Miriam and George Harkavy
Fleur and Leonard Harlan
Gerard E. Harper
Camela Harris, MD
John A. and Nancy Harris
R. Thomas Harris
Sheldon Harris
David and Ronni Hart
Esther Hartman
Scott Haskell
Sally Hawk and Tommi Levi
Michael Haynes
Michael Hearne
Susan and Ross Hechinger
Jordan and Marlene Hecktman
Jason Hegy and Gayle S. Union
Mark J. Heiman
Florence Heiman Charitable Foundation
Ashley and Ryan Heller
Diane and Robert Heller
Sandy Heller
Gayle and Jeffrey Helman
Shirley and Barnett Helzberg
Alice Henkin
Sue Henry
Carol and James Herscot
Bob Hersh
Marlene and Sonny I. Hersh
Seymour I. Hersh
Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Herskowitz
Miss Olivia Hersman
Martin and Evelyn Hertz
David and Roz Hertzog
Mrs. Ruth S. Herzog
Betty and Dieter T. Heycke
Susan and Mike Heyman
James E. Higgins
Ann Hiller
David and Suzanne Hillman
Lucille and Ivan Himmel
Shelly and William Himmelrich
Marjorie and John L. Hines
Joycee and Richard M. Hirsch
Rochelle and David Hirsch
Allen and Nancy Hirschfield
Daniel and Gina Hirschhorn
Warren and Aimee Hirschhorn
Judith and Paul Hochhauser
Dr. and Mrs. Zachary Hodes
Jonathan M. Hoff
Howard Hoffen
Myles B. Hoffert
Burton and Libby Hoffman Charitable Foundation
Nadja P. Hofmann
P. Hollins
Patti and Bart Holtzman
Suzy and Walter Holzer
Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation
Irwin B. Holzman
Carol and Joel Honigberg
Rhoda S. Hornstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Horodas
Francie and David W. Horvitz
Michael Horvitz
Franklin* and Frances G. Horwich
Suzanne and Don L. Horwitz
Hon. James Houlihan
H. S. Foundation
Nathalie Gabbay Huddleston and Michael Huddleston
Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
Catherine Hunt
Patricia Hurley and Michael Weindling
Joyce and Arthur Hurvitz
Allan and Barbara Hurwitz
Seth and Caroline Hurwitz
Jeanie and Stephen B. Huttler
Harry Hutzler
James Hyman
Hyman Family Foundation
Stanley L. Iezman and Nancy Stark
Jeff M. Ikler
Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Ingber
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Isaacs
Stephanie and Cory Isaacson
Jacobs and Bell, PA
David Jacobson
Jerold Jacobson
Nathaniel E. Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jaffe
Marc and Tracy Jaffe
Marjorie R. and Barry S. Jaffe
Shirley and Richard Jaffee
Simon and Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc.
The Jakubowich Family
Juel Janis
Daniel S. Japha
Martin Jatlow
Jefferies and Company, Inc.
Leslie and Stephen J. Jerome
Raphael Jerusalmi
JMR Charities Inc.
Robert M. and Joyce A. Johnson Foundation
Tyler and Melanie Johnston
Allen and Ellen Joseph
Naphtali Joseph
Susie Julius
Mark Juster and Elana Stern
Sol Kafel
Andrew Kagan
Boris S. Kaganov
Barbara and Ronald Kahn
Douglas Kahn and Denise Kahn
Joan and Mike Kahn
Lowell N. Kairys
Marvin and Madeline G. Kalb
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kalchman
Donna L. Kalish
Nancy and Robert Kalman
Helen and Norman W. Kamerow
Margaret and Harold W. Kamins
Harvey Kaminski
Cindy and Robert Kane
Esther Kane
Martin Kane
The S. Kann Sons Co.
Richard E. Kanner
Dan Kanter
Kenneth J. Kanter
Dr. Phillip Kanter
Marla and Michael Kantor
David and Julie Kaplan
Jeffrey A. Kaplan
Jennifer and Alex Kaplan
Karen Kaplan
Karen and Matthew Kaplan
Larry and Anna Kaplan
Laura and Michael D. Kaplan
Laurie and Martin Kaplan
Leonard and Tobee Kaplan
Michael B. Kaplan
Michael Kaplan
Ralph V. Kaplan
Sally B. Kaplan
The Kaplen Foundation
Gayle A. Karhanek
Susan Karsen
Abraham and Katherine Katz
Bernard and Patti Katz
Carl S. Katz
Norman I. Katz and Susan B. Katz
Seena and Joseph Katz
Stanley H. Katzman
Amalia L. and Luna Kaufman
Robert Kaufman
Ronald H. and Barbara Kaufman
Ira J. Kaufman Family Foundation
Kaufman, Rossin and Co.
Joel Kavet
Dr. Mark Kaylin
Ely Keenberg
Dr. Marilyn Kellam
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Keller
William E. Keller
Marie-Louise Levy Kennedy
Roman R. Kent
Erin and Chris Keogh
Robert M. Kern
Fran and Ken Kerzner
Joseph Kerzner
Kesselman Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Kessler
Madeleine and Steven Kessler
Dr. and Mrs. Seymour Kessler
Howard Kichler
Bobby E. Kimbel, PhD
Elisabeth S. and Donald King
King College, Inc.
Ruth and Harold J. Kingsberg
Temma and Alfred D. Kingsley
Lore B. Kirchheimer
Henry A. Kissinger
Henry Kister
Charles M. and Shelley N. Kiven
Mortimer and Barbara Klaus Family Foundation
Carolyn M. Kleefeld
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Klein
Diane and Emery Klein
Joe and Carmela Klein
Michael J. and Clara L. Klein
Ralph and Shirley Klein Foundation
Arnold J. Kleiner and M. C. Kleiner
Ira and Leslie Kleinmuntz
The Susan Klingenstein Fund
Arlene and Michael J. Klosk
Benjamin Klubes and Risa Bender
Pamela Kluft
Jeffery Kluger
Mirka Knaster
Stephanie and Jeffrey Knauer
Barbara and Stephen H. Koch
Janis L. Koch
Lynn and Ronald Koenig
Bonnie A. Kohl
Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.
Susan J. Kohlmann
Barry A. and Patsy Kohn
Richard D. Kohn and Victoria Kohn
Michael L. Kolis
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Kollins
Peter Koltay and Rosemary Hogan
Konover South Development Corporation
Michael Korenblit
Sir Hans and Lady Kornberg
Polly and Fred Kortlander
Sidney Koslow
Abe Kowal and Fern Kowal
Kevin Kozikowski
Elinor Weiler Krach
Manus C. Kraff
Eleanor and Herbert A. Kraft
Kenneth S. Kramer and Audrey C. Kramer
Lynn and Charles Kramer
Mickey and Arnold Kramer
Rona E. Kramer
Cong Anshei Krashnik
Myron B. and Rowena C. Kratzner
Martin Kravet
Kreative Kontent
Barbara M. Kreitzer and Alan Sanders
Rae M. Krelitz
Mary Kresky
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kretzmer
Cecilia D. and Leonard Kriser
Kirk Kroloff
Karen and Gene Kroner
Beth Kronfeld and Matthew Means
Hon. Sheldon Krys and Doris Krys
Estate of Bernard Kuchuk
Dr. and Mrs. Max Kukler
Arleen R. Kulin
Geri Kupersmith
Louis J. Kuriansky
Michael Kushner
Robert and Nancy Kushner
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lacin
Valerie Lager
Diane Forrest Lahowchic and Nicholas Lahowchic
Steven R. Lainoff
Peter Lamm
Albert and Tanya A. Lampert
Steven Lampert
Amnon Landan
Deborah Landis
Jeffrey and Nancy Lane
Eugene M. Lang
Neil and Ellen Lang
Michael Langley
Charna Larkin
Mrs. Merle Lask
Oliver and Elizabeth Laster Foundation
Carey F. Lathrop
Nina Laub
Lautman Maska Neill and Co.
Leona and Melvin Lazar
Lewis H. Lazarus
Mrs. Toni Lazer
Adele and Robert S. Leaf
Madeleine and Aaron Lebedow
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Lebovitz
Marguerite S. Lederberg
Claudia Leder-Bookspan
Edward Lee
Dorothy and Melvyn L. Lefkowitz
Michael Lehr
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Leibowitz
Louis Leibowitz Charitable Trust
Walter Leiss
George Leitmann
Manuel and Esther Leno
Madeleine and Richard E. Lenski
Dr. and Mrs. Rene Lerer
Blanche and Irwin Lerner Foundation
Michael Lerner
Lettuce Entertain You
Carin and David Levee
Joy R. Leventhal
Peter S. Levi
Gertrude K. Leviloff
Bonita and Robert Levin
Daniel and Fay Levin
David and Helen Levin
Emily and Richard Levin
Gerald and Laurie J. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Levin
Karen Levin
Marc A. Levin
Sandra and Jack Levin
Steven Levin
Charles and Margaret Levin Family Foundation
The Margot Levin Family Fund
Bernard Levine
Carl Levine
Dr. Donald Levine and Dr. Diane Levine
Marilyn and David Levine
Mona and Gerald Levine
The A. L. Levine Family Foundation, Inc.
The Hyman Levine Family Foundation
Bari and Keith Levingston
Annemarie and Mortimer Levitt
Marylin and Arthur Levitt
Julie and Ricky Levitz
Jack and Susan Levkovitz Foundation
Sandra Levoff
Burton and Elinor Levy
Carol and Lawrence Levy
David B. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold G. Levy
Pamela and Rod Levy
Hyman Jebb Levy Foundation
Leon Levy Foundation
Daniel J. Lew
Thomas and Rhoda Lewin
Lillian T. Lewis
Avrum Lewittes
Bella and Sol Liber
Michael Libow
Janet M. Lichtenstein
Samantha and Jeffrey Lichtman
Judith Lieberman
Barry L. Liebowitz
Leo and Rose Liebowitz
Jo and Todd Lief
Roy Liemer and Geri Liemer
Richard and Ellen Lincer
Katherine A. Lindberg
Samuel and Gail Lindenberg Foundation
Mrs. Elick Lindon
Ruth Lion and David Rosenbloom
The Lionel Trust
Dr. Herbert Lippitz
Tom Lippman
Brian Z. Liss and Judith Wendkos Liss
David and Malia Litman
Myra Litman
Dr. Jeffrey L. Litow
Carolyn Longacre and Michael Wilens
Mr. and Mrs. Tony C. Lonstein
Myrna and Donald Lord
P. A. Loss
Jeffrey A. and Isabel A. Louis
Ninfa and Ronald Lowe
Pamela and Stephen Lowy
Claudia and Lawrence L. Lubin
Susan and Alan Ludwig
Robert and Sandra Lund
Rolf and Ann Lundelius
Marilyn Z. Lustbader
Zelda Luxenberg
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Marlene Macauda and Wynne Bohonnon
The Macht Philanthropic Fund
David and Sondra Mack Foundation, Inc.
John and Gerry Macsai
Neil Macy
Mary and Christoph Mahle
William and Amalia Mahoney
Donnalyn and Dennis Maiman
Harry Major
Herbert J. Maletz
Cary and Lisa Malkin
Josh and Jessica Malkin
Natalie Mall
Daniel Maltzman
Elaine and David H. Maltzman
Ronit Maman
Jed and Miranda Mandel
Rene and Gary Mandel
Jonah Mandelbaum
Bonnie and Ralph Mandell
Enrico Mandel-Mantello
Daniel Mani
David and Samantha Mann
Roberta and George Mann
Gail and Frederick Manning
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Marcus
Marcus Corporation Foundation
Fred and Susan Mardell
Sam Margolin
Carol and Richard Margolis
Michel Margosis
Carl and Edith Markel
Dr. and Mrs. Markin
Victor and Monica Markowicz Charitable Trust
Kathy and Alvie Markowitz
James E. Marks
Melvin Marks
J. Howard and Ilene Marshall
Sunny Martin
Doris Renee Marx
Rabbi and Mrs. Steven S. Mason
Albert Mass
Suzette B. and Seth Masters
James F. Mayer
Michael and Hannah Mazer
McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman
Cathryn R. McCulloch
Carol McErlean and Mike Levin
Thomas McIntyre
Megan and Casey McManenin
Vanda B. McMurtry
Ernest Meadows
Eva L. Meigher
Dr. and Mrs. Henry I. Meisels
Karen and Bob Meister
Jeff Mendell and Eddie Adkins
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn and Ms. Laurel Barron
Herbert and Phyllis Mendelson
Laurans and Arlene Mendelson
Yehuda Mendelson
The Janis and Alan Menken Foundation
Roberta and Joseph Menzin
Louise Merage Family Foundation
Cynthia and Stan Merkin
Mesirow Family Charitable Foundation
Alexis and Michael Messinger
Stephanie K. Meth
Andrew H. Metz
Charles O. Metzger
Kathleen Metzger
Anthoney E. Meyer
Elise Meyer
Samantha Migdal
Gutki and George Miliband
M. and E. Milikowsky Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Avrum Miller
Charles J.* and Linda Pfeffer Miller
Jessica Miller
Pam and Joshua Miller
Ronald W. Miller
Miller Foundation
Rachelle Millison
Jennifer and David Millstone
Michael and Cheryl Minikes
Lucy Minor
Jean and Saul Mintz
Sandra C. and Lowell Mintz
Michael Mirabito and Marywood University
Samuel Miranda
Rodger Mitchell
Adrianne and Paul Mittentag
Avi D. Moche
Leo Model Foundation
Achim Moeller
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Molstre
Monocherian Family Foundation
Gladys Monroy and Larry Marks
Joanne Moore
Lal Moore
Amanda and Golan Mor
Deborah and Frank* Morgenstern
Dr. Michael Morgenstern
Henry Morgenthau
Charlotte and Lester A. Morris
Richard Morris
Abby Morrison
Jack and Annette Moshman Charitable Foundation
David and Ruth Moskowitz Family Charitable Foundation, a supporting foundation of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Moskowitz Family Foundation
Debra A. Moss
The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation
Carl Muellner
Kathleen Muir
Vivian and Jacob Muller
Mark Mutterperl
David and Inez Myers Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio
The Nabi Foundation
Rochelle and Floyd Nadler
Sandra and Jeffrey Namias
Karen Napolitano
Judith and Edward Narens
William Narey
Steven Nasatir and Carolyn Rosenberg
David Nasaw
Mrs. Alexander Nasch
Claire and Jack Nath Charitable Foundation
Robby Nathan
Walter and Wendy Nathan
Nicole K. Nathanson
National Financial Services LLC
Steven D. Needle
Philip and Sima Needleman
Melanie and Allan Nelkin
Arnold S. Nelson
Cindy Nelson
Stacy R. Nerenstone and Morton L. Weinstein
Neuman Management Associates, LLC
Arnold and Dorothy Neustadter Foundation
Peter Neuwirth
Christina R. Neville
Bernice Newberger
Neal Newman
Amy Klette Newman Foundation
Virginia Newmyer
John F. Nickoll
Alan Nierob
Jack Nierob
Rivka Nir
Janet Nirenberg
Offer Nissenbaum
Mrs. Douchka H. Noren
Loy Ann and James H. Norris
Dr. Arthur J. Novick
Anat and Saul Nurko
Irving Nusbaum
Dr. Samuel Nussbaum
Edward Oberman
Cozen O’Connor
Nancy and Morris W. Offit
Eli and Hella Okman
Leslie O’Loughlin
Roberta Olshansky
Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn and Ms. Martha Darling
Jesse H. and Susan Oppenheimer Foundation
Peter P. Orlik
D’Lynne and Reed S. Oslan
Cydney and Bill Osterman
Saul Ostrow
Jane Overman and Paul Weltchek
Beth Pacheco
Ethel J. Pachter
J. D. Page
David Paget
Gary N. Palais
Palisade Capital Management
Julie Pappas
Ashley M. Parker
Elaine Parker
Robert Parker
James Parsons
Pamela S. and Marshall Passman
Amy and Howard A. Paster
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Patinkin
Pattis Family Foundation
Melvin and Lynn Pearl
Faith Pearlman
Jerome and Faith Pearlman Foundation
Dr. Nina J. Pearlmutter
Caroline K. Pearlstein
Julius H. Pearlstone Charitable Trust
Jacqueline and Jason Peltz
Jody and Sanford Perl
Arlene and Mark Perlman
Jerald Perlman
Lawrence Perlman
Sheryl and Daniel Perlman
S. James Perlow
Paula and Michael Perlstein
Denise and Craig Pernick
Till and Bernice Peters Charitable Fund
Frank and Janina Petschek Foundation Inc.
Pfizer Foundation
Thomas and Carole Phiebig
George N. Phillips
Mark Pick
Michael Pildes
Suzanne E. Pipkin
Robert Pittman
Cara J. and Gary Pivar
Danielle Pletka
Peter Pletka
Lawrence I. Plotkin
Julia R. Plotnick
PMK Foundation
Edward Polen
Emily and Ira Polk
Maria and Adam Pollock
Sidney D. Pollack
Phyllis and Ruben Poplawski
Joseph Popper
Irma Poretsky
Joel S. Porter
Caryl Portnoy
Rodica and Gheorghe Posastiuc
Barbara and Ira Post
Ronnie and William A. Potter
Peter J. Powers
Albert Praw
Harold L. Praw
Etelka Preisler
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Thomas Pritzker
Ileen and William Proper
Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper
Alan Pruce
The Prudential Foundation
Dr. Robert G. Pugach
Carol and Doug Purington Dr. Pauline L. Rabin and Mr. Mort Miller
Martin Radnor
Patricia Raiken
Dr. Wendy S. Rapaport and Mr. James Rapaport
Julia Rapley
Raskin Family Foundation
Jacob Ratinoff
Robert Ray and Leah Tannenwald Cohen
Katherine Read and John Houston
Eva A. Rehfeld
David Reich
Kim Reichig and Michael Ziegelbaum
William and Dale H. Reiff
Joan and William Rein Family Foundation
Linda and Jeffrey J. Reisner
Dr. George R. Reiss
Margarete and Rolf Renschler
Margie and Burton Resnic
Ira M. Resnick Foundation, Inc.
Jaime and Saul Rhum
Theresa A. Riccardi
Robert Ricci
Dr. Jerry H. Rich
William Rich
Helen Richardson
Alison and Arnold Richman
David Richmond
Herbert Richtol
Alice Rickel
Daniel Ridout
Lawrence G. Rief
Monroe and Rella Rifkin
Darrell and Beth Rigel
Ira and Diana Riklis
Carlyn Ring
Joshua D. Rinkov
Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Alan Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rivkind
Marvin and Carol Roaman
Cathy and Mark Robbins
Glen Robbins and Fran Weinstock
Richard K. Robbins
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Robbins
Estate of Gloria P. Roberts
Charlotte and Morris Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Martin C. Robinson
Ruth Robinson
Garrett and Helen O. Romain
Richard Rome
Janice and Victor Romley
R. and I. Rooker Family Foundation
Elliott Rosch
Lois Rose
Chickie and Steve Rosen
Edward H. Rosen
Eugenie Rosen
J. Philip and Monica Rosen
Leora and Morton Rosen
Marla and Peter Rosen
Robert Rosen and Dale Atkins Rosen
Rosalie and Bruce Rosen
Rosen Foundation
R. Rosenbaum
Dr. Bernard A. Rosenberg
David and Marjorie Rosenberg
Kenneth Rosenberg
Leon Rosenberg
Lester J.* and Norma Rosenberg
Marcos Rosenberg
Lil and Julie Rosenberg Foundation, Inc.
The William Rosenbert Family Foundation, Inc.
Szymon Rosenblatt
The Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation
Jean and Bill Rosenbluth
Tommy Rosenfeld
The Rosengarten Family
Lisa and Jeff Rosenkrantz
Jean and Menachem Z. Rosensaft
Rosenson Family Foundation
Gayle M. Rosenthal
Rosenthal Foundation
Carol and Joseph Rosetti
Yahooda Roshanzamir and Janet Roshanzamir
Lawrence and Marcia Ross
Michael P. Ross
Mitchell N. and Kerry Ross
The Rotary Foundation
Alan J. Roth
Herbert L. and Elsa L. Roth
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rothenberg
Fran and Albert Rothman
Maxine Rottenberg
Jerome and Jan Rotter
John W. Rowe
Iris and Walter Rubenstein
Marlene and Lee Rubenstein
Samantha and Jonathan Rubenstein
William M. Rubenstein
Fran and Robert J. Rubin
George Rubin
James I. and Marsha Rubin
Lucille and Walter Rubin
Mark H. Rubin
Nancy Hirsch Rubin
Shelley and Eric M. Rubin
Suzanne S. Rubin
Tobi and Mark Rubin
Bernard Rubinstein
Wendy and Kenneth A. Ruby
Mal and Jane Rudner
Gail and Saul Rudo
Steven R. Rudolph
Robert Russell Memorial Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rutherford
Alan and Mally Rutkoff
Rochelle and Greg Sachs
Fred S. Sager
Stacey and Marc Saiontz
Stuart and Rhonda Salins
Barbara D. Salmanson
The Jack and Anita Saltz Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Saltzman
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Samet
Charmu Samuels
Ellen and Richard V. Sandler
Nina L. Sandler
Michael J. Sarid
Mark and Anita Sarna
Mr. and Mrs. David Sarne
Richard A. Sauber and Pamela G. Sauber
Raymond and Inez Saunders
George Savitsky
Juan J. Schaffer
Leslie and Gloria Schaffer
Amy and Richard A. Schafrann
Dr. Robert Schattner
Tom M. Schaumberg
Lillian and Solomon Schechter
Alice Coleman Schelling
Mr. and Mrs. David Schenker
Harry Scher
Schleifer Family Foundation
Kathie Z. Schlesinger
Frances and Howard M. Schloss
Dr. Leonard Schlossberg
Brad Schneider and Julie Dann
Joel and Cathy Schneider
Richard E. Schneyer
Michael and Marcy Schoenbach
Stanley S. Schor
Henry B. Schram
Howard Schreier
Beatrice Schreter and Charles J. Rose
Ira and Beverly Schulman
Joel and Carole Schuman
Rick and Betsy Schuster
George D. Schwab
Helmut Schwab
Susan Schwab
Suzanne Schwab
Dan Schwartz
Dr. and Mrs. David Schwartz
Dorothy Schwartz
Eric Schwartz
Jan and Elaine Schwartz
Jason C. Schwartz and Jennifer Kane Schwartz
Mark Schwartz
Mel and Janis Schwartz
Mack Schwartz Foundation
Tillie, Jennie and Harold Schwartz Family Foundation
Lisa and Steven F. Schwat
Daniel and Betsy Schwimmer
Cynthia Sears
Barbara and Thomas Sease
Deb and Peter Segaloff
Michelle and Jeff Seifman
Mrs. Ruthie Seiler
Jeffrey M. Selchick
Peter Sender and Haya Sender
Michael and Linda Sendowski
Michelle and Steve Serck
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP
Mark Shacket
Ashish Shah
Howard Shainberg and Margaret Shainberg
Ilyse and Ian Shainbrown
Phyllis Shalowitz
Bradley Shames and Julie Shames
Dan and Rose Shames
Bette and Abe Shampaner
Dr. Adam M. Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Shapiro
Heidi and Danny Shapiro
Stephen and Cheryl Shapiro
Stuart Shapiro and Roberta Shapiro
Susan and Robert E. Shapiro
Terry and Gerald L. Shargel
Richard and Phyllis Sharlin
Donald R. Shassian
Mrs. Phyllis Shavitz
David and Myrna Shaw
Dr. Robert Shaw
Natalie and Howard Shawn
Glenn and Michelle Shear
Carl Shechter
Frank Shelp
Stanley and Linda Sher
Tamara and Scott Sheridan
Gail H. Sherman
Ivan Sherman
Lawrence A. Sherman
Leonard and Diane* Sherman
Robert and Gloria Sherman
Ruth and Michael Sherman
Ivan Morton Sherman Foundation
Sherman Trust
Mark Shevitz
Barbara E. Shiers
James Shifren
The Susan Stein Shiva Foundation
Bruce and Beth Sholk
Martin Shore
David and Judy Shore Foundation, Inc.
Beverly K. Shulman
Stuart and Leslie Shulruff
David B. and Sara Shuster
Jaye M. Shyken
Jeanne and Herbert J. Siegel
Lilli Sigel
Mr. and Mrs. David Silberman
Joseph and Renee Birnberg Silberman
Margaret and Alan Silberman
Eli Silberstein
Denise and Ed Silicani
Bertram Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Z. Silver
Peter and Rose Silversmith
Klara and Larry Silverstein
Barry S. and Beth Simon
Diana and Robert Simon
Fred Simon
Jennifer and Neal Simon
Seymour Simon Charitable Trust
Diane and Jay Simons
Sinai Hospital
Karen and Joel Singer
Yaira Singer and Matthew Binstock
David Sklar
Dr. and Mrs. Andy Sklover
Lisa Skolnik
Robert Skversky, MD
Lynne H. Slaten
Carol A. Slater
Elizabeth and Michael Slive
Joan Sloan
Leon Sloane
Elizabeth Sloss
Albert and Lillian Small Foundation
David Bruce Smith
Jennifer and Mark Smith
Roger and Jeri Smith
Susan Smith
The Smith Family Foundation
Jack M. Sneider
Millie Snyder
Ruth Snyder
Jonathan and Edna Sohnis
Janet W. Solinger
Hai and Carol Solomon
Connie Sommers
Marion Sondermann
Dr. Edward Soo
Ira Lee Sorkin and Ellen Sorkin
John Specce
David and Marcia Speck
Barbara and Stewart Spector
Martin and Susan Spector
Phillip Spector and Carole Lebbin
Ernest Spevak
Ann Spicer
Rita Spiegel
Lev L. Spiro
Jill Spitzer
Tracy and James Sprayregen
Charles Springfield
Anne Stafman
Ellen and David Stafman
Cherie Stahl
Lewis A. Stahl
Aaron and Barbara Stal
Deirdre Stanley and Shaun Massiah
Joyce and Samuel E. Star
State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Zerla Stayman
Sally and Jonathan D. Steele
Susan and Cwi Steiman
Ken and Nancy Stein
Laurie N. and Jerry Stein
Sidney J. Stein Foundation
Donald Steinberg
Morton and Miriam Steinberg
Tracey and Howard Steinberg
Rebecca and John Steindecker
Stuart Steiner
Judy and Michael Steinhardt
Russell L. Steinweg
Daniel N. Stenersen
Gail M. Stern
Heather and David Stern
Judy Stern
Linda Stern and Jeffrey Stern
Philip L. and Leslie Stern
Walter P. Stern and Elizabeth Stern Foundation
Allan Steyer
The Stiefel Foundation
Warren Stieglitz
Nina Stillman
Susan and Bradley C. Stillman
Sandra Stoken and Dick Stoken
Susan A. Stone and Jonathan Kahn
Alan Strassler and The Barrington Foundation
Bonnie and Tom Strauss
Fred Strauss
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Strauss
The Streisand Foundation
Lois Stulberg
The Sudikoff Family Foundation
Mary R. Sullivan
Robert Sunberg
Jason and Karen Sussman
Sussman Family Foundation
Michel Sztulzaft
Benjamin Tadelis
Marsha and Gary Tankenoff
Lois and Jason Tanzer
Albert Tapper
Jonathan R. Tarlin and Vanessa Mitchell
Lilly Tartikoff
Wesley Tate
Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation
Taub Family Foundation
Joel D. Tauber
Nancy and Marc Taxman
Dr. Anna N. Taylor
Wendy Taylor
John J. Tegan, Jr.
April Teitelbaum, MD
Harvey and Roberta Teitelbaum
Marvin and Suzanne Tenenbaum
Gail and Daniel Tenn
Michael S. Tepper and Laura Colton Tepper
Bill Terman
Benita Terry
Joel and Carol Thea
Kathi and John Thonet
William and Norma Klein Tiefel
Charles and Beatrice S. Tier
The Tobin Family Foundation
Arthur Tollen
Aaron and Ziva Tomares
Edward Tomberg and Gail Tomberg
Annie and Sami E. Totah
Touring Friends Young Adult Division
Robert L. Tracy and Martha Gross
Susan Tracy
Trade-PMR Inc
Michael Traister and Eileen Wiesenfeld
Preeva A. Tramiel and Leonard Tramiel
Maria Tsitrin
Aaron Tucker
Ilene and Richard Tucker
Stefan and Marilyn Tucker
Robert and Judith Tuffias
Hazel B. Tullar and Michael D. McMearty
Elaine and Morton Tuller
Shirley and Gene Turban
Gail Turley
Deborah Turner
Isador and Bessie Turover Philanthropic Fund
Civia Tuteur
Herman Udasin
Sheila Ukman
Doug Unger
Eva and Alan Unikel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Urbut
Jeff Urdan
Uri and Glenda Urmacher
Roberta and Robert Ury
Gala Vaisberg
Robert Van Brugge
Henriette Vanderryn*
Jonathan Vapnek
Brian and Karen Vaughn
Edwin Vdovets
Irving and Betty Vigdor
Robert and Mary Vihon
Gary Vilchick
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Villa
Donald Vinik
David and Ellice Vittor
Bertram and Lois Vogel
Eileen Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Volk
Arthur K. Wachtel
Halina Wachtel
Devora Wagenberg
Heidi Wagman and Peter Bensinger, Jr.
Marcia and Ira Wagner
Linda and Daniel Waintrup
Cynthia Walk
Kurt L. and Marilyn Wallach
Julie Wallick and David Selden
Howard and Margot Walton
Donna and Leonard Wartofsky
Leonard Wasserman
Gerda Wassermann
Bradley S. Waterman
Imy and Howard Wax
Wein Family Foundation
Doug and Marcia Weinberg
Jeffrey and Barbara Weinberg
Joseph Weinberg and Debra Weinberg
Paul Weinberg
Richard G. Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Weinberg
Weinberg Family Foundation
Candice and Perrie Weiner
David J. Weiner
Ethan Weiner
Howard and Joanne Weiner
Linda Weinrib
Albert Weinstein*
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Weinstein
Mark H. Weinstein
Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation
Bruce Weintraub
Mrs. Alan Weiskopf
Norman I. Weisman
Dale and Dennis E. Weiss
Daniel and Selma Weiss
Fern and Stanley C. Weiss
Paul Weiss
Richard Weiss
Robert M. Weiss
Marvin F. Weissberg
Constance and Alfred Weissman
Gloria G. Weissman and Herb Weissman
Janis Weissman
Norman and Marilyn Weizenbaum Philanthropy
Thomas and Barbara Well
Sylvia S. Welsh
Evan and Hallie Werbel
Nicole S. Werkmeister
Richard and Beatrice Wernick
Robert H. Wertheim
Sidelle Wertheimer
Ronald and Phyllis West
Ellen Westheimer
Alice Wheatley
Shelby White
Shirley C. White
Martin J. Whitman
Dorothy G. Whitmore
Jason R. Whitney
Melissa Widen and Andy Goldman
Mark and Jessica Wiktor
Gail and Robert Wilensky
Mary B. and Alan S. Wilmit
Morgante and Frederick Wilson
The Winnick Family Foundation
Richard and Phyllis Winter
Judy Wise
Dr. Joyce Witt
Victor and Rachel Witten
Diane and Edwin Wittenstein
Marilyn and Howard Wizenberg
Eugene M. Wolf
Diana and Milton M. Wolff
Neil M. Wolfman
Beth Wolfson
Cindy and Hal R. Wolken
Michele and Jerry Wolkoff
Rubin and Gladys Wollowick Family Foundation
Walter J. Wolpin
Irving and Esther Wolsk* Charitable Fund
Douglas Wood
Peter J. Wood
Edward A. Woods
Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP
Peter Wright
Michael Wunderman
Philip J. Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yeduarb
Robert and Anne Yerman
The Yoches Family
Ronald Yonover
Beatrice Yormark
Bernard Young
Irwin Young
Debbie F. Youngelman and Stuart M. Schwartz
YourCause, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zacharias
Deborah L. and Jeffrey Zaluda
Daniel Evan Zausner
Jean and Vance Zavela
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zdravecky
Thelma and Marvin Zelen
Sheldon Zenner
Jennifer and Craig Zeuner
Carol and Larry Zicklin
Simon Ziff
Ronit K. Zilberboim
Kenneth and Karen Ziman
Frieda and George Zinberg Foundation
Susan and Steven Zinn
Allison Zirn and Scott Greenberg
Harry and Lily Zoberman
Stacey Haimes Zoland and Mark Zoland
Steven and Ronna Zoll
Lois S. Zoller
Barbara Zuckerman
Erica and Seth Zuckerman
Joseph Zuritsky
Lawrence Zweifach and Eleanor Grosz
Arthur I. and Christine Zygielbaum


Judith L. and Robert D. Appelbaum
Randolph L. Braham
Susan Fishman Kramer
Tyler and Melanie Johnston
Martin Scorsese


We thank those individuals who have donated to the Museum’s collection from January 1 through December 31, 2014.

Gary G. Abernathy
Ilsen About
Rachel Abramowitz
Joan Abramson
Peter Adelman
Joan Adler
Lloyd M. Adler
Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA
Akashic Books
Joseph Albeck
Helen Albert
Madeleine K. Albright
Brian Alegant
Anita Alexander
Channette Alexander
Joseph Altman
Boris and Louise Altshtater
Carmen Alvarez
The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants
American Jewish Archives
Abe Ancelovics
Anthony Anderson
Ethel Claire (Sagefka) Anderson
Robert Anholt
Charles-Harry Antelin
Liesel Appel
Emanuel Arbel
Archives of the American Field Service
Philippe Arditti
Ahron Arkus
Karyl Arnold
ASBL Mémoire d’Auschwitz—Fondation Auschwitz
Peter Auer
Niels Bach
John L. Baer*
Deborah Ball
Bat-Ami Bar On
Tara Barenok
Hinda A. Barlaz
Charles I. Bartfeld
Alice Barzilay
Jack Bass
Theresia Bauer*
Udo Bayer
Sara I. and W. Rodney Beard
Loy Beardsmore
Edward Becerra
Greta Georgia Beer
Sandra J. Behm
Irma Beitchman
Jacqueline Benatar
Moshe Bendavid and Avrom Bendavid-Val
Klaus Bender
Harold L. Benioff
Eugene Bennett
Isme Bennie
Barbara and Gerry Bergman
Ernest L. Bergman
Jerry Bergman
Larry Berke
Yehudit Charasz Berkowitz
Lewis Bernstein
Robert Berrebi
Jeff Bieber
Gladys Bienstock
Bild TV
Devora Lissack Binder
Hiram Bingham Trust
Peter R. Black
Lee Bland
Michael Blasenstein
Lina Blecher
The Blechner Family
Anny Bloch-Raymond
Eve J. Blohm
Flora Bloom
Amy Blum and Sadie Rurka Hofstein
Michael Bodakowski
Carter Boehm
Petra Bonavita
Irvin Boring
Ellen and Jonathan Bortz
Randolph L. Braham
Susan Brenner
Jerome Broad
Esfir Brodskaya
Shoshana Bronner and Adina Rafeld
Shirley Brooks
Christopher R. Browning
Saul Bruck
Dino Brugioni
Marek Brzozowski
Naomi Buck
Diana Buckhantz
Ivan Bukovsky
Ita Bullard
Judith Ann Reisz Bullock and Susan Eva Reisz Cohen
Bundeszentral für politische Bildung
Robert Burger
Jan Berlfein Burns
Eva and Richard Butzke and the Butzke family
Christine Cain
Mimi S. Calver
John Caplan
Krystyna Sulamit Sorger Carmi
Jenny Carson
Leslie Z. Celentano
Lou Charloff
Nancy V. Chase
Sidney Chouraqui
David E. Christiansen
Classrooms Without Borders
Simon Coencas
Georges Cohen
Harold S. Cohen
Ruth Friedman Cohen
Nicole Cohen-Addad
Congregation Shaarey Tikvah, Beachwood, OH
Mary Cook and Nita Howton
Kevin Cooke
Eva Brust Cooper
Edrie Cote and Irene Wagner
Thomas S. Cox
Julia Creet
Sharon Crosby and Barbara Moneypenny
Ester Csaky
Laszlo Csosz
Susan Davidson
Ethel Davis
Ruth Davis
Jo-Ellyn Decker
Douglas De Gelder
Andrew J. DeKever
Rita de Maintenon
David A. Dembowitz
Lucy Deutsch
Richard Diamond
Julius Diczek
Susan Diehm-Fletcher
Jacob Dimant
Inara Dinne
Stephen Dlugolecki
Caryn Doniger-Kabat
Estate of Helen Dore
Paulette Dorflaufer
Tom Doshi
Marcel Drimer and Irena Drimer Wysoki
Gerri Haas Dubin
Peggy Franklin Duffy and Mindy Franklin Dunnigan
Estelle and Lou Dunst
David Ebert
Wilfried Eckstein
Carl S. Ehrlich
Ruth Einhorn
Gustave Eisemann
Adi Eisenberg
G. Michael Eisenstadt
Jack Ekstein
Martin Elkort
Peggy Ellis
Paula Elsey
Lynne Ende
Paul Epstein
Tova Yona Erlich
Ryan Farmer
Hank Federman
Judy Feigin
Peter E. Feigl
Pamela C. Feil
Lillian Feintuch
Joseph Fenster
Steven Joseph Fenves and Estera Fenves Votaw*
Benjamin B. Ferencz
Steve Ferry
Sheila Firestone
Juda First
Teresa Fischlowitz
The daughters of Major Thomas R. Fister
Josef Flaschner
Diana and Sylvia Flescher
Alex Flicker
Gabriela Zelman Flicker
Lara Flint
Lorri Forst
Edith Foyer
Mary Francell-Sharfstein
Rita Frank
Steven Frank
Henry “Hank” Freedman
Peter Fried
Hannah Friedler
A. Jerry Friedman
Abe and Enid Friedman
Ina R. Friedman
Lauren Friesen
Art Frotten
Susan Fryer
Marguerite Gaffney
Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Memorial Center for Research and Documentation
Detlef Garbe
Pia-Kristina Garde
Felix Garfunkel
Andrew Garzyński
Edna Gat
The family of Adam and Helen Gawara
Robert (Reuven) Geffen
Harold S. Geller
The George Washington University
Lisa Koteen Gerchick
Rivka Geva
Tova Giladi
Bozenna M. Urbanowicz Gilbride
Ruben Gischler
Jackie Gish
Alla Glaz
The Glickman family
Grant Arthur Gochin
Jeanne Golan
Hemda Gold
Maria and Richard Gold
Shelli Kassin Golden
Peter B. Goldman
Philip and Zachary Goldschmiedt and Devorah Hilsenrath
Jason R. Goldsmith
David and Minka Goldstein
Karen Goldstein
Steve Gonzer
Ernest J. Goodman
Marian Górecki
Stan Gorecki
Paul Grassey
Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Committee
Karen Goldmeier Green
Sondra Greenberg
Ann Greenfield
Claudia Greif
James A. Grimes
Arlette Grossfeld
Ilona Gruda
Ziuta Grünberg Grünhut
Michael Guastella
Debbie Teicholz Guedalia
Antonio Guterres
Sara Kalderon Gutman
Tova Gutman
Norman Guttman
Ernest Haas
Moreno Habif
Cherie Hackelberg
Bina HaCohen
Shirley Haigh
Alice Schonberg Halbertam
David Halivni
Cindy Halpern
Josh Hamerman
Anders Hammarlund
Corinne Hampson
Sharon A. Hanna
Janet Harraden
Frances Harrell
Dede and Sam Harris
Amir Haskel
Barbara Hassell
Beth Heifetz
Pauline Heifetz
Carla J. Heinrichs
Eva Heistola
Lee Hendler
Rhoda Henedle-Abecasis
Diana Mara Henry
AnnLee Herbstman, Bert and Mark Rosenberg
Wojciech Hermanowski
Miriam Herszkopf
Avigdor I. Herzog
Hugo Herzog
David S. Hess
Ronne Mitnick Hess
Bruce Himelfarb
Gustav Hirschhorn
Agnes Hirschi
Estate of Mark Hochman
Marcel Hodak
The family of Florence Hodel
Agnes Hoffman
Claudia Holmes
The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh
Jirí Holý
Peer Hopf
Neil Hora
Robert Horn
Fedora Horner
Bernard Horowitz
Michael Horowitz
Yosef Horowitz
Dorothy J. Hoskins
Nancy Hudson
Harry J. Huff III
William H. Hunley
Henri Hurwitz
Eizic Ingber
Margaret Isenstein
Dvora Ivankowski
Daniel Jacobson
Doris S. Jacobson
Arthur Jaffe
Amalia Jager
Ronald Wilfred Jansen
Tomaz Jardim
Susan T. Johnson
Estate of Virginia Watson Jones
George Joseph
John Kafka
Dovera Kahn
Gerald Kaiser
Nitza Kalish
Angela Kalmus
Harry Kamel
Martin Kaminer
Mark H. Kamins
Estate of Walter Kamlet
Bea Kandell
Haia Karni
Eduardo Karpat
Joseph Katz
Inge and Werner Katzenstein
Helena Kaut-Howson and Mieczyslawa Wazacz
Joan Kay
Julie A. Klestadt Keefer
James B. Keegan, Jr.
Hannah Kesler
Shayna Kessel
Margo Pins Kestenbaum
P. June Ketterman
Zinaida Khomenko
Michelle King
Maria Kipnis
Kenneth Kipperman
Akira Kitade
Lilian Kittower
Harry Klausner
Theodora Klayman
David Klein
Edward Klein
Al Kleiner, Elaine Kleiner Maltzman, Susan Kleiner Perlman, and Janet Kleiner Rosenblatt
Ruth Kline
Michael Koenig
Joseph Komem
Lowell Komie
Zieva D. Konvisser
Haim Kopman
Greta Koppel
David Koranyi
Yeshaya Kornbluh
David Koryani
Edith Koyoumdjisky-Kay
Renate Krakauer
Danielle Kramer
Peter Kraus
Anna Krosnecki
Aleksandr Kruglov
Eurydice Küchenmeister
Catherine Galodé Kufeld
Julian Kulski
Claire Kumerman
Steven Kupfersmith
Marcel Ladenheim
Wayne LaFeen
Morton Laitner
Margaret Lambert
Amb. George W. Landau
Beverly Landerman-Wilkey
Elliott E. Lapin
Don Larson
Jasmine Laskar
Theresa Latosh
Lausanne Collegiate School, Chapman-Woodbury Oral History Program
Louise Lawrence-Israels
Bob and Diane Lazaar
Julia Lazareck
Marsha Lederman
Frieda Lefeber
Ron Leidelmeyer
Milton Leitenberg
Peter Lems
Henry Lennon
Sharon Lerman
Ben Lesser
Ann-Marie Levain
Abraham Levi
Myron Levoy
Tom Lewinson
Moshé Liba
Rose Liberman
Beverly Licata
Kathryn Lichtenberg
Carol S. Lidz
Susan Lieberman
Laura Scheer Lille
Fred Lindheim
Alexandra K. and Patricia V. Linton
Joan Litt
Solomon Littman
Naomi Litvin
Lorand Loblay
Marion Loewenstein
Brian J. Looney
Trudy Lovell
Michael Lowenthal
Małgorzata Lowry and Joanna Nowiński
George Lowy
Jiri Lowy
Joseph Lubell
Linda Luks
Annie Lumerman
Arcie and Rick Luzier
Roberta J. Magnusson
Bruce Mainzer
Terence T. Mambort
Jim Mandel
Alan Mandl
Susan Mann
Enrico Mantello
Jesse Margolin
Marist College
Genya Markon
Ora Markstein
Luisa Pacheco Marques
Margaret Martin
Michael H. Marvins
Hanna Marx
Diego Masson
Alice Masters
David Matlow
Michael Mayer
Kirk R. McClelland
Elizabeth McCoomb
Thomas R. McFarland, Jr.
Jeanette Jashunsky Mehr
Leslie Meisels
Margit Meissner
Bruno Melo
The Metropolitan Club
Robert Middleton
Linnea Mielcarek
Deborah Mincer
Joseph Minsky
Jerry Moncarz
Jacob Mondschein
Bentley Morriss
Jolan Moskowitz
Gyda Munin
Valerio Murat and Antonio Poce
Lisa Murik
Estate of Eddie Mills Murphy
Janis Rosenbaum Musante
Lise Muusmann
Muzeum Historii Polski w Warszawie
Hanni Myers
Andrea Myer-Winograd
Alessandra Nacamu
Alec Nachmani, Miriam Nachmani Ram, and Dalia Nachmani Talmy
Shlomo Nadel
Yona Nadelman
Hiroaki Nagata
Ina Navazelskis
Roger Neighborgall
Estate of Charlotte Neufeld
Rami Nevo
Jay and Ruth Newman
Steven B. Newman
David Nichols
Helga Niedrich
Jurgen Nitsche
Deborah Norris
Rose Norwich
Ran Nussbacher
Pete O’Malley
Miriam Spitzer Onel
Emmanuel Orel
Thomas Orszag-Land
Sandra Oster
Edith Ostern
Mark Palaszewski
Andre Panczer
Amy Paul
Jill Berg Pauly
Teresa Pawlowski
Halina Peabody
Dana Perlman
Perquimans County Library Board
Lowell Peterson
Anne Kalichman Pfeffer
George Pick
Philip Pines
Zbigniew Anton Piotrowski
Andrew G. Plaut
Diane Plotkin
Esther Podemski
John Pollak
Joyce Pollakoff
Penny Pomeranz
Gideon Poraz
Jack Porter
Marcia Posner
Rachel Postawski
Arielle Potasznik
Bella and Lea Preskovsky
Philip Pressel
Steven Pressman
Jutta Preuss
Werner Preuss
Wolfgang Price
Bernard and Suzanne Pucker
Lucie Zalc Ragin
Terttu Ranta
Giselle Heimann Ratain
Wolfgang Rauner
Michael Raute
Lynne Rosenbaum Ravas
Myriam Raz-Zunszajn
Miriam Redleaf
Norman Redlich
Anne Redstone
Blanche Rever
Ira Rezak
Rhode Island State Holocaust Committee
Jacques Ribons
Jacqueline Ribot
David Rini
Lily Robinson
Relli Robinson
Keith Roeckle
Niko Rollmann
Eyal and Rony Rolnizki
Stefan Roloff
Estate of James A. Romberger
Dena Rueb Romero
Robyn Rontal
Linda M. Roof
Julian Rose
Linda Roseboro
Richard Rosen
Henry Rosenberg
Renee Rosenstock
Helen Rothstein
Edward Roy
Leon Rozenbaum
Amos Rubin
Lee A. Rubin
Rita Rubinstein
Reuven Rudich
Michael Rund
Jan Karabin Rutledge
Laura B. Sachs
Michael Sachs
Toval Sade
Daisy Keval Salomon
Frank Salz
Marc Samuels
Roslyn Samuelson
Marlene Sanders
Ruth Sanders
Pierre Saragoussi
Helen Shneiderman Sarid
Sylvie Sarment
The S.A.V.E. Team
William Sawchuk, Jr.
Eli Schaap
Mark Scharf
Hannelore Schatz
W. Douglas Schellig
Roman Schenkkan
Lilian Schenkman
Eva Schloss
Herman Schloss
Louise Schloss
Carol, David, and Laura Schmeidler
Ava Schonberg
Trudy Schonberger
Miriam Schreiber
Susan Howard Schuander
Carroll Edward Schwarts
Abraham Sagi Schwartz
Sidney Schwartz
Carol D. Scott
Pnina Segal
Peter Seibel
Daniel Selig
Marianne Selinger
Mark Senn
Ezra Sherman
Judith Sherman
Sara Sherman
Dov and Smadar Shiffman
Alex Shilo
Helene Chorney Shipon
Ben Shneiderman
Stephanie Shweiki
Sebastian Sigler
Jacques Silber
David and Zelda Silberman
Renee Birnberg Silberman
Henry Silberstern
Sharon T. Silva
Gerald Silver
Lillian Weber Silver
Simon Silver
Peter Silversmith
Eric Simon
Irene R. Skolnick
Daniel Sladek
Michael Slama
Aron Sloma
Ed Slotkin
Denise Dutkiewicz Smith
Doug Smith
Elizabeth E. Kaldeck Smith
William C. Smith
Michel Snegg
Reha A. Sokolow
Toby Sonneman
Kiyoshi Souwa
Leonard Speisman
Marilyn J. Spencer
Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center
Rita Spiegel
Shoshana Spiegel
Louis Spiegler
Bernard Spielman Pola Spitzer
Joanne Stacy
Marlene Steger
Arlene Stein
The Stein Family
Diane and Joseph Steinberg and Miriam and Morton Steinberg
Chaim Steinberger
Mark Steiner
Richard Steiner
Margot Steinhart
Jerry Steinman
Friedemann Stengel
Carlos Stern
Faye Lazega Stern
Lea Stern
Morris Sternberger
Dorothy Stone
Catherine and Michael Storke
Brandon Story
Toni Stransky
Elizabeth Lusthaus Strassburger
Dagmar Strauss-Yaari
Allan Stypeck
Joseph Sucher
Persis Suddeth
Victoria P. Sullivan
Henry Sussman
Steven Swanson
Shoshana Swedlund
Nancy Switkes
Barbara J. Syska
Gerardo Szwedzki
Lola Tanzer
Zbynek Tarant
Andrew Targowski
Mirian Tasini
Susan Taube
Mark Tauger
Felix Thau
Cecylia Thibault
Estate of Col. David H. Thomas
Margie Tompros
Julie Topolansky
Natalie Taubmann Tortolani
Frank Towers
Richard Traitle
Felix Transport
Diana Treister
Istvánné Ungvári
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
University of Missouri
Daniel Urbach
Judy Urman
Estate of Felix and Flory Van Beek
Vanderbilt University
Alfons Van San
Joseph Vergilis
Martin Visser
Raúl Fernández Vitores
Shirley Wachtel
K. Peter Wagner
Adrienne Waintraub
Andre Waksman
Shlomo Waldman
Sarah H. Ward
Muriel Weber
The Weil Family
Jenny Gishaver Weinshel
Ted Weisel
Hannah Kastan Weiss
Judy Weiss
Peter Eugene Weiss
Robert Weiss
Nancy Weisz
Jacques Wiesel
Reinhard Wilde
Bernard Wilson
Cynthia Wilson
Lucien T. Winegar
Gail Witte
Hope, Jess, and Larry Wittenberg
Greta Herensztat Wizenberg
Eugene and Irene Wojtas Family
Marion F. Wolff
Morris Wolff
Raphael Wolff
Christel Wollman-Fiedler
Linda Work
Anna Worth
Betty Troper Yager
Clifford Young
Robert Young
Yaakov Yovel
Ruth Yu-Szammer
Michael A. Zagaroli
Estate of Claude Zaidenband
Carole Zawatsky
Joachim Zdrenka
Ursula Parakowski Zeltner
The Zepkowitz family
Hanz Ziegler
Mishka Zilberstein
Ellen Ruth Zilka
Pam Zimbalist
Hector Zimerman
Estate of Wesley Zineski
Family of Ben Zion and Clara Colb
Herman Zuker


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