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Timeline of Events

Chère Odette

March 21, 1942

French Resistance member Charlotte Delbo writes a letter to her sister, Odette.

Charlotte Delbo (August 10, 1913–March 1, 1985) and her husband Georges Dudach were arrested in March 1942 for their involvement in the French Resistance. Georges was executed in prison in May of that year. Charlotte spent nearly 11 months in a series of French camps. On January 24, 1943, Charlotte was one of 230 French women, members of the resistance, who were deported from France to Auschwitz. After a year in Auschwitz, Charlotte was sent to Ravensbrück. At the end of the war, she was one of only 49 women from the Janaury 24th transport who had survived. She never remarried.