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Guidelines for Filming and Photography


Museum visitors are welcome to take photographs for personal use of the Museum and its exhibitions. Please be respectful of other visitors when taking photographs.

Professional filming and photography on Museum property is permitted only by securing permission through our Communications Department prior to arrival. A member of the Communications staff must accompany film crews at all times while on Museum property. Photographers must be accompanied while in exhibition spaces.

Press Contacts

Please read the guidelines below and contact Andrew Hollinger, director of communications, at with any questions or to make arrangements to film or photograph on Museum property.

When Filming and Photography are Allowed

Photographing or filming in our exhibition spaces is permitted Monday through Friday providing it is completed before the Museum opens at 10 a.m. Arrangements cannot be made for after hours. Filming elsewhere in the Museum during visitation hours is possible but must be supervised by a member of the Communications staff.

Photography in non-exhibition areas of the Museum, our Hall of Witness and Hall of Remembrance, may be completed without securing advance permission from the Communications Department and need not be supervised.

Photographing or Recording Artifacts

Images of artifacts, photographs, and other visuals from the Museum’s exhibitions must be properly captioned and credited. Please note that many of the photographs in the Museum are copyright protected. Written permission must be secured from the copyright holder before photographing or filming these items. Communications staff can provide contact information for copyright holders of items displayed in exhibition spaces.

Interviewing Museum Employees

Museum employees and volunteers may only be interviewed after making arrangements through our Communications Department.