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Document: Page 4

Document: Page 4

Original Document: Page 4 —National Archives and Records Administration


The chief of the Order Police has issued the corresponding instructions to the Order Police including the fire brigades. Close coordination is to be maintained between the Security Police and the Order Police during the implementation of the ordered actions

signed: [Reinhard] Heydrich


[SS-Major General, Nazi Chief of Security Police]

[3051 PS]


The Security Police [political and criminal divisions], the Order Police [uniformed police] and the fire brigades were involved in the planning of Kristallnacht. What were the implications of this coordinated planning for the victims of the riot?

Traditionally, people and communities rely upon the police and fire brigades to protect them from criminal actions, violence, and property loss or damage. During Kristallnacht, Jews could not rely on the government, police, or fire brigades to protect them or their property. By November 1938, the Jewish community in Germany had been isolated from the rest of the German population with limited recourse to protection under the law.