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Mihran Andonian


And in the late fall of that… of 1916, we were forced to march over the ... hills to finally arrive to a place called .... And that’s where the staging area of all the western Armenians… they all came there. There were thousands of bodies lying all around. And by the time we got there, my family had perished and it was...  the only ones that remained: myself and my mother and a sister, who was terribly paralyzed.

Armenian genocide survivor Mihran Andonian was interviewed by J. Michael Hagopian on February 8, 1987. This testimony is part of USC Shoah Foundation’s Armenian Genocide collection.

Mihran Andonian was a boy when his family was deported from Isparta inthe Ottoman Empire in 1916. He lost eight members of his extended family in the genocide. In this clip he describes a forced march of Armenians during which the eight family members died.

Armenian Genocide Testimony courtesy of USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive