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Digitization Project Manager


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a federally chartered, nonpartisan institution that was created by the US Congress to serve as America’s national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and an educational institution dedicated to the history and lessons of the Holocaust. The Museum seeks to educate Americans from all 50 states and all walks of life as well as international audiences. The Museum has three areas of expertise: Holocaust remembrance, Holocaust scholarship and education, and genocide prevention.

In carrying out its important memorial and educational mission, the Museum is guided by its institutional values for our workplace: Honor the memory of the victims; carry out our work with dignity, humility, integrity and respect for others; and strive for excellence through teamwork, rigor, and a culture of continuous learning. Consistent respect for others is the foundation for trust, collegiality and inclusion.

About the Role

This Project Manager position is located in the Digital Resources Coordination Branch, in the Digital Access Division, in the National Institute for Holocaust Documentation, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The position is responsible for project management and coordination of digitization workflows, processes, quality control, and access for a variety of historical collections materials.

The incumbent has responsibility for performing and tracking a wide variety of tasks relating to the creation of digital files, creation and correctness of descriptive and administrative metadata, ensuring correct access through Collection Search; managing digitization teams; addressing issues and problems; and initiating efforts to continuously improve throughput, efficiency, and quality. Activities include tracking, scheduling and leading meetings, coordinating internal and external partnerships, identifying process issues and developing solutions, processing, inventorying, identifying, tracking, copying, and preservation to ensure proper and safe handling of files.

This is a full-time donated, one-year term position (non-Federal) paid with the Museum’s private funds. Salary is commensurate with experience.

How to Apply

Visit the application site for additional information, a more detailed position description, and to complete an application.

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