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  • Finding a Place for Atrocity Prevention amid New Security Challenges

    Experts discuss the growing desire of the policy community to make atrocity prevention a national and international priority.

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  • Nearly one million civilians have been forced to flee their homes in the Central African Republic and countless others are being killed in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    Why the Central African Republic Crisis Is a Security Problem for the US

    In an article for Defense One, Madeleine K. Albright, former Secretary of State and co-chair of the Museum–co-sponsored Working Group on the Responsibility to Protect, discusses the steps taken by the Obama administration to address the situation in the Central African Republic, outlines why atrocities perpetrated in the heart of Africa are important to the strategic interests and moral values of the United States, and why the “responsibility to protect” is applicable here.

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  • Do We Have a Responsibility to Protect?

    In a wide ranging conversation, Mike Abramowitz, director of the Museum's Center for the Prevention of Genocide, and former presidential special envoy to Sudan, Richard Williamson, conclude unequivocally that policymakers and citizens all have a responsibility to act when faced with genocide or mass atrocities.

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