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  • Cambodian fisherman.

    Climate Change and Mass Atrocities: A New Research Frontier

    As climate change increasingly affects societies worldwide, its links with mass atrocities warrants further exploration. However, rigorous studies are few and far between. While there is some evidence to suggest a link between climate change and mass atrocities, more work should be done to understand the nature of those links, what types of climate impacts affect atrocities, and how a better understanding of the relationship might influence prevention activities.

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  • Detecting Human Rights Violations with Satellites: CPG Fellow Proposes a New Approach

    Satellite imagery is often used to verify reports of a mass human rights violation, such as the destruction of a village in a remote or inaccessible area, and current practice is generally reactive and costly. While serving as a Fellow of the Museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide, Dr. Andrew Marx tested a more proactive and cost-effective approach to using satellite imagery to detect mass human rights violations.

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