United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Arthur Szyk

[USHMM #94613/Gift of Alexandra and Joseph Braciejowski Original materials: Paint, colored pencil, graphite, and ink on paper; Original dimensions: 10 15/16" x 7 11/16" ]
Ink and Blood, 1944

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Arthur Szyk created this work less than a year before the war ended. He portrayed himself at his desk, finishing off a still-struggling Adolf Hitler. Hermann Goering, Heinrich Himmler, and Francisco Franco attempt to escape, much like the winged creatures representing the Axis powers above. In the wastebasket are the defeated figures of Benito Mussolini, Pierre Laval, and Henri Petain, whose regimes fell as a result of the Allied invasions.

Jewish Artist
Wartime Caricaturist
Action - Not Pity
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