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Arthur Szyk

Satan Leads the Ball
[USHMM #93833/Location of original artwork unknown, photo courtesy of Irvin Ungar through the Arthur Szyk Society ]
Satan Leads the Ball, 1942 Detail

French collaborator Pierre Laval

Slave Dealers, 1942

French collaborator Pierre Laval
A prominent prewar French politician, Laval is depicted as the New Testament “Judas” who carries his reward, a bag with 30 pieces of silver, for betraying his country. This is a reference to the New Testament story of Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Slave Dealers, 1942

[USHMM #93836/Anne and Ronald Abramson, Washington, D.C.;
Original materials: Graphite and pen on paper;
Original dimensions: 8 1/2" x 5 15/16"
Slave Dealers, 1942
French collaborationist leaders Henri Philippe Petain and Pierre Laval were frequent targets of Szyk’s pen. The artist often portrayed them as obedient Nazi lackeys who acted as “Judases,” betraying their country for a bag of silver. In this drawing, Szyk gave a biting commentary on the September 4, 1942, French law authorizing the forced recruitment of conscript labor for Nazi Germany.

Satan Leads the Ball

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Wartime Caricaturist
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