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“Second Helping!” (Wiktor Siminski, undated)
“Second Helping!” (Wiktor Siminski, undated)
USHMM/Kulisiewicz Collection RG-55.011
Second Helping

Sachsenhausen concentration camp, 1941

Lyrics by: Aleksander Kulisiewicz

Music by: Precz, precz od nas smutek wszelki! (Polish patriotic song, 1824)

Language: Polish


Performed by Aleksander Kulisiewicz

Aleksander Kulisiewicz recalled that mealtimes at Sachsenhausen offered camp Kapos a special opportunity to torment their fellow prisoners. Second Helping evokes one such scene, where a near-starved prisoner is forced not only to consume rotting turnips, but also to endure beatings while doing so. Kulisiewicz wrote the song while quarantined with typhus, and noted that it became “enormously popular” in the camp. Performed with guitar accompaniment, it would conclude with a so-called “Parade March”—a burlesque promenade around an imaginary cauldron of turnips.

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