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Joan Ringelheim
Joan Ringelheim is Director of Oral History at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. After receiving a Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston University, she taught philosophy for 13 years. During this period two major foci emerged in her teaching and research: the Holocaust and feminist theory. Together they opened up a new area of investigation--women and the Holocaust. In 1982-83 she received The American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship and a Kent Fellowship from the Center for Humanities at Wesleyan University, and a grant from The New York Council for the Humanities to produce the first conference on women and the Holocaust.

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Neenah Ellis
Neenah Ellis is a journalist and author. She has produced documentaries and reports for National Public Radio, the Discovery Channel, and the National Park Service on a myriad of subjects both domestic and foreign, historical and contemporary. She has been the recipient of two radio production grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and has received the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award three times. She is also the author of If I Live to be 100 Lessons from the Centenarians, a New York Times bestseller. Since 1994 she has conducted oral history interviews for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and visited with all the survivors featured in "Life After the Holocaust" to consult with them about how best to tell their stories.

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Survivor's registry
The Survivors Registry seeks to include the names of all Holocaust survivors, facilitates contacts between survivors, collects and displays basic information about survivors, and assists survivors and their families in their attempts to trace missing relatives. Learn more.
"After the Holocaust," a series of audio profiles of Holocaust survivors in America, was conceived and written by Regine Beyer and Arwen Donahue.
Photo credits: Thomas Arledge, Thomas Buergenthal, Aron Derman, Regina Gelb, Blanka Rothschild, and Norman Salsitz.
Audio credits: Studio production by Regine Beyer with Helen Thorington, engineer, at the New Radio and Performing Arts studio in Staten Island, New York. The narrator was Jane Altman. Special thanks go to the German Radio Archives, DRA, in Potsdam-Babelsberg; to Belgian producer Ronny Pringels, and to German producer Helmut Kopetzky for the use of sounds from their archives. The Museum gratefully acknowledges Jeff and Toby Herr for making these interviews and this audio series possible.