Report by SS Colonel Karl Jäger of December 1, 1941, documenting the execution of Jews at Fort IX, Kovno, in September and October 1941.
Folder that held charts, maps, and illustrations from the Summary Report of SS Brigadier General Stahlecker to the Reich Security Main Office, Berlin, October 16, 1941, documenting Einsatzgruppe A's killing operations between June 22 and October 15, 1941.
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Map from Brigadier General Stahlecker's report entitled "Jewish Executions Carried Out by Einsatzgruppe A" and stamped "Secret Reich Matter." It shows the number of Jews executed in the Baltic States and Belorussia in 1941. The legend at the bottom states that "the estimated number of Jews still on hand is 128,000."

From SS-Colonel Karl Jäger's report: "Today, I can confirm that our objective, to solve the Jewish problem for Lithuania, has been achieved by Einsatzkommando 3. In Lithuania there are no more Jews, apart from Jewish workers and their families."
A member of the Einsatzgruppen kills a Jewish woman and her child near Ivangorod, Ukraine, 1942.
The assault against Kovno's Jews during the summer of 1941 was part of the Nazi policy to destroy all Jews in Europe. Even before the Nazis created extermination camps in occupied Poland, mobile killing units composed of SS and police--the Einsatzgruppen--massacred Jews in occupied Soviet territory. Moving from town to town on the heels of the advancing German army, the units rounded up Jewish men, women, and children and shot them at close range. They were assisted by locally recruited auxiliary police, mostly Ukrainians, Latvians, and Lithuanians. In six months, one of the units, Einsatzgruppe A, killed more than 136,000 Jews in Lithuania alone. The mobile killing units also executed many Communists, institutionalized psychiatric patients, Roma (Gypsies), Poles, and others viewed as enemies of the Nazi regime. As mobile killing units moved swiftly throughout the Baltics, annihilating whole Jewish communities, SS-Colonel Karl Jäger and his superior, SS-Brigadier General Walther Stahlecker, prepared top-secret reports. Their detailed records include elaborate statistical tabulations, illustrated maps, and charts that meticulously detail the achievements of organized mass murder.
Fort IX

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Map of Einsatzgruppen operations