Duppel Center

A DP camp in American-occupied Berlin, Duppel Center was the largest Jewish DP camp in the Berlin district. The camp was established in wooden huts and barracks that in September 1946 sheltered 5,130 Jewish DPs. Duppel Center published the Unzer Lebn (Our Life) newspaper and kept a theater group called "Baderech." The camp also had a synagogue and an educational system. DPs at Duppel formed a sports club and benefited from employment opportunities in the neighboring urban area. Unfortunately, as a result of the Berlin Blockade in July 1948, the refugees of Duppel Center had to be abruptly evacuated from the region. An American airlift carried the refugees toward western Germany, the camp was closed, and the Duppel DPs were mainly transferred to Frankfurt.


Young DPs ride a motorcycle along a thoroughfare in Duppel Center displaced persons camp in 1946.
Lusia Gliklich, left, and Andzia Dell stand beside the sign in front of Schlachtensee displaced persons camp in 1948.
Report card presented to Regina Laks in the Düppel Center (Schlachtensee) DP camp, Berlin, January 18-19, 1947.
Pincus Proszowski, a survivor of Auschwitz and director of the children's home at the Düppel Center in Berlin from 1946 to 1947, compiled a scrapbook.